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Read ☆ Die deutsche Schrift. è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [Download] ➸ Die deutsche Schrift. By – Amazing E Book, Die deutsche Schrift. author This is the best favorite book isbn 3768610403 > format Perfect Paperback and others > 151 pages aD otherspages and has a text language like English German. Excellent companion to my research Well organized with excellent samples of the various German script styles

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Amazing EBook Die deutsche Schrift author dcmdirect This. This was what I was looking for to help me understand old German records Although the parts that are translated into English which is everything you need are a little shaky the book approaches the subject by showing how individual letters are formedrather than just giving you a dozen handwriting examples of a given letter The result is that you can see what a correctly formed letter is supposed to look like and it helps you understand the core writing behind all the variations that you'll findThe explanations were good and there were plenty of actual examples plus the book contains a series of passages for you to read in old script and translate My only criticism is that for those of us coming to this with no knowledge of this script it might have been better to have started with much shorter exercises that had fewer letters to work with the way you would if teaching children to read and write However that might have resulted in a book many times this size and it probably would have been unnecessary for native German speakersThis was definitely the best and most useful work I've found so far

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Die deutsche SchriftIs the best favorite book isbnformat Perfect Paperback an. I have collected every available book I can find that teaches how to read old German script This is the best book by far There is a clear explanation in English and German of the history of this script and how the letters are used There is a good one page example of the script letters with variations This is followed by several examples starting with drills that have perfectly written words in old German script Later in the book there are examples of paragraphs of text beginning with perfectly written examples Then the writing starts to get messy to give you an opportunity to read realistic handwriting The few other books on this topic that exist are mostly out of print and hard to fine There are a few that are still in print Some of the other books I have seen have only hard to read real life letters in old German script They usually have a separate key for the transliterations which often comes loose from the book and gets lost when you buy a used copy Other books have limited examples and are poorly structured Please keep in mind that old German script official documents used old Latin handwriting for proper names and foreign words So you may need to find a separate book to learn to read old Latin script An interesting historical fact according to some sources This type of old German handwriting was used in Germany until the 1940's when Hitler banned this old script in favor of Latin handwriting It was said that he did this because this old German script made it difficult for Germans to communicate in writing with other countries that used Latin script It is my understanding that most modern day native German speakers would have great difficulty reading old documents in this old German handwriting Learning to read this script is important for researchers and genealogists