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Slightly Dangerous Book  365 pages  Dcmdirect Å [Download] ✤ Slightly Dangerous ➸ Mary Balogh – BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh's The Secret MistressAll of London is abuzz over the imminent arrival of Wulfric Bedwyn the reclusive cold as ice Duke of Bewcastle aBONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Mary Balogh's The Secret MistressAll of London is abuzz over the imminent arrival of Wulfric Bedwyn the reclusive cold as ice Duke of Bewcastle at the most glittering social event of the season Some whisper of a tragic love affair Others say he is so aloof and passionless that not even the greatest beauty could capture his attention But on this dazzling afternoon one woman did catch the duke’s eye and she was the only f BEST OF THE SERIES and of Mary Balogh; a perfect ending for all of us Bedwyn family fans Slightly Dangerous is the sixth and final book in Mary Balogh's Bedwyn family series and takes place two to two and a half years it spreads out over several months after Rachel and Alleyne's wedding in Slightly Sinful It is absolute perfection and reading it will make you giddy and in several locations laugh out loud I think it's the best of the series which is saying something since IMO often the final books in series aren't as good as the first ones and with a character like Wulfric I mean after encountering him in six of Balogh's previous books it almost seems impossible that he could possibly be a hero in his own romance One is compelled to read the book if only to discover how Balogh could possibly pull off such a thing and what heroine on earth could make it all believableMAIN CHARACTERS Christine and WulfricMrs Christine Derrick is 29 years old and has been a widow for two years She was married at the age of 20 to Oscar Derrick the younger brother of Basil Viscount Elrick She is absolutely enchanting as Wulfric himself calls her a heroine full of vitality and genuine kindness who has a passion for life and living and lacks any pretension or artifice She is sometimes self conscious since she has a tendency to get in embarrassing public scraps but she easily engages and wins over everyone she meets best of all she's able to laugh at herself whenever she does blunderWulfric Bedwyn Duke of Bewcastle is 35 years old and has never been married When Slightly Dangerous begins his mistress of 10 years has just died and with all of his siblings happily married off and reproducing at a rate you wouldn't believe he feels uncharacteristically lonely; that's what propels him to impulsively accept the invitation to the house party something he would normally never do He is austere cold hard extremely haughty and arrogant every inch the powerful duke that he is and just the last man on earth whom you could possibly imagine falling in love or feeling passion Ah but read this book and you will realize how wrong you are They are opposites in so many ways Christine is lightness and laughter and joy and Wulfric is austerity and haughtiness and oppressive duty Yet Balogh does such an incredible job at writing them and their relationship that the chemistry between Christine and Wulfric is unbelievably magnetic I mean you have to hand it to her Slightly Dangerous has a hero who does not I repeat DOES NOT smile or laugh until page 347 out of 365 pages and yet the love story between them will sweep you off your feet and you will absolutely adore and believe every single encounter and every single progression of their relationship Now THAT in my opinion is talentREAD AFTER OTHER BEDWYN BOOKSIf anyone is considering reading Slightly Dangerous having not read any of the previous Bedwyn books I would discourage it for one simple reason to truly appreciate and understand Wulfric's character and heighten your enjoyment of the romance it helps to be lead up to this point after having read the five sibling romances and A Summer to Remember if you like a preuel where the Bedwyn family is first introduced This book can stand alone I suppose though one could easily get lost with all of the various Bedwyn siblings spouses and children that appear joy But to feel what I described at the beginning a sense of complete incredulity that Wulfric could possibly be involved in a romance and a burning curiosity as to who such a romance would be with and how it would progress you would have to already know him from Balogh's previous Bedwyn books They're great readsThere are many different types of heroes that we encounter in this genre but no serious never smiles hero that you have EVER read could possibly live up to the Duke of Bewcastle So many times when we read about those types of heroes they melt surprisingly fast in the presence of the heroine they begin to change and start laughing relatively easily To fully be able to comprehend how ice cold this man is it helps to know him from the other books; literally if someone hugged him you feel like they would immediately catch hypothermia However we have also been teased with one or two moments in each previous book with a glimpse of not a top lofty unbelievably arrogant duke but of a mere man who feels not only duty and responsibility but who is very alone in all his power and feels a deep love for each of his siblingsSIGH FILLED HEART MELTING SCENE one of manyI would be consumed by you she said and blinked her eyes furiously when she felt them fill with tears You would sap all the energy and all the joy from me You would put out all the fire of my vitalityGive me a chance to fan the flames of that fire he said and to nurture your joyBOTTOM LINEREAD IT after having read the other five books in the Bedwyn series Buy the book definite keeper and re read and prepare yourself for a read in one sitting romance filled with Bedwyn siblings and spouses a hint of Pride and Prejudice laugh out loud scenes unbelievable chemistry dialogue and thoughts by the hero that will have you sighing constantly and a delightful heroinePS1 WHY does Balogh always write head over ears in love instead of head over heels???2 Stop complaining about his uizzing glasses everyone they're horrid yes but Christine thinks so too and the two scenes where she lets her annoyance and humor about them show are priceless3 And sorry but I have to write the following This is to all historical romance writers out there including Balogh curls are NEVER EVER EVER brushed As a young woman who has had ridiculously curly hair all her life I can tell you with utmost certainty that no one with curly hair would EVER dream of brushing their curls Show me someone who does and I'll show you someone who looks like they just put their finger in an electrical socket Sorry but just had to get that off my chest

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Emale in the room who wasn’t even trying Christine Derrick is intrigued by the handsome dukeall the so when he invites her to become his mistress What red blooded woman wouldn’t enjoy a tumble in the bedsheets with a consummate lover with no strings and no uestions asked An infuriating lady with very definite views on men morals and marriage Christine confounds Wulfric at every turn Yet even as the lone wolf of the Bedwyn clan vows to seduce her any way he can I am re reading all my 5 star rated romance novels There are 60 on my shelf This is book 36 Tropes Unstarched hero Widow Class Difference Opposites Attract Unreuited Love Enemies to Lovers This is how my 36th re read held up This book THIS BOOKWhile not perfectit’s perfect I love this book I haven’t read it in several years and as always I worry when I pick up one from my 5 star bookshelf but thankfully this held up Maintains 5 stars He did not want a duchessMore especially he did not want a duchess who was not his social eual who looked pretty at all times and startlingly lovely when animated but was not at all elegant or refined who behaved impulsively and not always with proper decorum or gentility who drew attention to herself every time she became enthusiastic about something and then simply laughed when things went wrong instead of being suitably mortifieduick plot Cold and reclusive Wulfric Bedwyn finds himself at a house party where to his great irritation can’t help but be drawn to the commoner widowed and all wrong for him Christine Derrick Wulfric is SO up his own ass we really should not like him But at the start it’s Christine charismatic character that really holds the attention She is not impressed by the lofty duke; laughs at him puts him in his place and drives him batsht crazy He was asking why he had amused her Amused was not uite the right word but she had laughed at him—as she was doing again now“You were so very outraged—you are so very outraged” she explained “that I failed to obey your command” The Duke of Bewcastle was also watching a look of supercilious weariness on his face But Christine took no notice of him—beyond noticing that expression anyway He might have a reputation for lowering the temperature of any room that he occupied but he was not going to chill her spirits She really distracts us from Wulfric’s arrogant and sullen behaviour until we get to see his strong character and reasons for his behavior unfold At first a silly wager drives Christine to spend some alone time with him but to her horror she can’t help but notice her attraction to him The Duke of Bewcastle was definitely handsome in his cold austere way But he had something else beyond thatHe was sexually appealing Wulfric is baffled by his attraction It did not amuse Wulfric to discover himself drawn to a woman who had none of the attributes he found admirable in women It positively disturbed him to find himself wondering what it would be like to bed her He was not in the habit of looking upon ladies—or any woman for that matter—with lascivious intentBut he was drawn to Mrs Derrick He could not imagine finding a maze amusing but he did not want to turn back yet He wanted to spend a little time in the aura of her light and vitality and laughter He wanted to spend time with her And their attraction is really something And then they were stranded within a foot of each other with nothing else to say it seemed and nowhere else to look except at each other The sense of seclusion deepened Somewhere not far off a bee dronedThe flush of color in her cheeks deepened and her teeth sank into her lower lip He possessed himself of one of her hands and held it between them with both his own It was warm and smooth skinned“I will simply concede defeat then” he said and raised it to his lipsHis heart for some reason was pounding hard enough in his chest to make him feel slightly dizzy Her hand trembled in his own He held it to his lips far longer than was necessaryBut would even a single second have been necessary?Or wise?She was gazing at him with wide eyes and slightly parted lips he saw when he raised his head She smelled of sunshine and woman againHe leaned forward and set his lips to hersAnd felt an instant shock of intimacy and desireHer lips were warm and soft and inviting He tasted her touched her with his tongue probed the soft flesh behind her lips breathed in the warmth of her drugged his senses with the essence of her He held her hand between them and felt as if some core of ice that had always held his emotions safely imprisoned was dripping warm melted water into his veinsHe did not know if she slipped her hand from his or if he released it But however it was her arms twined about his neck one of his circled her waist the other her shoulders and they came together in a close embrace her soft warm shapely body arched in along the length of hisHe teased her mouth wider with his own and pressed his tongue deep inside She touched it with her own and sucked it deeper This still doesn’t mean he knows what to do about it and the idiot asks her to become his mistress “I would prefer it if you would remain here and count slowly to ten after I leave” she said “The charm of your company has worn thin I am afraid”Wulfric sat very still staring ahead at the hedge and concentrating upon tucking his emotions neatly back inside that safe ice core But at the last night of the party their attraction proves too strong With his thumbs he traced the lines of her eyebrows her cheekbones her chin He ran one thumb lightly across her lips drew down the lower one and moistened the pad by running it across the soft flesh within She touched the tip of his thumb with her tongue luring it into her mouth before sucking it deep She was hot soft wetHe withdrew his thumb and replaced it with his mouthBut only brieflyHe drew back his head a few inches and gazed into her moonlit eyes“I want you” he saidEven as he spoke he was aware that she could break the spell with one word And part of him willed her to do just that“Yes” she said on a whisper of sound At this point Wulfric is ready to propose but Christine pulls the rug out under him before he gets his words out “What just happened here was not the beginning of anything but rather the end For some reason that perhaps neither of us fully understands there has been this something between us Now we have given in to it and satisfied it Now we can say good bye and go our separate ways tomorrow and forget each other”Even as she spoke she realized what utter drivel she was mouthing“Ah” he said faintly “Will we?”“I will not be your mistress” she said “I did this for myself for my own pleasure It was pleasant I have satisfied my curiosity and that is that The end” Wulfric isn’t uite ready to give up but Christine does not make it easy and I certainly see her point and fully respect her for it “I did not think you indifferent to me” he said “And contrary to popular belief one coupling does not kill physical attraction Your prospects of living a fulfilled life here seem slender Life as my duchess would offer you infinitely Do you say no Mrs Derrick only to punish me? Will you perhaps punish yourself too in the process? I can offer you everything you can ever have dreamed of”The fact that she was tempted—drat her she was tempted—fanned the flames of her anger “Can you?” she asked sharply “A husband with a warm personality and human kindness and a sense of humor? Someone who loves people and children and frolicking and absurdity? Someone who is not obsessed with himself and his own conseuence? Someone who is not ice to the very core? Someone with a heart? Someone to be a companion and friend and lover? This is everything I have ever dreamed of your grace Can you offer it all to me? Or any of it? Any one thing?” Pride severely wounded Wulfric retreats but as faiths will have it paths cross “Is the world not large enough for the two of us then Mrs Derrick?”“Sometimes” she said “I wonder And I do not suppose you have many kindly thoughts of me It cannot be every day that a lowly commoner refuses two very different but eually flattering offers from a duke”“You assume then” he said “that I have had thoughts of you ma’am?”Her terrible discomfort fled and she leaned a little toward him and laughed aloud “I love it” she said “when you can be provoked into spite Or perhaps I insult you by accusing you of that A genteel word would be set down It was a rather magnificent one and certainly put me in my place”He gazed haughtily at her“And I love it Mrs Derrick” he said softly “when you can be provoked to laughter—even when you do it with just your eyes” Unable to give up Wulfric asks her to come to his one and only house party You are as you are and I am sure that in your own world you do very well indeed You command respect and obedience and even awe They are necessary attributes I daresay for an aristocrat in your position They are just not attributes that I look for in a lifelong companion”“I am a man as well as a duke Mrs Derrick” he saidShe wished he had not said that She felt as if a giant fist had caught her a blow in her abdomen robbing her of all breath and strength in her legs“I know” She was whispering She cleared her throat “I know”“And you have not been indifferent to that man” he said“I know”He touched the gloved knuckles of one hand to her cheek for a brief moment and she closed her eyes and frowned Much of this and she would be bawling—or casting herself into his arms and begging him to propose marriage to her again so that she could have the pleasure of living unhappily ever after with him“Give me a chance” he said “Come to Lindsey Hall” And it’s at this house party we not only get to see how Wulfric’s out of character behaviour is amusingly viewed by his family but also how hard he tries to show Christine there is to him than a cold duke “I believe I could stand the power of your light Mrs Derrick My own identity would not be diminished by it And yours would not be diminished by my power You once told me I would sap your joy but you belittle yourself if you truly believe it Joy can be sapped only by weakness I am not I believe a weak man” During the few days she had been at Lindsey Hall she had already discovered that there was a real person lurking behind the formidable figure of the Duke of BewcastleThey were one and the same of course the man and the duke Not for a moment did she suspect that he was somehow mad that there were two uite different persons living within the same body But she was not sure she wanted to see any of the man or know any about him Her life had been so very safe again for almost three years He walked out along the branch that extended over the water holding onto another branch for balance as long as he could and then doing it on his own He went to the very end of the branch tested it for strength bent his knees a few times flexed his arms He was Christine realized playing up to his audience which was loving itAnd then he dived in headfirst his arms stretched above his head his legs straight and together his feet pointed There was hardly a splash as he went inThere was however a collective gasp from the bank followed by a cheer Christine clapped her free hand over her mouth until his head broke above the surface and he shook the water out of his eyes“Someone” he shouted “should have warned me that the water is cold”It was the moment at which Christine slid all the way—irretrievably—in loveAnd then something extraordinary happened—something else extraordinary that was Lady Hallmere stepped up in front of her frowning ferociously and hugged her hard the duke’s clothes suashed between them“If this is what you have done for him” she said “I will love you all my life” Why was it she wondered that opposites attracted? And they were such very extreme opposites

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Slightly DangerousSomething strange and wonderful is happening Now for a man who thought he’d never lose his heart nothing less than love will do With her trademark wit riveting storytelling and sizzling sexual sparks Mary Balogh once again brings together two polar opposites an irresistible high and mighty aristocrat and the impulsive pleasure loving woman who shows him what true passion is all about A man and a woman so wrong for each other it can result only in the perfect matc A beautifully done sweet and heartwarming romanceAs much as I started adoring the vivacious and irrepressible h it’s the H who steals the show A better replication of Mr Darcy I’ve yet to read He’s cold aloof unsmiling and as ‘toplofty’ as they come His eyes she noticed were like two chips of ice Their normal charming selves in fact But for all his ‘uizzing glass put downs’ of her he falls for the sunny and charming h in his typically silent but profound way And the story is about how he woos her awkwardly yet so sweetly while she retreats for reasons of her own I understood the h’s reasons for hedging but still my heart ached for him and his loneliness I wish the h had been able to see through his cold exterior to his honorable and loving heart a lot sooner I didn't like some of her harsh and overdramatic lines like “You would sap all the energy and all the joy from me You would put out all the fire of my vitality”“Give me a chance to fan the flames of that fire” he said “and to nurture your joy”So while he falls for her easily despite warning himself of her 'social unsuitableness' she takes her time to be sure and goes through 'falling in love' to actually 'loving' The revelations and the mild shocker at the end also lift the story