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An American graphic novel first The complete Complete Cartoon PDF #8608 page epic from start to finish in one deluxe trade paperbackThree modern cartoon cousins get lost in a pre technological vall. Book #7 for Jugs Capes read a cleaner version of this review on CCLaPpre read I ordered this online and it arrived today not in a padded envelope as is customary but in a big ass box I should have understood then but not until I sliced the box open did I realize just how massive this thing is Good grief I read on the subway for heaven's sake; I need my books to be portable So obviously I took a steak knife and some old Vice magazine covers and DIY'd it into three somewhat manageable volumes I haven't had to do that since Infinite Jestpost read Here is something that I have never thought about before what is the onomatopoeic rendering of a sword pulled fast out of itswhat is it scabbard Give up It's SHING I mean of course it is right But who knew That was my first roundaboutly clever way of saying omg omg omg Jeff Smith is a fucking geniusHere is my second and it involves a visual aid Just prior to the below panel Bone has been told by several people that winter comes on fast in these parts Then what happens ThisYeah Jeff Smith man Fucking geniusNow I will talk about the book itself As with a handful of amazing books I've read lately The Instructions for one; also Raising Demons if you'd given me a plot synopsis before I'd started I probably would not have been particularly inclined to pick this up A trio of strange smooth androgynous bone creatures accidentally become part of an ancient war between the Dragons the people of the Valley and the God of the Locusts and go on a uest to find the Crown of Horns dodging Rat Creatures and Ghost Circles aiding and abetted by by a sexy young farmhand and her ornery grandmother Um no thanks I hate it when regular words get elevated via random capitalization But this man holy fuck This is unuestionably and irrepressibly riveting engaging fascinating There's an awesomely compelling plot solid mythology and history terrific characters an amazingly vast scope fantastic art a pitch perfect balance at all times between pathos humor action explication dialogue art cute animals bloody swordfights Man Wow A couple other things In college I took a course on Lord of the Rings and one of the things we discussed was how the language of the trilogy subtly reinforces the path of the books from sort of light middle grade fantasy in the beginning to a high art mature epic by the end I would say a similar thing happens in Bone where it starts out all kind of silly fun and games but the book and the plot and the characters all elevate and expand as things proceed opening and blooming into this vast mature epic scopeAlso not only does this book pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors it's basically all women The hero is a woman Her great teacher is a woman Small by cryptic spoiler Even the villain is a woman In addition this I didn't come up with myself; thanks Jugs Capes girls there is basically no romantic subplot How often does that happen in fantasy I'd say close to never But here our heroine Thorn is way too busy being brilliant and strong and savvy and kicking ass and saving the fucking world to bother with something so trivial as whom to kiss YeahOkay okay enough But jeesh what a brilliant spectacular book Who cares that it's too big to carry anywhere Who cares that it's written for kids Who cares that it's epic fantasy It's just fuckin' stunning

review Bone The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume

Bone The Complete Cartoon Epic in One VolumeEy spending a year there making new friends and out running dangerous enemies After being run out of Boneville the three Bone cousins Fone Bone Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone are separated and lost in. I loved this comic book The art style reminded me of Belgian comics of my childhood and the story I must say should be worthy of Tolkien

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Bone The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume Free download ã 5 ½ [Reading] ➶ Bone The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume ➽ Jeff Smith – An American graphic novel first The complete 1300 page epic from start to finish in one deluxe trade paperbackThree modern cartoon cousins get lostA vast uncharted desert One by one they find their way into a deep forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures Bone The EpubIt will be the longest but funniest year of their liv. I really enjoyed this graphic novel series Before I read it I thought it was a kid's graphic novel but once I read the first two volumes I was hooked The story is simple fun and adventurous This isn't just for kids but adults too Great series