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REVIEW Ø Twilight The Graphic Novel Ð ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Twilight The Graphic Novel ✪ Author Young Kim – When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious alluring Edward Cullen her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn With his porcelain skin golden eyes mesmerizing vStible and impenetrable Up until now he has managed to keep his true identity hidden but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secr. Picked this up at a library sale for like 30 cents AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL I don't even care if the story sucks The art is gorgeous and all the pages are glossed Whoa

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Es a thrilling and terrifying turn With his porcelain skin golden eyes mesmerizing voice and supernatural gifts Edward is both irresi. Anyone familiar with graphic novels knows they don't take long to read I read it three times within the given time period It's only volume one through the meadow scene I don't know if the rest of the story wasn't finished in time for publishing or if than one volume was planned I can't wait to have the restThe illustrations are beautifully rendered and so representative of the written descriptions Color is used sparingly and enhances the scene or feeling The written story is abbreviated not giving as much of Bella's thoughts but enough to communicate her personality Edward is also well communicated in the drawings the written physical actions and of course in his words which I'll reiterate is faithful to the novel I highly recommend it to any fan I'm curious if it brings in new readers


Twilight The Graphic NovelWhen Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks Twilight The PDFEPUBand meets the mysterious alluring Edward Cullen her life tak. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest You know what's embarrassing Going into a thrift store when you're almost thirty years of age and buying Twilight The Graphic Novel while the teenage male cashier judges youWHATEVER TEENAGE MALE CASHIER I REGRET NOTHING AND NOW I HAVE TWILIGHT THE GRAPHIC NOVEL AND YOU DON'T SO I WINWhen this book first came out in 2010 my first thought was Are you kidding me It looked like a cash grab to capitalize off the movie Twilight mania was in full swing and you literally could not go anywhere without hearing someone talk about it I initially liked the books but the movies and the fans turned me off the series so fast because there was no escapeNO ESCAPE Well now that I've read the book for myself I have revised this opinion Yes it is a graphic novel of a book that was turned into a movie but the art is beautiful Young Kim did such an amazing job The expressions the use of color even the text they used it's all so gorgeous and fits the tone of the story far better than the movie ever did I feel like the scenery and the looks of the characters were much true to formYou may be asking yourself What's the point Well if you enjoyed TWILIGHT and you're the type of person who would buy one of those Harleuin manga yes they exist; yes they are awesome YOU WOULD BE SO AMAZED HOW WELL ROMANCE TRANSLATES TO MANGA then you should definitely get this book for your collection I know it's going to stay in mine 3I kind of want to revisit the novel now It's been sitting on my dresser waiting5 stars