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read Преступление и наказание mobi ¿ Paperback í dcmdirect Î ❴Read❵ ➲ Преступление и наказание Author Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Raskolnikov a destitute and desperate former student wanders through the slums oPursued by the growing voice of his conscience and finds the noose of his own guilt tightening around his neck Only Sonya a downtrodden prostitute can offer the chance of redemption What a sensational reading experience what an unconditional surrender to an atmosphere of fear anxiety and confusion and to an epic battle of wills Rarely these days do I read with that kind of hopeless helpless feeling of being completely utterly lost in the imaginary world From the first moment when Raskolnikov steps out on the street and begins wandering around in Petersburg to the very last pages I live with the characters I am part of the story I have my own opinions and argue against their actions in my head while reading on in a frenzy What can I say? There has been enough said of Raskolnikov’s murky motives for doing what he does I don’t agree with him at all neither with the theory he proposes nor with the idea that he can expiate his crime through intense suffering I hate the nonchalance with which he discards the murderee “a louse” as an unimportant detail in the bigger picture of him his character his suffering ego and his ultimate redemption and resurrection as a “new man” Even if the pawnbroker is not a sympathetic character she is an independent woman who provides for herself without having to sell her body to a husband or a pimp She is not a “louse” and by killing her out of vanity pride self promotion delusion or hubris Raskolnikov destroys her It is not the devil’s work as Raskolnikov says at one point A great man should be better able to take responsibility for his own actions It is Raskolnikov himself who knowingly condescendingly makes the calculation that an ugly businesslike old woman does not have any value in herself Of course not Raskolnikov Neither does Shylock in The Merchant Of Venice Not part of the mainstream community they don’t count in the name of law and justice and compassion It takes a Shakespeare or a Dostoyevsky to point that out without sounding preachy and moralist and without siding with one character against anotherIn a world in which women are property the unattractive pawnbroker is meaningless unless you turn her riches into your property As for the brutal killing with an axe? A mere trifle in the contextBut as Dostoyevsky might well be one of the most brilliant authors ever describing an evil character I commiserate with the scoundrel with the egomaniac charismatic murderer I feel for him with him in his dramatic stand offs with Pyotr Petrovich his intellectual counterpart Their verbal exchanges evoke the image of two predators circling each other working on their own strategies while calculating the enemy’sI suffer with the psychopath and take his side even when I disagree with him Such is the power of Dostoyevsky’s storytelling genius He creates characters with major flaws and very different positions and he gives all of them their space their say their moment on stage And when they appear they have the audience’s full attention Dostoyevsky lets a cynical self confessed abuser of women commit the one act of charity that actually has a positive impact on three children’s future He lets a drunkard the comical character of Marmeladov who pushes his wife to insanity and his daughter to prostitution revel in the pleasure of suffering sounding almost like a philosopher when he cherishes his idea that god will honour the self sacrifice of the women he has destroyed and that the same god will indiscriminately have mercy on himself as well for being so willing to suffer especially the pulling of hair does a great deal of good according to Marmeladov comical effect includedDostoyevsky lets women sacrifice themselves in the name of charity and religion Needless to say I have strong opinions about that and apart from the unspeakable suffering imposed on them in their lifetime I do not approve of any religious dogma that justifies self sacrifice as a virtue in our time of terrorist violence it seems an almost obscene attitude Regardless I suffer with them through the author’s brilliantly atmospheric narrativeDostoyevsky the sharp psychological mind and analytic accurately points out the difference between women in the story sacrificing “only” themselves and the violent men sacrificing others mostly women children and innocent intellectually inferior men for their own benefit in their delusion that they are extraordinary and have special rights beyond the law And he does it so convincingly that the reader feels the urge to argue with the characters I found myself saying“But Raskolnikov I really don’t think Napoleon would have killed a pawnbroker with an axe to demonstrate his greatness that is not the way great men exert their power And as an anachronistic side note in these times of newspeakish American style greatness we need to ask ourselves if that is anything to strive for at all”It is a powerful book and a book about powerThe hypnotic power that a charismatic personality exerts over other peopleThe physical power that men exert over women and childrenThe mental power that educated people exert over simple mindsThe financial power that wealthy people exert over hungry poor miserable peopleThe religious power that dogma exerts over people to accept injustice in the hope of scoring high with god in the afterlifeThe linguistic power that elouence exerts to dominate an entire environment with propagandaThe individual power to say no Two characters both women refuse to play the cards they are dealt Dounia Romanovna and Katerina Ivanovna you are my true heroes in this endlessly deep masterpiece of a novelDounia holding the revolver ready to kill the man who has lured her into a corner and tries to blackmail her into a sexual relationship The most powerful scene of all I shiver while reading Literally I have goosebumps As will power goes hers is brilliant No man owns that woman Thank you for that scene Dostoyevsky And she manages NOT to kill thus showing her spoiled attention seeking impulsive and arrogant brother who is mentally superior despite physical weaknessKaterina committing an act of insanity while slowly dying of consumption and leaving her three children orphans Instead of hiding herself and suffering in secret she takes to the streets forces her misery upon the world and makes it official She has all the right in the world to dance sing and make noise to point to the insanity of society which creates a platform for a life like hers And her refusal to receive the greedy priest on her deathbed is simply divine “God can take me as I am or be damned” Right you are KaterinaI could go on in infinity but I will break off here just like Dostoyevsky breaks off in medias res hinting at the untold seuel the marriage between Raskolnikov and Sonia Oh dear what an emotional roller coaster that must be it is uite enough to allude to it in an epilogue to make me smile The brooding murderer and the saintly whore joined together in holy suffering Brilliant even as a vague ideaCurtainStanding shaking roaring ovations

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Raskolnikov a destitute and desperate former student wanders through the slums of St Petersburg and commits a random murder without remorse or regret He imagines himself to be a grea What can I add to 7000 reviews at the time I write? I think this book is fascinating because of all the topic it covers Like the OJ trial it is about many important interconnected things and those things remain important today even though this book was originally published in 1865Sure it has a lot about crime and punishment But also insanity and temporary insanity the latter a legal plea that could be entered in Russia of the mid 1800's It's about guilt and conscience long before Freud In fact this book was written at a time when psychological theories were coming into vogue It's about false confessions It's about poverty and social class and people who rise above their class and people who fall from the class they were born into It's about the wild dreams and the follies of youthThere is also mention of many social theories that were in vogue at that time so for example if you want to you can click on Wikipedia to find out about Fourier's system and his phalansteres There is attempted rape blackmail child labor child prostitution child marriage and child molestation There is discussion of marrying for money There are ethnic tensions between Russians and the Germans of St Petersburg Should you give to charity or should you give to change the conditions that caused the poverty? Like me you may have thought that was a modern idea but here it is laid out in 1865 There's a lot about alcoholism Stir in a cat and mouse detective and a bit of Christian redemption No wonder this is a classic

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Преступление и наказаниеT man a Napoleon acting for a higher purpose beyond conventional moral law But as he embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a suspicious police investigator Raskolnikov is I've come to the conclusion that Russian door stoppers might just be where it's at It here meaning general awesomeness that combines history philosophy and readability to make books that are both thought provoking and enjoyable Up until this point Tolstoy had basically taught me everything I knew about nineteenth century Russian society and its people By that I mean that everything I knew was about the drama and scandals of the Russian aristocracy The difference here is that Dostoyevsky took me on an educational but also gripping journey around the backstreets and drinking dens of St Petersburg He showed me the nitty gritty details of life in Russia for those less fortunate drunks prostitutes the poor and he painted a very vivid portrait of this time and culture Raskolnikov is a great protagonist; he really is His head is one messed up place and he constantly struggles with what he believes in his conscience and his desire to get what he wants The reader is pulled so deep inside the dark depths of his mind that it's hard to avoid becoming completely absorbed in the story He is at times nasty at others funny and at others pitiful Dostoyevsky has created one extremely well rounded and complex character Crime and Punishment shows the human capacity for evil but also for shame and remorse And this latter is the real punishment for Raskolnikov when he is driven near to insanity by his guiltI don't really know how best to fully articulate my feelings for Crime and Punishment I don't give many five star ratings and I rarely feel this strongly about what I've read I actually had a dream about it Speaking of dreams I want to use this one example of Dostoyevsky's ability to engage the reader so thoroughly I read one particular scene in the book that made me seriously distressed I was furious on the verge of tears and like a child who wants to jump inside the TV to make everything better and then Raskolnikov awakes to discover it was just a dream I swear that my sigh of relief fully eclipsed his But that's how far I was drawn into this world how much I really cared about it That doesn't happen oftenBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube