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EPUB á MOBI Guilty Pleasures î 9780060541743 FREE Ë ❴Read❵ ➲ Guilty Pleasures Author Laura Lee Guhrke – Dcmdirect.co.uk For prim and shy Daphne Wade the sweetest guilty pleasure of all is secretly watching her employer the Duke of Tre as he works the excavation site on his English estate AnthoLd rimmed glasses into an enticing beauty he declares the task to be impossible Daphne is devasted when she overhearsand determined to prove him wrong Now a vibrant and delectable Daphne has emerged from her shell and the tables are turned Will Anthony see that the woman of his dreams has been there all alon This book had the honour of being the recipient of the Romantic Times Award for Best European Historical Romance of 2004 It was also the first book I read by Laura Lee Guhrke and it established her as a firm favourite of mine and over the years I have read and loved many of her booksI adore Daphne because it is easier to relate to someone who is plain wears spectacles and by the standards of the time is firmly on the shelf at the age of twenty four She had an unconventional upbringing having lived and worked abroad all her life assisting her father Sir Henry Wade one of the foremost Roman antiuarians in the world on his excavations After her father dies suddenly she is left all alone unwanted by her mother’s family in England and virtually penniless Her decision to travel to England and take her father’s place shows real courage and I also love her response when Anthony uestions her suitability for the position I am the daughter of Sir Henry Wade and he was the best I was trained by him and now that he is gone there is no one ualified for this post than IAnthony is arrogant inconsiderate selfish and in typical ducal fashion expects to be obeyed without uestion and whenever he wants anything particularly difficult or unreasonable done he can be persuasively charming His cynical attitude to love and marriage does not sit well with his sister Viola but Anthony is adamant that he intends to marry someone who will make no emotional demands on himI did admire him for the sympathetic way he treats his estate workers who are unable to pay their rent and for his determination that the museum should be for everyone not just the wealthyIt wasn’t hard to believe that a uiet shy young woman like Daphne who had spent all her life around excavations without any social interactions would develop an infatuation for someone like Anthony I really felt her heartbreak when she hears his derogatory comments but I admired the way she refuses to wallow in self pity She has always tried to please other people first her father and then Anthony but now she is determined to decide her own future and enjoy life with encouragement from Anthony’s sister Viola who has offered to introduce Daphne into societyExpecting everyone to cow tow to his every command I enjoyed seeing Anthony’s outraged reaction when Daphne tells him she is resigning and his usual coolness and self possession totally deserts him And I love the way she stands up to him and is not afraid to speak her mind “You may be a duke but you are not the sun around which the world revolves In fact you are uite the opposite for you are the most selfish man I have I have ever known”Now Anthony must find a way to persuade Daphne to stay long enough to finish his project It was fun watching the various bargains Anthony contrives to gain extra time from Daphne – verbal duels midnight dances kisses – and the camaraderie that develops between them as they dance flirt and laugh together seems so believable Their witty repartee was enjoyable too “Contrary to certain reports I have been known to be kind on occasion” Laugh lines appeared at the corners of his eyes though he did not smile “But I confess I am not being kind just now”“Yes I know and it is not going to work”He tried to look innocent “What is not going to work?”“This blatant attempt to trick me into staying with charm and—and other such tactics”“I know you are far too intelligent to be fooled by charm or trickery Miss Wade Can we not just say I am using the only weapon I have?”“”Persuasion?”“Temptation If I can tempt you with the fruits of my garden of Eden you might stay”I applaud Ms Guhrke for not transforming Daphne into some ravishing beauty She remains the same person she always was but Anthony begins to see the real Daphne beneath the drab clothes tight bun and spectacles – a woman who is intelligent funny tender hearted and passionateIt is clear that the circumstances surrounding Anthony’s father’s death and having to shoulder the burden of ducal duties at such a tender age have had a profound effect on him and have clearly shaped him into the man he has become Having seen first hand the tragic conseuences of love he has always been master of his emotions never letting his heart rule his head until Daphne comes into his life I love how he uses the language of flowers to court her his determination not to give up and how he finally opens up his heart to DaphneThere is such a charmimg ending which left me with a lovely warm glow “What does a duchess do exactly?”He took a step toward her “Love the duke Love him with all the passion she hides within her love him each and every day of her life”MY VERDICT I still love this book as much as I did the first time of reading it A delightful entertaining and romantic love story which I can highly recommend Guilty series click on the book covers for details This review was first posted on the Rakes and Rascals blog

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For prim and shy Daphne Wade the sweetest guilty pleasure of all is secretly watching her employer the Duke of Tre as he works the excavation site on his English estate Anthony hired Daphne to restore the priceless treasures he has been digging up but it's hard for a woman to keep her mind on her work when h 5 stars – Historical RomanceThis is a delightful entertaining feel good romance about a Plain Jane antiuities restorer who secretly lustsloves her boss Anthony the dashing Duke of Tre and finally manages to turn his cynical conceited head her way and twist his emotions in the process when she up and uits after overhearing his crushing unpleasant personal appraisal It’s a charming fun and uplifting read that will have you cheering when Anthony finally begins to see Daphne for the swan and treasure that she truly is 5 stars

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Guilty PleasuresEr devastatingly handsome employer keeps taking his shirt off He doesn't know she's alive but who could blame her for falling hopelessly in love with him anyway?Anthony thinks that his capable employee knows all there is to know about antiuities but when his sister decides to turn the plain young woman in go Daphne Wade has a guilty pleasureshe can't keep herself from lusting after her super sexy boss She fell in love with Anthony Courtland at first sight but although they have worked together for five months he doesn't know she exists Anthony pays little attention to the homely woman who does restoration work on the artifacts at his excavation site He does appreciate her work but as far as the woman under the unattractive clothes and eyeglasses Anthony couldn't care less Daphne is content to worship him from afar until one day she overhears Anthony discussing her with his sister Viola Her world is turned upside down when she hears what Anthony really thinks of her He doesn't see her as a woman at allshe's nothing than a mousy unattractive subservient person that Anthony refers to as a unfeeling machine and a bug on a stick Daphne is crushed She decides right then and there that she can't work for him any longer so she turns in her resignation Daphne's resignation makes Anthony stand up and take notice He needs her to complete the restoration in time for his museum opening And besides he's a duke He said she can't uit and what he says goesor does it? As Anthony tries to convince Daphne to stay everything he believed to be true about this meek little woman is turned upside down The characters in Guilty Pleasures bring this story to life Although Anthony was arrogant and self important his difficult childhood gave him a touch of vulnerability that made him a sympathetic hero As far as Daphne is concerned who doesn't root for the plain Jane heroine who turns things around and captures the hero's heart? I know I do