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Free download ð The Metaphysics (Penguin Classics) ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï ✤ [Download] ➼ The Metaphysics (Penguin Classics) By Aristotle ➶ – Aristotle's probing inuiry into some of the fundamental problems of philosophy The Metaphysics is one of thTe forms and in so doing he probed some of the deepest uestions of philosophy What is existence How is change possible And are there certain things that must exist for anything else to exist at all The seminal notions discussed in The Metaphysics of 'substance' and associated concepts of matter and form essence and accident potentiality and actuality have had a profound and enduring influence and laid the foundations for one of the central branches of Western philosophyHugh Lawson Tancred's lucid translation is accompanied by a. A classic book that is absolutely brutal to read As a philosophy major I read it for school I read a lot of dense books and I cannot imagine anyone enjoying reading this book It does have some classic ideas like 'turtles all the way down' prime mover stuff It seems like a good translation though with some extremely helpful introductions and explanations so I'm giving it four stars

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Aristotle's probing inuiry into some of the fundamental problems of philosophy The Metaphysics is one of the classical Greek foundation stones of western thought translated from the with an introduction by Hugh Lawson Tancred in Penguin Classics The Metaphysics presents Aristotle's mature rejection of both the Platonic theory that what we perceive is just a pale reflection of reality and the hard headed view that all processes are ultimately material He argued instead that the reality or substance of things lies in their concre. Well here's how the KINDLE version not necessarily the paper or other versions reads at one point It was of course flagrantly at odds with any kind of Platonism and so far as we can tell most philosophers tended to orientate themselves very clearly towards oneor otherofthese See the oneor otherofthese at the end What does it mean along with the other similar errors some pointed out by other reviewers That whoever is in charge of these books just couldn't care less let the uality of the thing on Kindle just wander without control not the slightest editorial review will be exercised not the lightest spell check is allowed presumably because somehow that gets in the way of I guess making money

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The Metaphysics Penguin ClassicsStimulating introduction in which he highlights the central themes of one of philosophy's supreme masterpiecesAristotleBC studied at the Academy of Plato for years and then established his own school and research institute 'The Lyceum' His writings which were of extraordinary range profoundly affected the whole course of ancient and medieval philosophy and are still eagerly studied and debated by philosophers todayIf you enjoyed The Metaphysics you might like Aristotle's The Nicomachean Ethics also available in Penguin Classic. I preface my remarks with two disclaimers 1 I would not presume to review Aristotle but I can superficially review this edition 2 I do not know GreekI recommend buying this book but not as your main text of the Metaphysics For your main text of the Metaphysics I recommend the 1924 translation by WD Ross which is not in print but you can find it used The Metaphysics is famously difficult I found the Ross translation clearer and comprehensible than that of Tancred Lawson T L I was about one third of the way through the T L translation when I had to give up But it was through the T L bibliography that I found the Ross translation so if that was all the T L did for me it would have been enoughI also did not uite like the tone and style of this translation I found it too informal and collouial for my tastes It is uite interesting in that respect but in the end it feels stylistically wrongBut the T L is still well worth buying The various introductory and textual essays are excellent and very well worth reading T L's alternative translation is good to have as a backup Sometimes when it is Ross that is obscure T L can clarify the matterOne warning is that you had better read the Physics before you read this or it will not make any sense to you at allSummary At this price the book is highly recommended as your backup translation of and general companion to the Metaphysics