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Summary Í Creature Tech Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook È [Reading] ➻ Creature Tech ➱ Doug TenNapel – Good battles evil and the world hangs in the balance Resurrected by the Shroud of Turin the zombified Dr Jameson intends to finish what he started 150 years ago destroying the earth with a gianFaith love and self discovery All in a day's work at Creature Tech And by the way th Century Fox and New Regency are currently developing Doug TenNapel's Creature Tech for the sliver screen We'll keep you posted as things develo. Really fun light read with some cool art and bad puns

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G a would be pastor turned scientist who now works in a government research facility infamously known as Creature Tech Aided by an unlikely cast of rednecks symbiotic aliens and a CIA trained mantid Dr Ong embarks on a journey of. I have never been very fond of Doug TenNapel's books although my daughter loves them The art is interesting at times and the overall stories are reasonably good but his plotting ranges from so so to awful It is not uncommon for characters to jump from one position to another thematically not graphically without any character development in between Still his other books all manage to hold together The same cannot be said of Creature Tech This book's plot borders on incoherency It opens with a scientist who has made a deal with a demon one the demon seems to greatly regret to bring down giant space eels so that he can somehow rule the world He dies in the process The book then shifts to the present day and to our hero a scientist at a not very secret lab whose job is to open up and review the content of artifact boxes Think the final scene in Indiana Jones or Warehouse 13 or the like He opens up a box with the real Shroud of Turin not the fake one previously dismissed as a medieval hoax which the ghost of the dead scientist steals in order to return to life Apparently the real Shroud features the power of resurrection although it dissolves bit by bit as it is used What follows is a melange of action scenes involving a bipedal mantis who has no function other than to die so that we can see the healing power of prayer and get a glimpse of mantis heaven an undeveloped love interest the scientist made fun of her as a child but is now head over heels in love with her for no apparent reason and a symbiotic alien The level of death is extreme mostly killing of cat demons What really makes all of this incoherent however is that it all is apparently set forth in support of the underlying theme a return to faith and an acceptance of intelligent design The scientist's father is a former scientist himself who is now a pastor The scientists's assistant a redneck genius the book's term lectures the scientist about his failure to include religion in his scientific method the mantis visits mantis heaven and is shown the word again in Hebrew before being sent back the scientist is taken to the home world of the alien symbiote where he meets others bearing symbiots who give a necklace with a suare charm and call him brother before showing him no kidding a symbiote Jesus nailed to a suare frame the scientist returns to Earth and his charm has now changed to a cross the scientist starts dropping phrases like irreducible complexity and the book ends with the scientist silhouetted with his new cross None of the plot other than the intrusive text heavy panels about intelligent design and faith supports this theme I would also mention the book features bizarre scenes including the aforementioned crucifixion and a couple of pages at the church picnic where the scientist pours himself a glass of milk from a pitcher his pastor father warns him not to drink it and it is explained that the milk is actually human breast milk WTF TL;DR Nearly incoherent plot almost no character development lots of killing mostly of demons random side plots that contribute nothing and a poorly supported theme of intelligent design I am unable to think of any redeeming ualities that would lead anyone to read this book much less pay money for it

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Creature TechGood battles evil and the world hangs in the balance Resurrected by the Shroud of Turin the zombified Dr Jameson intends to finish what he started years ago destroying the earth with a giant space eel Standing in his way is Dr On. As an atheist I have a hard time admitting it but I really liked this story Near the beginning the science versus religion arguments felt forced and unoriginal but the energy and optimism pulled me in and by the time I got to the end I felt grudging admiration for TenNapel's spiritual commentary Lots of humor and bizarre but charming notes There's a gratuitous twist of able ism at the end so beware that