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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Die Traumdeutung ã 9780192823526 ß DCMDIRECT É ❮EPUB❯ ❄ Die Traumdeutung ✿ Author Sigmund Freud – Dcmdirect.co.uk One hundred years ago Sigmund Freud published The Interpretations of Dreams a book that like Darwin's The Origin of Species revolutionized oOne hundred years ago Sigmund Freud published The Interpretations of Dreams a book that like Darwin's The Origin of Species revolutionized our understanding of human nature Now this groundbreaking new translation the first to be based on the original text published in November brings us a readable accurate and coherent picture of Freud's masterpieceThe first edition of The Interpretation of Dreams is much shorter than its subseuent editions each time the text was reissued from onwards Freud added to it The most significant and in many ways the mos Whew A daunting classic with plenty of awkward moments but absolutely worth reading Bucketlist material for sure Special thanks to Michael Page who narrated the unabridged audio version His narration is absolutely pitch perfect the total embodiment of an analytical psychologist Without the audio I probably wouldn't have read it and that would be a shameWhat I love most is the endless analysis Yes some of Freud's theories are pretty wild and I'll get to that but there's a lot to learn about the human condition both in its sleeping and waking states Freud analyzes every possible dream from so many angles it boggles the mind But being a constant dreamer his theories kept me in rapt attentionMy dreams are often varying and multi faceted Freud talks about them all and many others The examples he gives of dreams that manifest out of reality are particularly interesting This happens to me often I’ll dream an elaborate story with characterization rising plot mystery and intrigue and right at the climax when the protagonist is about to get hit by a train there's a real world blaring sound Only the real sound isn't a train it happens to be my alarm clockHow the hell is that possible My dreaming state can plot itself out to the millisecond so that the climax coincides with my alarm ringing It's miraculous unexplainable And yet Freud explains it Or tries to at least Even after 600 pages or 21 hours on audio there's room left for mystery I think And Freud himself says that two people can dream the exact same thing and it have completely different meanings based on contextFor example falling If you've dreamed of falling from a large height it could be a bodily reaction to a foot hanging loose off the mattress Or surprise surprise it could be about sex According to Freud a woman may manifest a dream of falling as a symbolic reflection of her unconscious feeling of being or desiring to be a fallen womanSpoiler alert Freud basically concludes that all of your dreams are about sexThere's his expected theory on phallic symbolism of course If you dream about corn stalks or cucumbers we all know what you're really dreaming about But objects that pun with sexual objects are also in play Such as the fallen womanThe most bizarre example Freud uses is dreaming of children Because it was in vogue to refer to the male member as 'little man' Freud concludes that dreaming of a child is often the subconscious using symbolism And if you dream of beating the child Well obviously that must mean your subconscious is expressing a wish to masturbateFreud is a controversial figure because of ideas like these but it would be loss to not recognize how many of this theories are crucial to understanding psychology And for those who accuse him of being a sex obsessed maniac we should remember that all living things are sex obsessed maniacs From the trees who fill the spring air with their pollen to the male black widow who gives up his life for the sake of biological need And yes humans tooWhether or not you want to admit it we're built to think like that and Freud's continual return to sex comes across less like the cocaine loving ramblings of a nympho and like someone who understands what makes a human tickAt the very least all of the passages about medicinal cocaine and sex symbolism makes this an infinitely entertaining read than it might be otherwiseOverall I would easily mark this as a must read classic Where else can you find a thick textbook that's actually engaging It will make you think uestion yourself and understand yourself If nothing else it's made me hyper aware of my dreams I remember ALL OF THEM now Instead of waking up and shaking them away I'm immediately replaying them in my mind and thinking Oh God what would Freud say about THAT

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T unfortunate addition is a page section devoted to the kind of mechanical reading of dream symbolism long objects eual male genitalia etc that has gained popular currency and partially obscured Freud's profound insights into dreams In the original version presented here Freud's emphasis falls clearly on the use of words in dreams and on the difficulty of deciphering them Without the strata of later additions readers will find here a clearer development of Freud's central ideas of dream as wish fulfillment of the dream's manifest and latent content I dreamt that I had written a huge modern rewrite of Moby Dick except instead of a whale they were hunting a badger It was full of gothic scenes of Ahab staring moodily into some light woodland reminiscing about how the white beast had bitten his foot once and how he would ultimately ‘earth the hated brock in his dank and stinking sett and finish him utterly’ Instead of the Peuod Ahab and the narrator cycled through the forest on a tandem bicycle studying tracks and peering through the shrubs Every now and then one of them would point through the branches and shout ‘Lo The white badger’ and they would pedal offIn my mind this was a serious literary project Unfortunately I have never finished Moby Dick and so the book just devolved into chapters full of interminable facts about badger biology lifestyle and cultural history and the foundational role they play in the mythology of countless woodland societies which is not true I remember copying out a uote from King Lear where someone is said to be ‘like unto the brindl'd baddger’ but sadly upon waking I have discovered that this line does not exist On the other hand I also remember repeatedly using the adjective ‘meline’ which does in fact exist and is not a word I knew that I knewIf anyone can interpret this for me I am all ears In the meantime if you'll excuse me I now have 200000 words to write about badger huntingAug 2018Another strange dream also animal related I was staying in an old house in the countryside around Lago Maggiore It was a big crumbling mansion surrounded by marshes and woodland like something from Edgar Allen Poe It was twilight In a dark creek nearby we found a shark and caught it in a net It was explained to me that this was a very rare kind of shark that was only found in the swampland of this area and that it was called Mercer's cat shark We tipped it out onto the ground It had a small body and a wide snout and was completely covered in short dark furMar 2020

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Die TraumdeutungOf the retelling of dreams as a continuation of the dreamwork and much Joyce Crick's translation is lighter and faster moving than previous versions enhancing the sense of dialogue with the reader one of Freud's stylistic strengths and allowing us to follow Freud's theory as it evolved through difficult cases apparently intractable counter examples and fascinating analyses of Freud's own dreamsThe restoration of Freud's classic is a major event giving us in a sense a new work by one of this century' most startling original and influential thinkers Written with scientific denseness but lacks scientific rigor or clarity Can be tedious vague and confusing Freud will say he's going to do something like not use personal examples only to forget he said that and do it anyway Or he'll acknowledge the flaw with his approach and then do nothing to correct it which is better than not admitting it I guess For example he uses his patients neurotics for analysis and comments on how how that makes his conclusions not drawn from a representative sample But that comment is where it stops there's no correction or real analysis on how that impacted his conclusionsOr he'll start out with a clear sentence and then explain it until it descends into an illogical jumble Or he'll refer to something not obvious as something obvious Or he'll say there's numerous instances of something and then not list them I could go on He gives too many examples belabors the points he does end up making references confusing German word playI'm not going to make the same mistake as Frued I'm going to stop talking once my point is made And I think it's made