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Ward – Dcmdirect.co.uk The ruthless and brilliant brother Vishous possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future As a member of the Brotherhood he has no interest in love or emotion only the battl The rThe ruthless and brilliant brother Vishous possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future As a member of the Brotherhood he has no This isn't a review it's a rant and it's full of spoilers There are plenty of reviews of this book all around and I don't feel like writing another one BUT I do need to get this anger off my chest so here I goFirst off let me say that I was warned about the crappy ending of this book beforehand I wasn't thrilled about it but I was willing to give Ms Ward the chance to prove me that she had pulled it off in a satisfying way when all was said and done Well she didn't at least not where I'm concerned Yeah I know this is PNR and a ghost shouldn't be that strange in this scenario but the oops I didn't see you and I stepped through you freaked me out Maybe I could have gone along with that if I didn't care much for Jane but I liked her and felt that she got the shaft What was wrong with Ms Ward? The 1st time she gave us a BDB heroine with a spine she kills her in the end Not only that she takes her spine off first turns her into a clingy mess then kills her Is Ms Ward so jealous of her Brothers that she had to smash the competition? I don't care that Jane and V were than happy with her fate as it was because I didn't buy it The whole thing felt like settling than a true HEAIn my mind V and Jane's romance was doomed from the start As the story opened he was still pretty much in love with Butch and jealous of the other man's shellan Marissa so it was a shock to see how fast he fell for Jane In fact fast doesn't begin to describe it I was glad to see him getting over Butch because the last thing I wanted was to watch V pining over Butch over and over again like he did in Lover Revealed but I didn't like the way Ward handled that As for V's sexual kinkiness I admit I was leery of it after reading the previous book because I'm not into BDSM Once again Ward gave V an instant character change and V's alleged Dom nature fell apart in Jane's hands I admit I didn't miss seeing V in full Dom behavior since that isn't my cuppa but I have to say that Ward failed to deliver what she'd hinted in the previous booksMay I rant about the other characters too? Oh boy where to start?The Scribe Virgin I loathe the ground air she floats in I'd better stop herePhury I still don't like him very much his depression is well depressing but I'm starting to feel sorry for him Sorry not pity He's constantly abused by his Brothers IMHO He gives and gives and gives then gives some and no one reaches a hand to help him They know he loves Z's shellan Bella but do they care? No Z and Bella keep haunting him asking him to help them go through some bumps in their marriage I forgot what Ward calls it without thinking how hurtful that must be to poor Phury No wonder he turns into drugs for relief which is another example of how little his Brothers care about him They just sit back and let him sink deeper and deeper There's no intervention no tough love nadaCormia I'm on the fence about her She's too innocent frail and submissive which can be explained by her being a Chosen but is still annoying She reminds me of Marissa in her spineless days before she mated with Butch and that isn't a good thing but who knows Ward can give her a character change in the next bookJM What's happening to him? I'm not sure I like him posttrans and I definitely don't like him with Xhex because they don't fit IMHO I do like the Darius' connection though Will we ever find out what ties them together?huinn Blaylock JM's buddies' sole purpose in the story is to protect JM at least so far huinn's a manwhore and I'm sorry he can't catch any STD Blaylock is sweet and I really hope he can find someone else to love A gay man if you please Do you hear me Ward?Tohr Where is he??? Isn't it time he came back yet?As for the overal story this book had good and bad parts What I liked the most was the total absence of the Omega whatever recruiter he had in charge at the moment and the mandatory new lesser in training Sure there were lessers around doing their nasty thing just to keep the Brothers busy and set the stage for the unfortunate HEA but their scenes were connected to the story this time They had a purpose In the previous books every fight scene seemed the same and it only served to show how invincible the Brothers were That isn't so true any and that was goodI also liked the development of the overall story arc some surprises there even though Ward could have given V a better mother I felt sorry for V but that was an interesting twist in the story And to think that his mother didn't content herself with playing havoc with his life shuddersSo am I going to keep reading this series? As of now no but I might change my mind in the future I do want to read Father Mine Zsadist and Bella's Story though

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Interest in love or emotion only the battle with the Lessening Society But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon Dr Jane Whitcomb com Reviewed for THC ReviewsI had read and greatly enjoyed the first four volumes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but after seeing many negative ratings and reviews for Lover Unbound I procrastinated about reading it Admittedly it's predecessor Lover Revealed had probably been my least favorite of the series thus far and somehow I allowed all the low ratings to influence me into thinking that Lover Unbound was the worst book in the series to date Well after finally reading it nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion Lover Unbound is now in a virtual tie with Lover Awakened for my favorite book in the series I readily admit that for sheer heart stopping romance and passion Lover Awakened and some of the other earlier books are superior but for it's well rounded story and advancement of the overall vampire world Lover Unbound was absolutely spectacular to me It is true that the romantic scenes and relationship building between the two main characters of this novel was somewhat scaled back when compared with the previous books in the series and the love scenes are generally shorter and less descriptive as well In spite of this though JR Ward managed to create a deep bond between Vishous and Jane in a very short time that was both intellectual and emotional and which I found to be very beautiful Even with the abbreviated scenes they connected with each other and me as the reader in a way that some characters fail to do when the entire novel is all theirs It is a very rare occurrence for a story to move me in such a deep and compelling way but I found myself not just tearing up but actually crying than once throughout the book By the same token the occasional sharp sarcastic humor make me smile or even laugh though this definitely is still a dark read For it to elicit such emotional responses from me I know that it was very well writtenI positively loved V and Jane They are one of the most perfect made for each other couples I have ever read in a romance novel It is probably because I am a geek married to a geek but I felt connected with both characters on a very personal level Vishous like all of his brothers is a wounded and tortured hero but in a extreme way than everyone else except Zsadist Like Z he has suffered unconscionable abuse but at the hands of his own father because of choices that his mother made Add to that his absolute genius and his powerful gifts that in many ways are far like a curse and he is a truly misunderstood soul Then Jane came into his life and understood V in a way that no one else ever had except Butch Jane is a brilliant woman in her own right who possesses many wonderful gifts as well She is physically plain but connected to V on the intellectual and emotional level that he so desperately longed for It was like she intuitively knew exactly what he needed as well as when and why I completely adored Jane because she was an incredibly confident and cerebral woman with a deeply compassionate side which is pretty amazing considering how her family treated her growing up Even though her talents had rightfully earned her a position as chief of the trauma department she maintained a degree of humility by not thinking it beneath her to care for a patient's personal needs such as giving V a sponge bath and she was always ready with a kind word or a gentle touch In my opinion these things made for a wonderful combination giving Jane status as one of the most perfectly rendered heroines I have ever read I especially enjoyed V and Jane's lighter moments of sharp witted banter but in whatever capacity they were interacting I found them to be a superbly ideal coupleWhile I would have liked even scenes with V and Jane the cast of secondary characters was so fabulous I can hardly complain It seems that Ms Ward is moving in the direction of beginning the development of relationships before those characters become the focus of their own book Such was the case with Phury and Cormia who are the hero and heroine of the next book Lover Enshrined Phury has always been the controlled gentleman of the Brotherhood but he has slowly been coming unglued In spite of that though he not surprisingly still makes a huge sacrifice for V and the Brotherhood in general Even though Cormia is first introduced in this story I have already found her to be endearingly innocent while also being curious and strong willed It will be interesting to watch her hopefully come into her own in the next book I also enjoyed watching John Matthew grow and change in ways than one He had some really wonderful scenes in this story There is a tentative connection developing between him and Xhex as well as a deepening of his friendships with Zsadist and with huinn and Blaylock It was really nice to see John starting to make connections and build a little confidence even though he still feels like a freak It was also interesting to learn a bit about the history of the Scribe Virgin and the Chosen and their world on the Other Side I have to admit to never having much of a liking for the Scribe Virgin in previous books and throughout most of Lover Unbound I liked her even less She has just always seemed rather selfish to me but she did begin to redeem herself by the end in my opinion In addition all the remaining members of the Brotherhood most of their shellans and some other secondary characters from past novels in the series make an appearance in some capacity giving this story a very extensive and well rounded castI know from all the low ratings that there are many things which some readers disliked about Lover Unbound but there was very little that bothered me Though I am not certain of all the specific complaints I believe the ending was one of the biggest I however had no real issues with it While it was certainly not traditional in any way and I admit may take some getting used to even for me it was definitely a happy one I imagine that when an author is dealing with vampirehuman relationships there are only so many ways that the issue of a human's much shorter life span can be addressed and I thought that the way Ms Ward approached it in Lover Unbound was a rather creative one I also thought it was rather ingenious that she dropped subtle clues throughout the story as to where it was leading The only thing that would have improved the ending for me would have been one long romantic scene between V and Jane One other thing that was not uite to my liking was the BDSM element which simply isn't my cup of tea but as it did not permeate the entire story and I understood the “why” behind the one scene that was played out explicitly I wasn't overly bothered by it One element that I particularly appreciated was a spiritualphilosophical thread on pre ordination versus free will running throughout the story which culminated with some heavier rumination at the end I really like books that make me think and Lover Unbound due in part to this thread certainly accomplished that I also really enjoyed learning about the vampire history and the key role that Darius apparently has and will continue to play in it as well as all the changes that are afoot in the entire vampire world which seem to be leading to something truly big in the futureAfter reading Lover Unbound I find myself in awe of JR Ward's writing skills It has definitely earned a place on my keeper shelf In my opinion this book and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in general is a literary gem It is apparent to me that Ms Ward has an incredible imagination and that great thought and care has gone into the creation of each book Every chapter adds a new piece to the puzzle and the much larger myth that JR Ward's fertile mind has created Each new book seems to be an even greater intellectual feast which leaves me pondering over this fantasy realm long after the last page has been turned I can't wait to read the next book and greatly look forward to seeing where this inventive and riveting story leadsNote Sensitive readers should be forewarned that this book contains strong language as well as explicit violence that includes torture and explicit sexual content that includes some BDSM

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Lover UnboundPels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time until a destiny he didn't choose takes him into a future that does not include h 5 UNBOUND STARSTinged with sadness overwhelmingly touching out there heart thumping style falling in love Family bond like no other tears pain angst soul bearing eternal love Yes I just got a little bit of my fix for the BrotherhoodI'm pretty sure my reviews are becoming predictable with this series but I can't apologise The black dagger stories grab me turn me upside down and back to front ensure that I am helplessly in love and for several hours consume me So with that being said I'm not sure I can produce anything but a gushing review about the Black Dagger Brotherhood Let's start with the prologue i'm pretty impressed that this author so repeatedly makes me fall in love with these fictional characters Yet again we are introduced to a new character Jane the prologue itself sets the mood for the book achingly sad exciting yet heart breaking Right down to the last page of the epilogue this story had my full attention I loved every word every chapter and here I am again blown away by this world of vampires eternal love and fang like drama I don't know how the author achieves it but she combines mini stories throughout the book threading it all together to make one fantastic story and although we read about many characters in 'lover unbound' the shining stars in this story are Vishous and JaneA life changing life saving moment between a doctor and a vampire turns everything around for this duo Curiosity of another species and a natural mating instinct clashes in this meeting of vampire and human and I absolutely loved the story of V and Jane My usual gushing in my reviews for this series is normally reserved for the Brotherhood but in this case I can't let it pass up to explain my like towards Jane the female lead A doctor with a sad story to tell is talented and passionate in her field as a surgeon from the moment we meet her I was sold This feisty character has strength and heart she is than a perfect match for our brother Vishous Vishous is a brother who has a lot on his plate from struggling with relationships to family secrets to trying to find his own happiness and loss of his purpose This brother needs a serious break In book number five of this series readers have the opportunity to fall for this character and believe me I fell hard He has a vulnerability and strength in eual measure and once given the chance this vamp knows how to love charm and bring humour to an at times intense bookThis book for me by far has been the darkest The story was laced with a History of abuse and suffering that I found at times difficult to read but it wasn't unnecessary it all added to the character building and story plot I found myself so wrapped up in the storyline I laughed and cried right along side the charactersAs mentioned before the story is filled with snippets from other characters lives making it near on impossible not to be thinking about books in the future You think you know which Brother has won your book heart then you get introduced to another brother I can't wait to read about John Matthew and Phury and of course I can't help but love to read about my favourite of the brotherhood Zsadist you feel me? So once again i was addicted to action Got wrapped up with the chemistry I was mesmerised with the characters I cried laughed and fell helplessly in love Will I tire of this addiction to the Brotherhood? NOT LIKELY my friends If you haven't picked up this series or my over zealous addiction then my uestion is WHY NOT? Read on Here's a few of my favourite uotes to keep you going ❤❤“I love you And I'm going to keep loving you even after you don't know I exist” ❤❤“Love was worth sacrificing for he thought as he left his room Even if it wasn't yours❤❤“Falling into ruin was a bit like falling in love Both descents stripped you bare and left you as you were at your core And both endings are eually painful” ❤❤“Written on the mirror revealed by the steam were the words I love you Jane” ❤❤“I'm going to love you so good and so long you're gonna be convinced no earthly thing could have brought us together” ❤❤love in its many forms always endured It was the I infinite The eternal That which sustained5 STARS TRUE ❤UP NEXT PHURY THE BESTIE BUDDY READ LIVES ON ❤