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Stealing ShadowsN hoping that a uiet life will silence the voices that invade her unwilling mind But Cassie's abilities know few boundaries And she's become certain as no one else can be that a murderer is stalking Ryan's BluffIt's his fury that Cassie senses first then his foul thoughts and perverse excitement Yet she doesn't know who he is or where he will strike The sher No one supports violence but people read about it than me I do understand that when you're into a compassionate well written story you wince past awful elements and are invested in a happy outcome I already loved one of Kay Hooper's solo novels featuring a spirit “The Haunting Of Josie”; spirit mysteries being my top favourite kind Thus the completionist in me sifted out the rest of her work including the unclearly identified introduction to her long series “Stealing Shadows” 2000 As a fan of one novel I am reading something I would not have selectedIt was violent and disturbing than I want to see The ability to appreciate the story she has written and its redeeming relieving conclusion is another exception of mine like Patricia Cornwell Cassie is an unusual clairvoyant and telepath in a lineage of psychics I know all three of these words belong to real abilities but even though this novel's presentation of them is not how I think they work; letting Kay weave her tale gives us interesting workings One frustrating thing is that most of Cassie's connections tap into insufficient information to let police stop murderers and mainly led to corpse locations It was emotionally spiritually mentally and physically hard on her to connect with depraved minds and not glean enough from the experience early enough to prevent crimesWhat earned this novel four stars is that we acuaint Cassie's new townsfolk new love and even a new dog enough to root desperately for her to succeed on their behalves I doubt I'd read just a crime thriller but the unusual abilities of this character's mind lent that unusual interest that Phyllis A Whitney described in her fiction writing tutorials I dislike the famous Noah Bishop and liked relegating him to the background

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Stealing Shadows doc ò Paperback ¾ dcmdirect ó [PDF] ❤ Stealing Shadows By Kay Hooper – WHAT IF YOU CAN ENTER A MADMAN'S CRUEL MIND AS HE PLANS HIS VICIOUS CRIMES? WHAT IF YOU CAN SEE THE TERRIFIED FACE OF HIS PREY AS HE MOVES IN FOR THE KILL BUT YOU CAN'T STOP HIS FRENZY ONCE HE STRIKES WHAT IF Iff won't even listen to her until the first body is found exactly where and how she predicted Now a suspect herself she races desperately to unmask the killer in the only way she knows by entering his twisted mind Her every step is loaded with fear and uncertainty because if he senses her within him he'll trap her there so deep she'll never find her way out I sometimes have a hard time reviewing a book especially if none of my friends have read itreviewed it This is one of those time Right Writing this is painful cause the words just won't flow and it feels like I'm literally wrenching them outta my headThe book Okay So it took me a couple days to finish this That for me is a huge sign that not everything is fine and dandy in reader land It just didn't hook me in I love suspense where the author leaves clues not obvious ones mind you just subtle hints that can lead a reader to the culprit before the Hh That's my favourite part Solving the mystery myselfI know this was all involving psychics and everything but it was no fun cause before the big reveal there hadn't been any mention of the killer The one thing that I can say worked really well was this see I was reading this all night after midnight and this was like the last 75% of the book and it was so creepily well written I too felt like I was being watched Not cool Especially with psychic killers So not coolNow the other thing that was so good The romance The better uestion would be what romance? This was published way back in 2000 for the first time so I get there weren't really sexy times but come on Romance some chemistry would not have been amiss I swear there was passion between Matt and Abby our side characters than the leadsI know this very much sounds like I hated it but I didn't I'm also not sure whether I'll read the next book but I'm not saying No yet

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WHAT IF YOU CAN ENTER A MADMAN'S CRUEL MIND AS HE PLANS HIS VICIOUS CRIMES? WHAT IF YOU CAN SEE THE TERRIFIED FACE OF HIS PREY AS HE MOVES IN FOR THE KILL BUT YOU CAN'T STOP HIS FRENZY ONCE HE STRIKES?Psychic Cassie Neill helps the LA police catch killers until she makes a terrible mistake and an innocent child dies Cassie flees to a small North Carolina tow I am having fun re reading some of this and the related Bishop series from Kay Hooper I remember when this series first came out It was so totally different from what my usual reading was I found it to be fresh and uite exciting In re reading I was glad to find although not any a new experience and I have since found similar books that I could still remember and re live my excitement when I read this story for the first time almost twenty years ago It holds up