Mentor Message and Miracles (A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus Volume 2) reader É Message and Miracles

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Mentor, Message, and Miracles (A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Volume 2) reader É Message and Miracles Ä [PDF / Epub] ☁ Mentor, Message, and Miracles (A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Volume 2) Author John P. Meier ̵Owerful effect on the young Jesus and the formulation of his key symbol of the coming of the kingdom of God And finally we are given a full investigation of one of the most striking manifestations of Jesus's message Jesus's practice of exorcisms hearings and other miracles In all Meier brings to life the story of a man Jesus who by his life and teaching gradually made himself marginal even to the marginal society that was first centuryPalestine Monster sized volume too big to be reader friendly really Could have been divided into two or three booksMeier is so thorough in his treatment of Jesus' miracles he than satisfies your curiosity about the scholarship and evidence and positions of different thinkers In the process of being so thorough I came to respect and trust Meier's point of view and value the exegesisI didn't read every word of this The footnotes are something to return to as a reference resource I particularly valued the later chapters on raising the dead resurrection etc the major miracles Meier concludes that most or many of these stories have their origins traceable back to Jesus which I agree withOverall a very rich and satisfying resource

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Ument on who Jesus of Nazareth was and what he intended A Marginal Jew is what Meier thinks that document would reveal Volume one concluded with Jesus approaching adulthood Now in this volume Meier focuses on the Jesus of our memory and the development of his ministry To begin Meier identifies Jesus's mentor the one person who had the greatest single influence on him John the Baptist All of the Baptist's fiery talk about the end of time had a p I uit reading this after about 300 pages I find the idea that we can know what Jesus said with any certainty to be absurd from the stance of science The author accepts wordsphrases based on a tower of assumptions that will come down uickly when one proves false I found myself coming up with several other possibilities that could be just as likely I think we need to accept that we don't have any proof of M L or any of the theories of who looked at what If we suppose that Luke used sources as he said he did then it seems likely that he made choices about what history he thought was right That doesn't mean he chose the right ones but it does seem to cause problems for L and other theories that Meier puts forthBeyond this rant his biggest problem is that it is all discussion in the abstract Why should we even care which Gospel has the authentic saying of Jesus? This book just goes through one saying after another of Jesus and picks what was the real saying wo ever moving to why this is important I mean lets talk about The Kingdom of Godnot just define what actual words Jesus said in the Kingdom of God sayings At this point it just becomes a waste of time and paperFinally his use of historysources to prove what is authentic is very short sighted He does not integrate other fields into his research and I often felt that some basic reading in literary theory would make his distinctions unimportant He freuently brings up differences in the text or argues for one word here or there that honestly don't make a difference in the saying or idea We also have to deal with an author translating a saying from Aramaic into Greek which causes him even problems; not to mention that Jesus probably saiddid a lot of similar things as he traveled Meier wants to expect growth in Jesus so why couldn't his sayingsteachings develop over time? Think The Lord's Prayer in Luke vs Matthew as an example

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Mentor Message and Miracles A Marginal Jew Rethinking the Historical Jesus Volume 2This book is the second volume in John Meier's masterful trilogy on the life of Jesus In it he continues his uest for the answer to the greatest puzzle of modern religious scholarship Who was Jesus? To answer this Meier imagines the following scenario Suppose that a Catholic a Protestant a Jew and an agnostic were locked up in the bowels of the Harvard Divinity School library and not allowed to emerge until they had hammered out a consensus doc This is the second of five in the series If you do not have a background in the historical critical study of the Bible volumes one will be very valuable to you The first volume lays out methodology sources historical uestions etc that are critical to understanding the historical research in this volume This volume looks what events in the Gospels seem to be part of the historical life of Jesus and which events are probably from the early Church or the evangelists and why This is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to understand the scriptures better