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A is for AlibiG husband Now she's out on parole and needs Kinsey's help to find the real killer But after all this time clearing Nikki's bad name won't be easy A IS FOR ALIBI If there's one thing that makes Kinsey Millhone feel alive it's playing on the edge When her investigation turns up a second corpse suspects and a new reason to kill Kinsey discovers that the edge is closer and sharper than she imaginedA Is for AlibiB Is for Burglar I read this book as part of an interdisciplinary course in law school entitled Law in Literature While the book was acceptableaverage in terms of its overall plot development and color my enjoyment of the novel came from the fact that until the last half of the book when the protagonist a female detective sleeps with a man she is investigating I hadn't realized that the main character was a woman I thought of myself as suitably progressive when the novel described the main character wanting to date a guy and putting on pantyhose Wow? A gay cross dressing detective? That's uniue Nope Novel is totally about a woman instead Don't know how I managed to make it halfway through the book before that lightbulb clicked on but the absolutely hilarious part is that most of the men in the class apparently hadn't figured it out until the middle of the book either

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A IS FOR AVENGERA tough talking former cop private investigator Kinsey Millhone has set up a modest detective agency in a uiet corner of Santa Teresa California A twice divorced loner with few personal possessions and fewer personal attachments she's got a soft spot for underdogs and lost causesA IS FOR ACCUSEDThat's why she draws desperate clients like Nikki Fife Eight years ago she was convicted of killing her philanderin Find all of my reviews at reviews in the same morning? I guess it’s your lucky day ha ha NOT And just look at that bright and shiny 1 Star rating That should be a sure fire way to earn me some new friends If you’re not interested in reading through my reasons behind not liking this book here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of my reaction upon finishing So the long story of how I began my relationship with Kinsey Millhone at this late date is as follows In general I am not a fan of books in a series Added on to that fact I already sold my soul broke my own rule for Janet Evanovich and her eleventy billion Plum stories Friends were constantly telling me if I liked Stephanie Plum I was sure to simply looooove Kinsey basically because Kinsey supposedly had her shit together and wouldn’t get kidnapped every 42 seconds I kept fighting the good fight and said I wouldn’t begin reading these books until I found “A” in hardback for wicked cheap Well I found A F for a buck eachMy rating started out at a solid 3 Stars which is about as good as it gets from me when it comes to a light mystery like this The premise was familiar but still A Okay in my book Nikki is a recently released from prison convicted murderer who shows up seeking Kinsey’s help in order to find the true killer of her philandering husband Kinsey takes the case and starts tracking down the various ex Mrs Fife’s in order to piece part the crime together It was all very and I was digging it “He was like some old tomcat always sniffin’ around the same back porch” By the halfway point though I was really starting to struggle There was just SO MUCH FILLER This book could have easily been cut in half Here are some examples nickel’s worth of free advice – drink a 5 Hour Energy before reading these uotes “The interior was done with polished uneven red tile flooring mirrors floor to ceiling and panels of raw gray wood hung here and there with clusters of dried corn” “The roof was nearly flat peppered with rocks the iron railings sending streaks of rust down the sides of the building The landscaping was rock and yucca and cactus plants” Oh and I can’t forget all of the jogging “I jogged south on Wilshire just for variety cutting across to San Vicente at Twenty sixth Street” And if Kinsey is supposed to have her shit together then why is she the dumbest bitch EVER??? I mean do y’all remember what happens in this book???? I had been sitting at 2 Stars but that ending? HELL NAH 1 Star it is I mean I thought I had the whodunit it figured out right away but I kept trying to convince myself I was wrong I just had to be wrong Sadly I wasn’t As for the rest of this series? Well it can Men authors get grief all the time for not writing uality women characters Ms Grafton should be forced to wear the cone of shame for eternity for writing someone as stupid as Kinsey Give me back my Plum novels At least she knows she’s an idiot Throw in some Hiassen for guffaws some Leonard in order to obtain some cool points and some Lehane when I need some grit and I think I can easily live without ever taking another gander at Kinsey Millhone

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PDF Ý BOOK A is for Alibi Ô SUE GRAFTON Ô [Epub] ➡ A is for Alibi ➢ Sue Grafton – Dcmdirect.co.uk A IS FOR AVENGERA tough talking former cop private investigator Kinsey Millhone has set up a modest detective agency in a uiet corner of Santa Teresa California A twice divorced loner with few persona A IS FOR AVENGC Is for CorpseD Is for DeadbeatE Is for EvidenceF Is for FugitiveG Is for GumshoeH Is for HomicideI Is for InnocentJ Is for JudgmentK Is for KillerL is for LawlessM Is for MaliceN Is for NooseO Is for OutlawP Is for Peril Is for uarryR Is for Ricochet S Is for Silence T Is for TrespassU Is for Undertow V Is for Vengeance W Is for Wasted X “Y” Is for YesterdayThe letter Z was unfinished at the time of her death 12282017 This is the book that introduced Kinsey Millhone and helped inaugurate a new era in crime fiction when female investigators like Millhone and Sara Paretsky's V I Warshawski could go toe to toe with the bad guys and than hold their own with their male counterparts like Spenser Sam Spade and Philip MarloweMillhone has a modest solo practice as a PI that she runs out of a small office in the fictional town of Santa Teresa California Orphaned as a child and twice divorced she lives a uiet solitary life eschewing the kinds of possessions and personal connections that most people take for granted But this is her life and she's perfectly happy with it Certainly she would never be mistaken for Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher And unlike any number of other female sleuths she is perfectly capable of solving difficult mysteries without the assistance of a cat Enter Nikki Fife recently released after an eight year stint in prison for murdering her husband One might wonder why Nikki got only eight years for a premeditated murder but this is never explained Nikki continues to insist that she was innocent and she hires Kinsey to find the Real Killer The husband Laurence Fife was a philandering attorney with a loose moral code who had antagonized any number of potential suspects But the police and prosecutors argued that only Nikki could have poisoned one of Laurence's allergy capsules and she was thus convicted on this rather flimsy evidenceKinsey takes the case and almost immediately discovers that there was a lot going on in the case than the police and prosecutors revealed at the time of the trial To make matters worse as soon as Millhone begins poking around people with ties to the case start turning up dead and before long Kinsey may find herself in the line of fireThis is a good introduction to a series that would develop very long legs and attract a huge fan base Thirty years after the publication of A Is for Alibi Kinsey Millhone still soldiers on and Grafton has nearly reached the end of the alphabet Some have uestioned Grafton's decision to leave her protagonist and these stories glued to the 1980s and the books have become as a practical matter historical crime novels in which there are still no personal computers cell phones or Internet and where the heroine remains perpetually in her middle thirties But Grafton has attracted legions of fans to the series so she must be doing something right And certainly any fan of crime fiction should be at least marginally acuainted with Kinsey Millhone