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They're bad boys with that little something extra Sexy wild out of this world talents that can leave any woman feeling weak at the knees among other body parts they're the ones to call when you want pleasure that lastsand lastsSHELLY LAURENSTONCAN'T GET ENOUGHEven for a dragon Ailean the Wicked has a bad reputation For years he's been renowned for his fighting prowess but now he's got a new conuest in mind a gorgeous dragoness known as Shalin the I 5 Stars Can't Get Enough by Shelly Laurenston Shelly writes her Dragon Kin series under the name GA Aiken I love her Dragon Kin series the world she creates is fun and entertaining and this novella was wonderful to read It was uick cute and funny Fans of the Dragon Kin series will want to read and thoughs whom have not read this series will enjoy the story as well It's about Ailean the Wicked also know as Ailean the Whore as well as many other names and Shalin the Innocent Ailean a dragon male does not want to settle down but eventually finds that one dragoness whom he can't live without and has to help save her from mean princess bent on revenge Audio April 2020 I listened to Can't Get Enough and I couldn't get enough ^^ I loved the audio Had a blast with Shalin and Ailean It's so nice to revisit the Dragon Kin series and see where they came from I just read in Laurentson's latest newsletter that she's going to be publishing this story on it's own Finally I've been waiting I hope the audio comes out on it's own too but I'll have to wait and see 45 Stars Spellbound by Cynthia Eden Hot explosive and all around entertaining read This is my first time reading from this author and I enjoyed her novella The chemistry between Serena and Luis was explosive Serena needs help saving her coven and summons Luis who is like a paranormal cop that gets ride of bad guys but he is also the euivalent of the bogyman for supernaturals 2 Stars Turn Me On by Noelle Mack I was not feeling this novella I did not like Beth and I wanted development in Justin Watts Pretty much the story goes they have sex he lights up she freaks out and keeps freaking out and he just keeps hanging in there This is the first time I've read Noelle Mack and I didn't really care for this novella at all

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Everlasting Bad BoysNnocent Ailean suspects Everlasting Bad PDFEPUBshe's anything but And while he's saving her from her enemies he plans to prove that even in human form a bad boy dragon can show a girl a good time that's truly off the scaleCYNTHIA EDENSPELLBOUNDNo witch in her right mind would summon an immortal soul hunter to her aid but Serena Tyme needs Luis D'Amil's help to destroy the warlock who's stalking her coven And she's willing to pay any price he nameses just read Shelly Laurenston's story a bit disappointed aftwr all the stories about aliean the slag

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Everlasting Bad Boys doc à ebook ✓ dcmdirect Ë [Reading] ➷ Everlasting Bad Boys By Shelly Laurenston – Dcmdirect.co.uk They're bad boys with that little something extra Sexy wild out of this world talents that can leave any woman feeling weak at the knees among other body parts they're the ones to call when Pecially when the tall dark sexy as hell assassin shows her he can work some sensual magic of his ownNOELLE MACKTURN ME ONFinally Beth Danforth has found a man who can flip her switch That's because supersexy Justin Watts CEO of SpectraSign is literally made of light with a dazzling custom built body The only thing he needs to maintain his energy level is to turn up the heat with a real woman and with Beth the results are guaranteed to be electrifyi 35 I liked book one liked book two better and really didn't like book 3 Book one as a nice short uick and sexy Book 2 had really fabulous characters I wanted on them Book 3 was weird the Male MC was weird he was supposed to be a nerd I think but wasn't even human or of this world His character was just so unbelievable in all ways for me and his love interest wasn't much better She was prickly then hot then all business then just unrelatable and unrealistic I have read both of the first two authors and enjoyed their work but never Noelle Mack Based on what I read here I will not be reading any of her other works