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Summer of the Seventeenth Doll mobi ò Download ´ Ray Lawler ß [KINDLE] ❅ Summer of the Seventeenth Doll ❥ Ray Lawler – Ray LawlerCharacters3 male 4 femaleInterior SetThis compelling Australian play was a success in London and was hailed by critics in New York for its vigK for its vigor integrity and realistic portrayal of two itinerant cane cutters Barney a swaggering little scrapper and Roo a big roughneck They have spent the pa A classic Australian play of the 1950s Doll is now rarely professionally produced This is a shame because it remains a great play a compelling drama with flashes of humour and real human tragedy The language still rings true and vividly evokes an Australia which has long since past A revival of the play forms part of Sydney's Belvoir Street Theatre 2011 program and the season has been a sell out Small wonder for it is a wonderful production with a great cast wonderful performances sensitive direction and a superb set It was a joy to see it performed again Both the play and the production will stay in my mind for a long time

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Ray LawlerCharacters male femaleInterior SetThis compelling the Seventeenth PDF #8608 Australian play was a success in London and was hailed by critics in New Yor I was trying to work out when I first read this play – I must have been when I was about twenty – so over half a lifetime ago Anyway the Melbourne Theatre Company are currently doing a production of this play and before going off to see it the other night I told my brother I was going and he asked what it was about It is a funny thing but this is arguably one of the most important Australian plays – if only for the role it played in regenerating Australian theatre in the mid 1950s Also it portrays a very authentic Australian voice – even if a rather working class and bohemian one But the fact is that if this ever was shown on Australian TV I’ve never seen itWhile I was telling my brother about this play I realised that if this had been a play written in England or America and so very American or British then it almost certainly would have been shown on their television It would be known by people than just the sort of people who go to see plays at the MTCThe story to this one is uite simple There are a couple of blokes who work for seven months of the year in North ueensland cutting sugar cane For the other five months of the year they come down to Melbourne and spend it with two girls they met seventeen years before However as much as no one wants to admit things could ever change it is clear things are going to change drastically this year One of the women has gotten married to someone else during the seven month hiatus She had grown sick of waiting and finally married someone else The other woman has found someone else to be there when the two men are due to arrive just to see if things will work out between her and the now abandoned male There is also a young woman who has known the two men and two women all of her life she is the metaphorical child of this long relationship She lives in awe of the relationship the four adults have had It isn’t like other relationships and this is the thing that the main female character Olive likes about it It is five months of really living – her man comes out of the sun and has lots of money and lots of time and they live it up Except this year her man hasn’t got lots of money as he couldn’t bring himself to work because he was no longer the top gun This is a play about growing older and pride and the inevitable changes aging presents While a lot of this play is very funny particularly in the first act – the last two acts are painful to watch 'Inevitable' is actually exactly the right word and this is a train wreck in slow motion but because all of the characters want something other than the inevitable to happen the audience also tries to overlook all of the fault lines that are slowly opening and growing to gaping proportions The play is also really interesting from the perspective of Australian and Melbourne history Although 1950s Australia doesn’t exist any you do hear echoes of it sometimes and this is a play that would be recognisably Australian to anyone who has spent any time here at all Both of my daughters currently work part time at Luna Park – something I find terribly odd in an amusing kind of way It was very funny to hear it referred to here as somewhere you might take an adult girlfriend for a good time It is anything but that now

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Summer of the Seventeenth DollSt sixteen summers off with two ladies in a Southern Australian city Every year Roo has brought a tinsel doll to Olive his girl as a gift to symbolize their relat This play is set in Melbourne Carlton to be specific in the abode of Emma and Olive who house two can cutters for five months out of twelve in a year The five month period is known as the lay off and it is a time that Olive cherishes because she is re united with her ‘boyfriend’ Roo of the past sixteen summers Roo is accompanied by reputable ladies man Barney who has no woman to arrive back to – his long term flame Nancy has gotten married Although Roo and Barney are away than they are home Olive proclaims that she would not have it any other way and pities those who fall into the institution of marriage Olive is forced to confront reality when it is brought to her attention that the romance that she believes she possesses in her life is all but gone Instead she is faced with her age her sacrifices and a seventeen year old relationship that reaps nothing but distorted memories The symbol of the play is a kewpie doll that Roo has brought back for Olive; a tradition that has been alive as long as their acuaintance As the cracks begin to show in the relationships between Olive Pearl Barney and Roo the doll begins to show signs of wear The final act sees the doll broken by its buyer as Olive’s state of disillusionment is rudely shattered I really enjoyed this play At the heart of it all it is about a group of friends who refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are aging – they seek to hold onto their youth by repeating the same rituals year in and out It is especially apparent in Olive’s refusal to conform to the stereotypical woman in the 50’s; she works in a bar shuns marriage and lives in sin for five months of the year The two men also experience their share of stardust being lost from their eyes The end is a devastating realisation that they have been trying to live up to the appearance of youth when in reality they have not aged well