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In this dazzling and long awaited conclusion to the acclaimed Mortal Instruments series Clary and her friends fight the greatest evil they have ever faced Clary's own brotherSebastian Morgenstern is on the move systematically turning Shadowhunter against Shadowhunter Bearing the Infernal Cup he transforms Shadowhunters into creatures out of nightmare tearin This review and can be found on Living for the BooksFinally this prolonged series comes to an end and while I wish I could say that I'll really miss the characters I probably won't To be completely honest I used to adore this series back when I first read it about four years ago but I feel like it no longer has the same appeal as it once did I'm pretty sure I only picked this book up out of habitThe biggest issue I had with this book was that the characters focus on the wrong things The world is basically coming to an end and instead of caring about that most of the characters seemed concerned with their love lives Thank goodness there was no Clary and Jace drama I don't think I could ever take of that Instead they're mostly happy for the book even when they're hunting down Sebastian in the demon realms They were kinda of sappy but so were all the other characters At least the characters were still sarcastic and than once I laughed at the dialogue between the charactersA couple characters do die but for me it wasn't that big of a deal I didn't shed a single tear for any of the characters that died in this book but I was practically sobbing about the mentions of characters from The Infernal Devices The deaths didn't really serve a purpose other than to kill off a couple of characters because it didn't really seem to move the plot forwardThe villain Sebastian was alright I guess I didn't like him all that much because I thought he was strange At first he wants to kill all the Shadowhunters and then his plans change a great deal when Clary Jace and all the others find him in the demon realms His plans for Clary are disturbing and he's basically an evil mastermind but I never got the wow he's a great villain feeling I'm not exactly sure why but I think it may be partially because I'm just so done with this seriesI wasn't expecting to be blown away by this book and I wasn't but I still enjoyed it I laughed I cried I rolled my eyes I wanted to throw the book but in the end it was a decent ending to a series that should have ended three books ago If I hadn't given up on Shadowhunter books I might be tempted to pick up the next series because the new characters are kind of adorable but I think for now I'm done with the Shadowhunter worldMe when I found out the release dateJust finished City of Lost Souls and now I have to wait 2 YEARS before I can read this book It's going to be torture I tell you Pure TORTURE At least Clockwork Princess is coming out in 2013 otherwise I think I might go insane from this waitI LOVE the title it just makes you want to read this even I mean who wouldn't want to read a book called City of Heavenly Fire?On another noteif Magnus and Alec don't get back together someone is going to get hurt because they are awesome togetherI just thought of somethingwhat if the world ends before this book comes out? WE WILL NEVER KNOW HOW THIS SERIES ENDS IF THE WORLD ENDS How can they do this to me? Edit clears throat so um you have to understand that when I posted this I thought TMI series was the best thing since sliced bread To be honest I probably thought that because I hadn't read that many books at that point so I had nothing to compare it to Books 1 3 were good but after that I now think the series has gone downhill especially after the movie I'll still read this book but to be honest I'm not as excited about it 2 years is a long time and my taste in books has changed drastically since then I'll keep the top part because it feels wrong to delete it And this is why I'll never post a review of a book before it comes outEdit 2What even is that cover?

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City of Heavenly FireG apart families and lovers as the ranks of his Endarkened army swellThe embattled Shadowhunters withdraw to Idris but not even the famed demon towers of Alicante can keep Sebastian at bay And with the Nephilim trapped in Idris who will guard the world against demons?When one of the greatest betrayals the Nephilim have ever known is revealed Clary Jace Isab UPDATE REVIEW TO COME SOON UPDATE OMG COVER COVER COVER COOOOOOOVER THAT COVER Clary's friggin wearing white and I CANNOT What do you guys think? Personally I think it's beautiful After you get over the fact that Clary's wearing white And it's Clastian OK OK OK WRITE OBSESSIVE FANGIRLY REVIEW MODE ON 2000 FRIGGIN 14 EH????? MUST YOU KILL ME CASSIE MUSSSST YOUUUU???? WHYYYYYYY??????????BUT WE ALL KNOWINSIDEI'M JUSTTHAT DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO COVER HOW I FEEL BUT IT SHOULD DO FOR NOW OO

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PDF ↠ BOOK City of Heavenly Fire FREE ↠ [Reading] ➾ City of Heavenly Fire By Cassandra Clare – Dcmdirect.co.uk In this dazzling and long awaited conclusion to the acclaimed Mortal Instruments series Clary and her friends fight the greatest evil they have ever faced Clary's own brotherSebastian Morgenstern is o In this dazzling Elle Simon and Alec must flee even if their journey takes them deep into the demon realms where no Shadowhunter has set foot before and from which no human being has ever returnedLove will be sacrificed and lives lost in the terrible battle for the fate of the word in the thrilling final installment of the classic urban fantasy series The Mortal Instruments 1 City of Bones ★★★2 City of Ashes ★★3 City of Glass ★★★1 Clockwork Angel ★★★4 City of Fallen Angels ★2 Clockwork Prince ★★★★5 City of Lost Souls ★★★★3 Clockwork Princess ★★★★★ “You are the blade of Heaven Make sure you are worthy” Friends we did it we read all of the The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments I’d like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you who motivated me to read this backlist instead of just jumping into The Dark Artifices Seriously I am so grateful because even though the road started off rocky I uickly became so attached and fell so in love with these characters and this world But we don’t talk about City of Fallen Angels that book never existed Basically if you are on the fence about starting this series and not sure what it is about this is a story about a paranormal world that is hidden from the mundanes non magical humans We see vampires werewolves fae swoons forever still angels demons and everything else you think of when you think paranormal And we also are introduced to the world of shadowhunters the warriors who are sworn to defeat the demons But this is also a story that puts friendship at the forefront constantly This is a tale about found families choosing who you want to share your life with and realizing that neither of those things reuire the same blood This is a book about unconditional love and selflessness and doing anything you can to protect those you care about And you follow so many different characters friend groups and families along the way “There will always be those who want to tell you who you are based on your name or the blood in your veins Do not let other people decide who you are Decide for yourself” And there is just something so beautiful about seeing all these stories characters and families intertwine All these bloodlines mixing truly feels like something so special to read I don’t compare things to Harry Potter too often but I will say that the feeling I had while flipping these pages never wanting to stop excitedly purchasing the next book it was all so reminiscent of my Harry Potter experience And there is really no higher praise that I can give a book series than that I loved this final story I believe with my whole heart and soul that Cassandra Clare just kept improving throughout all of these books And I have only the highest of hopes for what she will do next But the rest of my review is going to touch on a couple key things that happened in this book and things that have happened in previous books so please use caution reading the rest of this review if you have not read this book and its predecessors And as always I’m going to do a little mini character breakdown on my thoughts and feelings on all the main characters in this book Spoilers ahead “I think sometimes we are reckless with our hearts the way we are with our lives When we give them away we give every piece” I could not find the artist’s name I'm so sorry but I found this amazing picture on Pinterest➽ Jace I didn’t hate Jace in this book Damn There I said it Are you happy now? Again I think Cassie Clare just gets better and better at writing as these books go on and I was legit happy with Jace’s character even his pervy dude scenes because #relatable But my beautiful friend Lea pointed out that Jace brought a condom to Hell and I honestly died of laughter for about five minutes I aspire to the level of confident that Jace has to not only think he could put it in while in hell but to also bring protection just in case But like I’m here forever and always for safe sex portrayal especially for teens even in Hell my good dudes ➽ Clary I feel like I’ve never fallen in love with Clary the way that I have with other characters from this world but I’ve never disliked her And I really like how Jace took a backseat and trusted her to finish her own story Also I love how she used her power at the end because I always forget what a badass power it is ➽ Simon My sweet kind geeky selfless boy Simon honestly might be my favorite of this entire world And him constantly willing to sacrifice parts of himself for his friends you all I need all the tissues in the world He is friendship goals boyfriend goals and just human goals This boy deserves the world “I don’t want the world I want you” Beautiful fanart by taratjaht➽ Isabelle And Izzy is truly my world I think Cassie Clare did such a wonderful job crafting her character to break all those gross “mean girl” stereotypes Izzy is hard and soft confident and unsure and beautiful inside and out Her friendship with Clary in this one also made me really weak But her realizing she actually loves this selfless vampire this kind dork and sweet boy you all it is still breaking me Sizzy 4 lyfe ➽ Magnus Okay be honest how messed up am I that I really enjoyed seeing Magnus’ dad? Like damn I’m impressed and want to know everything about Asmodeus Magnus was amazing like always even though he lost his cat Ahhh my heart But I can’t wait to see what happened in Peru and some of his adventures in The Bane Chronicles ➽ Alec I wasn’t the biggest fan of Jace or Alec until this book Alec was a realistic eighteen year old that just had his heart broken to me And he was actually amazing throughout this entire story while showing us all the things he is struggling with deep down Also his dad is a fucking asshole even after he was like “my best friend who was a dude loved me and I told him to fuck off” Like I’m sorry was that supposed to make me like you and realize you are tolerant of your kid being gay? Miss me with that shit forever please But Alec was and is going through a lot and he was still able to tell Magnus what he wanted and what his limits were at the end of this book Like I think I finally ship them together ➽ Emma Okay let’s be real she is Jace junior BUT 102 times better But I instantly loved her and wanted her to be protected I can’t even imagine the grief or trauma she went through and is still going through And I can’t wait to learn about her while she hopefully learns about her ancestry ➽ Julian Legit these kids are like thirteen years old and I’m like “don’t become parabatai you’re soulmates” like an insane person I can already tell that Emma and Jules are going to give me all the feels when they are older And their writing on each other? Cutest most pure shit in the entire world And Julian wanting to be there and raise his brother and sisters when he is just a kid himself? What a sweetheart and I’m ready to protect him at all costs ➽ Brother Zachariah Legit this character made me cry than any From saying where his home was to asking if someone might play the violin My heart I can’t And I am most excited to see where his storyline goes And to see him talk about his past with a few young shadowhunters “Ghosts are memories and we carry them because those we love do not leave the world” ➽ Luke I’ve loved Luke from City of Bones and I loved him through the last page of this book Legit the best dad and he deserves the entire galaxy ➽ Jocelyn I honestly just came to hate Clary’s mom and as this series progressed Luke is too damn good for her She not only was a shitty mom to Sebastian