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read mobi Í حمزه نامهHamzanama Hardcover ✓ ghalib lakhnavi × ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ حمزه نامهHamzanama Author Ghalib Lakhnavi – In the tradition of such beloved classics as The Thousand and One Nights and the Persian Shahnameh here is the first unabrEn and converts hundreds of infidels to the True Faith of Islam before finding his way back to his first love Guided by a Merlin like clairvoyant called Buzurjmehr protected by legendary prophets and accompanied by his loyal friend the ingenious trickster Amar Ayyar Amir Hamza rides his devoted winged demon steed Ashar into combat against a marvelous array of opponents from the deadly demon Sufaid Dev to his own rebellious sonsAppreciated as the seminal Islamic epic or enjoyed as a sweeping tale as rich and inventive as Homer's epic sagas The Adventures of Amir Hamza is an extraordinary creation and a true literary treasu I've been reading a number of classic heroic epics Ramayana Mahabharata the Classic Chinese Novels and the Amir Hamza legends were a logical entry in that list When I got this book in hand though I discovered that while the origins are ancient this narration of them is recent an 1871 update of an 1855 Urdu version So this is an ancient Persian story cycle about a general in Mohammed's Arab army and also his uncle most notably written down in 1562 for the Mughal Emperor AkbarIt's a story that got aroundThere is very little realistic military description in these stories Battles that are treated as battles are mostly the duel between leaders kind of thing that one knows from Mahabharata and Water Margin and for that matter in Iliad and Morte d'Arthur Whole armies seem to break from the loss of a single champion in many cases Much of the rest of the action involves various ayyars irregular mercenaries sneaking into the enemy camp and killing capturing or humiliating the enemies Jinns come into the picture regularly with Amir Hamza spending 18 years basically trapped in their parallel universe with its pocket universes tilisms fighting against various evil jinns and demons but in service of dishonest faithless jinns who keep breaking their promises to let him go home Anyone who has worked in adjunct hell of in a non union shop will find this all tediously familiarWhen it isn't about war it's about court intrigue with various parties plotting against each other trying to get their enemies killed or exiled Sometimes they just go for the killing outrightThe world is magical basically a religious fantasy The heroes have weapons that belonged to Solomon or other Biblical figures Solomon seems to have been heavily armed than the Old Testament would lead you to believe and there are numerous tracking devices that were probably based on cell phone technologyAmir is born in Mecca and his adventures take him through Persia India Sri Lanka China Greece and Asia Minor Egypt and Jinnistan Unfortunately these lands all feel pretty much the same in description though the Chinese folks ride rhinos into battle so the audience has to do most of the work with their own imaginations Land is either arid or jungle The sea is treacherous If you must travel by air a flying throne seems bestAs with many of these epics the stories become utterly repetitious after a while I can only imagine what the 4800 page version is like but they would have been experienced one chapter at a time over uite a stretch the soap operas of their time so the modern reading experience isn't at all reflective of the original intent I found this a bit entertaining than Water Margin or Romance of the Three Kingdoms and less weighty than Mahabharata but without the tedious end sermons Basically the theme seems to be that nobody ever learns their lessons but some folks can be convinced to swap loyalties at the point of a sword That's unfair of course The running storyline is that characters are forced to convert to Islam at the point of a sword though so it's not entirely unfair One reads it to understand the history of storytelling

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In the tradition of such beloved classics as The Thousand and One Nights and the Persian Shahnameh here is the first unabridged English translation of a major Indo Persian epic The Adventures of Amir Hamza Dastan e Amir Hamza a panoramic tale of magic and passion and a classic hero's odyssey that has captivated much of the worldThis Islamic saga dates back hundreds of years perhaps to as early as the seventh century when oral narratives of the deeds of the prophet Muhammad's uncle Amir Hamza spread through Arabia Persia and the Indian subcontinent expanding into a marvelous chronicle of warriors kings tricksters fairies c Farooi’s translation of Amir Hamza—the Urdu Star Wars—is a wonder His prose is clear and efficient but with a wide ranging diction and syntactic richness that carries some flavor of the elevated Persian inflected “courtly” style which passed for poetic when Lakhnavi and Bilgrami first fixed the Amir into print Just one example “The singers of the pleasure garden of ecstacy and the melodists of the assembly of discourse thus create a rollicking rumpus by playing the dulcimer of delightful verbiage and the lute of enchanting story and thus warm the nuptial assembly most exuisitely”Farooi’s obvious pleasure in shaking out the English bag to find euivalents for Urdu’s highly wrought curlicues brings lightness and humor to what could easily be a dry exercise in faithfulness Beyond any accuracy of content or tone Farooi’s rendering gives some feeling for the different expectations and pleasures on offer in a literary culture like Urdu’s where the tale needs to work as compelling fireside narration but also as a show piece of advanced poetic elouence English has never really operated—in the English speaking world at least—as a “literary” language like Latin or Persian or Arabic historically has where commanding the grammar shows off your cosmopolitan distance from the earthy local patois This translation gives a peek into what a linguistic situation like that might feel like when folk tale and high flown poetry oral story and literary anthology fable and novel suat down together amicably in print

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حمزه نامهHamzanamaOurtesans and magical creatures The definitive one volume Urdu text by Ghalib Lakhnavi and Abdullah Bilgrami appeared toward the end of the nineteenth century but English translations of this text have always been censored and abridged until nowIn Musharraf Ali Farooi's faithful rendition The Adventures of Amir Hamza is captured with all its colorful action ribaldry and fantastic elements intact Here is the spellbinding story of Amir Hamza the adventurer who loves Mehr Nigar the daughter of the Persian emperor Naushervan Traveling to exotic lands in the service of his emperor Amir Hamza defeats many enemies loves many wom It's astonishing to discover another Arabian Nights completely delightful and every bit as all engulfing as Ali Baba and friends The Adventures of Amir Hamza has it all heroes and villains all knowing viziers and doltish sultans tales of selfishness and sacrifice No tour of world literature is complete without reading this book One note of caution it's currently out in paperback and the spine is not up to the challenge of holding all the pages Suggest you find it in a used hardcover edition