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The Tragedy of Macbeth mobi ´ Paperback read ¿ [EPUB] ✶ The Tragedy of Macbeth ✹ William Shakespeare – One night on the heath the brave and respected general Macbeth encounters three witches who foretell that he will become king of Scotland At first sceptical he’s urged on by the ruthless single mS and murderThis shocking tragedy The Tragedy PDF or a violent caution to those seeking power for its own sake is to this day one of Shakespeare’s most popular and influential masterpiec Over the past year I have branched out in my reading attempting authors and genres that I had not discovered before Recently I read Serena by Ron Rash in which the title character is compared to Lady Macbeth While Serena may be ruthless I had never read the play so I could not contrast the two heroines Another of my reading goals this year is increasing my reading of classics Up until now I had predominantly read modern classics and found a worthy reason to read an older masterpiece So it is without further adieu that I present my take on the Bard's Macbeth Shakespeare penned Macbeth around the year 1606 when he was already established as a reputed playwright For this play he chose a contemporary Scottish soldier and references the Scottish crown within the text Yet as in most of Shakespeare's works the Bard was not as much concerned with the history surrounding the play as he was with the characters themselves their desires and motivations Thus Macbeth is regarded as Shakespeare's darkest tragedy The tale begins when Macbeth visits three witches later of double double toil trouble fame They prophesy that he will become the Thane of Crowder Thane of Glowdis and King of Scotland Yet the men who hold these titles are all currently alive Lady Macbeth plots and decides to murder all the key players who stand in the way of her husband becoming king framing other upstanding individuals for her actions She even goes as far as killing those who relayed news to her that King Duncan had been killed even though she herself committed the crime As the tale continues the Lady now ueen continues to plot and has servants and soldiers at her disposal to do her bidding Meanwhile Macbeth also grows weary of rivals to the crown and plots to eliminate anyone who goes against him While Lady Macbeth is at ease being an evil mastermind Macbeth reaches the point where he can not live with himself for murdering Duncan He returns to the witches in an attempt to change the prophesy but it is not to be At this point Lady Macbeth grows emotionally unstable while Macbeth himself is no longer afraid to die in battle as penance for previous crimes committed It is clear that Shakespeare intended for the Lady to be the hungry individual in this drama As in all Shakespearean works the text is not long but a little tedious if one is unused to old English Because I had just read Serena I read along uickly looking for comparisons to the two women allowing me to be engrossed in the prose than I might have been otherwise Shakespeare's words remain timeless over 400 years later deeming Macbeth as well as his other works worthy reads This play was fun because the characters were so dark encouraging me to read Shakespearean tales in the future

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One night on the heath the brave and respected general Macbeth encounters three witches who foretell that he will become king of Scotland At first sceptical he’s urged on by the ruthless Years after first adding this to my Shakespeare shelf I finally sat down and did it So here long overdue isThe Scottish Play abridgedWITCHES Bibbity bobbity boo Time to fuck with the mortalsDUNCAN Isn’t Macbeth great Now there’s a guy I can always trust to have my back I should promote himMACBETH AND DUNCAN WEEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEEEENDS YES WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONS NO TIME FOR WITCHES ThaneofGlamisandCawdorandFutureKingsayswhatMACBETH WhatWITCHES Oh and Banuo your kids are going to be kings someday Good luck working that one out POOFvanishBANUO DudeMACBETH Great news honey I meet these witches and they told me I was gonna be the thane of Cawdor and then BAM the king promoted me and they also said I was gonna be king someday so I guess Duncan’s going to make me his heir or somethingLADY MACBETH Cool I’ll invite him over and then you can kill himMACBETH Iwait whatLADY MACBETH KILL THE KING YOU PUSSYDUNCAN Hey Macbeth how’s my favorite MACBETH I KEEL YOUDUNCAN’S SONS GTFOBANUO So anyway son apparently you’re going to be king someday but I don’t really see how since now Macbeth’s the king but anywayASSASSIN I KEEL YOUBANUO’S SON GTFOMACBETH Hey there nice witches I need some help I just saw Duncan's ghost and I’ve been killing a lot of people and my wife’s losing what few marbles she had to begin with –LADY MACBETH THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE I KEEL MYSELF offstageMACBETH and I’m not so sure about this whole prophecy thing anyWITCHES Don’t sweat it you can’t be killed by any man born of woman and you won’t really be in trouble until the forest starts movingMACBETH Wait didn’t something kind of like that happen in The Lord of the Rings WITCHES NO Also watch out for MacduffMACBETH Cool I’ll go kill his whole family nowWITCHES This is just too much fun We should have thought of this years agoMACDUFF Macbeth you are SO going down MACBETH Joke’s on you sucker I can’t be killed by anyone born of woman and since Caesarians haven’t been invented youoh shit MACDUFF I KEEL YOUWITCHES More popcorn Hecate THE END

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The Tragedy of MacbethSingle minded ambitions of Lady Macbeth who suffers none of her husband’s doubt But seeing the prophecy through to the bloody end leads them both spiralling into paranoia tyranny madnes highlights of this play include but are not limited to the witches they are the original halloween weens they are serving some major spooky realness also they went and haunted a woman just because she wouldnt share her hazelnuts that is the exact level of petty that i aspire to be lady macbeth honestly everything she says especially to her husband is so savage she doesnt want to be a ueen she wants to be the ueen and her first scene is iconic “unsex me” yaaassss ditch those bonds of femininity be the murderous biotch we all want you to be how someone born by a c section is the key factor for determining the outcome of pretty much everything soooo random lol that the english army thought they could hide behind tree branches and sneak up on macbeth for a surprise attack the fact the macbeth believed it and actually thought it was the forest “what you egg” is now my go to insult↠ 45 stars