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Important executive the dwarf's fantasy of a planet where life is easier his later suicide and the subseuent fate of his dispersed friends and family membersThis first English translation of The Dwarf by Bruce and Ju Chan Fulton succeeds remarkably in conveying both the emotive power and realism of the original Korean novel South Korea's economic troubles in the s and the environmental degradation and food shortages in North Korea within the last decade have also reinforced this novel's relevance and importance in a new era Well this was a roller coaster of emotion Oppression is always a theme where it boils your blood and pity the weak but when the time really comes I wonder if people would really ever not put themselves first

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난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공The dark side of South Korea's economic miracle emerges in The Dwarf Cho Se hŭi's enormously popular and critically acclaimed work First published in it speaks to the painful social costs of reckless industrialization even as it tellingly portrays the spiritual malaise of the newly rich and powerful and a working class subject to forces beyond its control Cho's lean clipped deceptively simple style the rapidly shifting points of view terse dialogue and subtle irony evoke the particularities of life in 난장이가 쏘아 I read this book because of its place in Korea literature as a classic The Dwarf consists of linked stories set during the years of fast industrial modernization circa 1970's Korea The title points to the insightful physically challenged main character and his family whose generations experience first hand the disorientation to daily life and the pollution of surroundings from those laxly regulated conseuences The chapters take the perspective of different socio economic groups The Dwarf's children form part of the multitude who operate the unpleasant factory machines but neither earn adeuate compensation nor work in safe conditions The author also portrays the Ĕngang Group's chairman and family members associated with that conglomerate some of whom stand to inherit it As the promising face to face interaction of all those groups for a fair settlement fizzles out the temptation to use violence arises The author through the character Hunchback cautions against that because it never ends The awful description of reality which still occurs nevertheless shows the perennial human spirit and love for others as well as the perseverance of nature

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난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공 epub ½ Paperback å [PDF / Epub] ✅ 난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공 Author Cho Se-Hui – Dcmdirect.co.uk The dark side of South Korea's economic miracle emerges in The Dwarf Cho Se hŭi's enormously popular and critically acclaimed work First published in 1978 it speaks to th린 MOBI #181 s South Korea in the presence of global economic forces The desperate realities of life for the dwarf the proverbial little guy upon whose back Korea's economic transformation largely took place are emotively rendered in twelve linked stories examining the lives of a laboring family a family of the newly emerging middle class and that of a wealthy industrialist The stories have overlapping characters and situations the murder of a swindler a family's eviction from a suatter settlement the assassination of an A best selling novel and virtually a classic of modern Korean literature The Dwarf was originally published as twelve separate stories which were later combined into a novel It concerns the period of Korean history under President Park Chung Hee when the country was being transformed from a largely agricultural economy to the industrial technological country it is now The forced modernization of the country created extreme class differentiation and class struggles similar to those in the West during the Industrial Revolution the parallel is discussed in the novel as well as those in Jamaica during the fifties and sixties and Egypt and India at about the same time I was reminded of Mahfouz's Mida Alley and Mistry's A Fine Balance The book is largely about labor struggles but as in those two novels the advanced style keeps it from being a simplistic worker's novel in the sense of socialist realism It's suggested in some reviews of the book that the style was partly to disguise the political criticism in stories written under the repression but I can't really believe that it wouldn't have been uite apparent to any half competent censorThe first and last stories feature a math teacher talking about Mobius strips and Klein bottles which establish a sort of symbolic theme of the interior and exterior becoming one and two disabled persons Suatlegs and Hunchback The second story introduces the character of a poor house wife Shin ae who hires a dwarf to fix her outdoor faucet so she can get water We next meet Yun ho the adolescent son of a well off lawyer who is trying to get into the University This story also introduces the character of his tutor Chi sop who plays a role later in the novel Through Chi sop Yun ho meets the Dwarf Kim Pul i of course a symbol for the little people but also developed realistically as a character and his wife and three children the Eldest Son Yong su the younger brother Yong ho and the sister Yong hui The incident which begins the plot of the novel is when the slum neighborhood in which the Dwarf lives ironically named Felicity Precinct of Eden District is torn down as part of an Urban Renewal Project Of course there is much corruption involved and the compensation which the residents receive is not enough to get the apartments they are supposedly entitled to As a result the family moves to Ungang an industrial area of toxic pollution where the Dwarf dies unclear whether by accident or suicide but the latter is strongly suggested and his three children get jobs in the factories of the Ungang group This forms the longest story in the novel The Dwarf Launches a Ball which is freuently published separately The Wikipedia article on the novel appears to confuse the two While the novel shifts among all the characters it is sometimes difficult to follow who is doing what the main focus is on the conditions in Ungang and the struggle against management and the complicit company union and the story of Yun ho gets lost Near the end one story is about the leader of the Ungang group and his family