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Private Detective Cormoran Strike is visiting his family in Cornwall when he is approached by a woman asking for help finding her mother Margot Bamborough who went missing in mysterious circumstances in Strike has never tackled a cold case before let alone one forty years old But despite the slim chance of success he is intrigued and takes it on adding to the long list of cases that he and his partner in the agency Robin Ellacott are currently wo. This been a bit of recent storm in a teacup controversy about the author’s transphobia which was very much exaggerated precipitating a blacklisting of the author and the author’s books and that the plot included a cross dressing serial killer which was actually a very minor part of the plotAt 888 pages it’s a rather long book but I can’t think of much that could have been cut Details that seemed irrelevant actually turned out to be importantIt was the partners’ first cold case the investigation of the disappearance and apparent murder of a general practitioner by a serial killer 40 years earlierMany possible suspects were introduced I certainly wasn’t expecting the endingI wonder when the next one is coming out

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Troubled Blood Cormoran Strike 5Rking on And Robin herself is also juggling a messy divorce and unwanted male attention as well as battling her own feelings about StrikeAs Strike and Robin investigate Margots disappearance they come up against a fiendishly complex case with leads that include tarot cards a psychopathic serial killer and witnesses who cannot all be trusted And they learn that even cases decades old can prove to be deadly A breathtaking labyrinthine epic Troubled. At than 900 pages and over 30 hours of audiobook which is how I completed it Troubled Blood involves uite a commitment but repays that commitment with a twisting turning narrative that never flagsSome of the length can be attributed to a considerable amount of backstory which might come across as padding to existing fans of the Cormoran Strike series but is invaluable to new readers I suspect Rowling the author behind the Galbraith pseudonym anticipated that this book would attract new readers to the series Certainly it did meThe book is long but it is not slow paced or languorous in any way What I would describe it as is painstaking This is not the hour long TV episode of a cold case investigation The reader follows Strike and his partner Robin Ellacott through a dogged pursuit of leads dead ends long dead witnesses and broken lives which feels realistic than than tied up in an hour TV episodes And it is a testament to RowlingGalbraith's skill as a writer that this painstaking investigation holds the reader's interest through many hoursNo doubt everyone has thrashed over the controversy about the book which was a total beat up generated by a misleading review in a right wing newspaper But once for those in the back row THIS BOOK IS NOT TRANSPHOBIC There are no trans characters in the book The serial killer originally assumed to be the murderer of the missing woman was not trans and was not even a cross dresser He seems to have occasionally used disguises or put on a false camp persona to put his victims at ease thinking he was harmless If this character makes you think of trans women YOU are the transphobeThat said Rowling has clearly laced this book with a number of details that hint at her disapproval of woke ideas about gender and politics generally along with her disapproval of Scottish nationalism which is if anything even blatant in the text For a start in a book where almost every character is three dimensional and in some way flawed the only characters that come across wholly positively are the daughter of the missing woman and the daughter's female partner As anyone who has watched the UK gender debates for any period of time will realise many proponents of gender identity would infer a pro lesbian message especially one that was completely inessential to the plot which this is as being an anti trans dog whistle so it doesn't surprise me that Rowling is still being denounced for this book despite the complete silence on anything to do with transgender people Even blatant though are the multiple points in the plot where Rowling is clearly mocking the idea that sex work is just work Whether it's the entitled self absorbed young students who impose on Robyn and her flatmate while en route to a Slut Walk protest or the elderly former prostitute mocking a past social worker who had adhered to the sex work is work idea these episodes are also dog whistles by Rowling registering disapproval of woke views The obnoxious of the students is even a male with a beard which is basically a trope for woke Social Justice WarriorsRunning through the whole book especially the parts written from Robin Ellacott's point of view is a painstaking evisceration of how some men treat women extremely badly From the murders by the serial killer Creek to the casual dehumanisation perpetrated by many of the other male characters Troubled Blood is replete with episodes showing what women encounter and often put up with This too will probably be none too pleasing for those who have denounced the bookIn short if you like carefully plotted intricate murder mysteries you will enjoy this book If your identity is bound up in social justice and gender identity you will probably notice that the author is ever so delicately having a go at your views and you will hate itEither way I will bet you won't work out who the real killer is until the very endRecommendedEdited to add Rob

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Troubled Blood (Cormoran Strike 5) Free download ↠ 5 ¹ ❴KINDLE❵ ❁ Troubled Blood (Cormoran Strike 5) Author Robert Galbraith – Private Detective Cormoran Strike is visiting his family in Cornwall when he is approached by a woman asking for help finding her mother Margot Bamborough whoBlood is the fifth Strike and Robin novel and the most gripping and satisfying yetPraise for the Strike seriesA blistering piece of crime writing Sunday TimesThe work of a master storyteller Daily TelegraphUnputdownable Daily ExpressHighly inventive storytelling GuardianSuperban ingenious whodunnit Sunday MirrorCome for the twists and turns and stay for the beautifully drawn central relationship IndependentOutrageously entertaining Financial Tim. JK Rowling writing under the name of Robert Galbraith gives us another great novel with Cormoran Strike Of course I know that some will think this is perhaps too long and we can already see people on here reviewing this before they have even read it Here then we see Robin going through a rather acrimonious divorce with Matthew with the wondering still if Cormoran and Robin will get it on For their detective agency things though are looking up with bringing in new detectives to help them solve a number of cases on their books As this book opens we see Cormoran down in St Mawes Cornwall as his aunt is dying from aggressive cancer Down in the local pub so he is approached by a woman and a new case is started for the agency On the 11th October 1974 this woman’s mum a GP suddenly disappeared and has never been seen againThe first major cold case for the agency although this is the main plot if you like behind this tale it is not the only thing that is covered by this book We see other cases being solved the family dynamics surrounding Cormoran his father and his aunt and something that I am going through at the moment the deterioration of a close family member who really you are just waiting to die something which made me end up taking longer to read this book than I would have This of course will resonate with a number of people as will the issues of growing old general physical sickness and mental health problems So we are given a fully fleshed out story here that takes in many issues but at the heart is of course the nearly forty year old mystery of what happened to a certain female doctor Cormoran is given a year to try and solve this case by the client but things are not that simple or looking that good Some of the people who they would like to interview have deceased the original chief detective on the case was suffering with mental impairment and when he was eventually replaced so everything had to gone over from the beginning With gangsters still around when the disappearance occurred having to rely on people’s memories from years in the past and a serial killer operating in the area at the time so something that is difficult in itself seems to be near nigh impossibleThe mystery plotting is very good although with careful reading you may be able to solve it and although I expect a number of people will start mentioning Agatha Christie I would say really in a few places this made me think of some of Margery Allingham’s novels Of course with a serial killer mentioned in this tale and the current showing of the Nilsen drama on TV people will be looking for parallels although the killer in this story is depraved and did than just murder and only preyed on womenWhat stands out here of course is the characterisation and the fully thought out scenes and you will find some great people here although a number are really uite loathsome This book does make you think of family and also whether there is real evil in the world or just madness With the original detective on the case we see his own notes that he kept on the mystery and thus get an insight into him and the way he started using astrology to try and save the case with extracts including pictures which shows how wrong he was but also at the same time how near he was to really solving the case An intriguing read this is a book that is hard to put down and makes for one of those reads where you can just curl up and read to your heart’s content