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The giant Laa entering Hoshruba's protection and its sorcerer emperor finding himself at war with Laa's arch fiend Amir Hamza the Lord of the Auspicious Planetary Conjunction who pursues the giant with his numerous tricksters and a young prince the yet to be known conueror designate of Hoshruba When the prince is kidnapped by the devious trickster girls sent by the sorcerer emperor it falls to an extraordinary trickster and a rebel sorceress to continue his mission epub isbn 9780978069582

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طلسمِ ہو شرباThe world's first and longest magical fantasy HOSHRUBA was compiled in the Urdu language by two of its greatest prose writers Spread over eight thousand pages it reached the summits of popularity and acclaim never attained by any other epic in the history of Urdu literature But the richness of its language and its length deterred translations for than 125 years In this first translation of this iconic fantasy by Musharraf Ali Farooi whose translation of THE ADVENTUR The first volume of the English translation of a voluminous 19th century Urdu fantasy epic masuerading as a 16th century Urdu fantasy epic Hoshruba is a very difficult book to rate It's astonishingly inventive and like no other fantasy novel you will ever read if it's really accurate to call it a novel Clever fantasy novelists will probably plunder it for ideas For a time it was thoroughly entertaining But then the lack of a real story and characters one could care about and the sense of anything truly at stake made it tiresome and it's not a short book Like many narratives rooted in oral storytelling it derives its unity from repetition and rhythmic devices rather than from character and dramatic progression There are volumes to come; despite my enthusiasm for the project I will need some assurances that what follows is not simply of the same if I am going to venture further But three stars says pleasant mediocrity to me; and that wouldn't be fair to this important work of international fantasy literature Hence the four stars

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Free mobi ↠ doc طلسمِ ہو شربا 9780978069551 ¾ ❮Read❯ ➹ طلسمِ ہو شربا ➼ Author Muhammad Husain Jah – The world's first and longest magical fantasy HOSHRUBA was compiled in the Urdu language by two of its greatest prose writers Spread over eight thousandES OF AMIR HAMZA was hailed by the international press as a gift to world literature we enter the magical world of Hoshruba conjured in the untold past by sorcerers defying the laws of God and the physical world Filled with dazzling illusions and occult realms inhabited by powerful sorceresses and diabolic monsters Hoshruba had a fixed life and a designated conueror who would use its magical key to unravel it one day The first book of the HOSHRUBA series begins with Its an integral part of Urdu language classicsThere are its various versions and different translations all voluminiousIt was widely popular in 19th and 20th centuries India and has been part of the family culture of muslim families of indo pakTranslated from persian languageit is fiction about the life of early centuries6th century of muslim statesfantasieswarsexpeditionspalace intiguesmagic and other supernatural eventsIts like the Harry potter storiesSince the language of the translated version belongs to 19th and early 29th centuriesthus it is difficult in readingProbably it needs to be translated in to the current day Urdu language and to englishIt is most intresting for students and the youth