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doc Æ Poison Study 427 pages Download » Maria V. Snyder Á [PDF / Epub] ✅ Poison Study By Maria V. Snyder – Choose A uick death or slow poisonAbout to be executed for murder Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve She'll eat the best meals have rooms in the palace—and risk assassSo Yelena chooses to become a food taster But the chief of security leaving nothing to chance deliberately feeds her Butterfly's Dust and only by appearing for her daily antidote will she delay an agonizing death from the poisonAs Yel It's a dirty way to fight but I'm late for lunch Initial Final Page ThoughtsI think I’m broken why didn’t I love this one? High PointsThe premise Poisons The setting The baddies The magic Valek Close combat Acrobatics Fire festivals Valek without his shirt on Ari Janco Maren Tree climbing Chocolate Delicious food Kick ass ladies Secret Valek without his shirtin a pile of hay Low PointsThe narration I know Yelena is supposed to be educated but I found it difficult to believe she would casually throw words like “mucilaginous” into conversation I don’t know The found the dialogue jarring and inconsistent One minute we’d be all britches and monarchy and then the next we’d be in “funks” Yelena we’re not in AFP waters not at all But well meh see heroine Bad haircuts Come on there’s only so much my imagination can handle Black shoulder length ringlets? A shaved head except the fringe? NOOOOO HeroineOh Yelena what am I going to do with you? I’m not sure what it was because on paper you are brilliant You have a past and you don’t go on and on about it You can hold your own in a world run by men You show restraint by not immediately disrobing when Valek glides into the room You have a strong stomach You can do acrobatics You get your Katniss on while you’re scrambling around in treesBut I just didn’t connect I’m sorry I wanted to be best friends and I thought we would be Maybe it’s just meAnd even though I know it didn’t work out between us I want you to know that I care about your well being Which is why I’m suggesting you should go and get yourself checked out because to my knowledge girls should not buzz like a bumble bee Love InterestNow we’re talking Valek Mmmmhmmm A cheeky haircut and you would be perfect Strong and silent and artistic oh and yeah an assassin It’s like Ms Snyder read my diary or something I was tempted to place you in a ‘Hero’ section Valek but I stopped myself because at the moment you are still in the love interest zone I would like to have had interactions between you and Yelena because there was definitely room for swooning Yeah you had some moments flutterbies aww but other than that I was kind of underwhelmedBaddiesI’m pretty sure the baddies in this were sponsored by Hamlet And would definitely be placed in Slytherin if they attended Hogwarts They already have the uniformTheme TuneI always find it difficult to find songs for historical fiction because they never seem to fit with the subject matterEXCEPT THIS ONEPoison by The ProdigyWhat?If you disagree imagine it sung by an artist such as Agnes Obel or Laura Marling If you agree rave on my dears rave on like it’s 1995 As I am doing right now Sadness Scale510 There were some sections that were extremely harrowing and I loved how Snyder dealt with these with subtlety because it really left a lasting impression especially concerning Yelena’s past Sorry for the vagueness spoilers ‘n’ all Recommended ForPeople who love historicalfantasy fiction People who would uite happily munch chocolate all day even if there was a risk of dying an agonising death People who wish Laura Marling would cover every Prodigy song You can read this review and lots of other stuff on my blog here

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Ena tries to escape her new dilemma disasters keep mounting Rebels plot to seize Ixia and Yelena develops magical powers she can't control Her life is threatened again and choices must be made But this time the outcomes aren't so clea 122917 ON SALE for 199 by Rabid Reads45 starsI've been wanting to reread this series for like two years No lie It's been 6 or 8 years since the last time I read it and I remembered really liking it but not much else But guess what? NEW BOOK So yeah just prior to the release of Shadow Study seemed like an excellent time to get my reread on and guys it was even better than I remembered it That Has NEVER HappenedYelena a self confessed murderer is spared from hanging when the Commander of the military governed nation she lives in needs a new food taster The last one died of poisoning Go figure Valek the head of the Commander's security offers her the position and when she accepts Yelena discovers that he will also be responsible for her training BUT his training methods can best be described as trial by fire I believe he says something like if you can survive this nothing else will accidentally kill you and you won't be a waste of my valuable time and effort just before dosing her with the moste potente poison he has availableNice guy that Valek But Yelena is both stronger and smarter than she appears and she not only survives the poisoning but thrives under Valek's tutelage And if that was all there was well that would be boringBut that's not all Yelena has secrets Like the reason why she killed the only son of her benefactor one of the eight Generals directly under the Commander in rank A General who is distinctly unhappy about her avoiding the noose Yelena is also unsurprisingly world weary BUT Despite her best efforts she's unable to snuff out the fragile flame of hope that burns inside of her Hope for a better life Hope for someone to trust Hope for something as simple yet previously as unattainable as a friend In Poison Study you grow with Yelena as she grows begin to trust as she trusts feel the bitter disappointment of betrayal when she is betrayed and barely dare to allow yourself to hope as something than friendship begins to blossom Don't ask me with whom bc I won't tell you but it is lovelyShe picks up a few allies along the way as well and a pair of soldiers in particular Janco and Ari are simply fantastic Ari adopts the role of protective older brother while Janco fills the prankster brother position exceptionally well and you feel that in your gut too bc Yelena is an orphan And all of this is happening within the unfolding mystery that's detailed uite nicely in the blurb so I won't rehash itOn the surface Poison Study probably looks a lot like every other YA fantasy out there and it admittedly doesn't stray far from the standard and acceptable elements But Snyder has created a world with characters who make you FEEL what they FEEL who you want to triumph and fear for when failure seems imminent I've never denied being a character driven reader and Poison Study is a marvelous example of the kind of book that really really makes me happy Highly recommended

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Poison StudyChoose A uick death or slow poisonAbout to be executed for murder Yelena is offered an extraordinary reprieve She'll eat the best meals have rooms in the palace and risk assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of IxiaAnd “Poisoned pursued and living with a psychopath Not what I would consider the good life Death has its perks” Well living with a psychopath Valek is a perk in my humble opinion The story Yelena is waiting to be executed and she's made peace with that but then the Commander's right hand who also happens to be an assassin approaches her with an offer; she can either be executed as planned or she can become the Commander's new food taster Yelena naturally picks the latest and she's introduced into a world of politics schemings and poisons and she eventually has to face her worst nightmares and find the strength to confront them “Trusting is hard Knowing who to trust even harder” Thoughts One of the reasons I started reading Poison Study besides the gorgeous cover and the premise was the assumption that it resembles Throne of Glass which I adore And it's true both of them are about an incarcerated girl who is given a second chance if she endures a dangerous challenge but that's where the resemblances end Poison Study is different Uniue MarvelousPoisons magic deception spies secrets assassins conspiracies military action heinous acts and acts of kindness great main and secondary characters Maria V Snyder gives you everything Yelena is an extremely likable MC from a scared girl depending on others she evolves into a strong woman who embraces her weakness and turns it into courage And my precious Valek plays an important part in this transformation “But you’ve slipped under my skin invaded my blood and seized my heart” Valek contemplated to kill Yelena twice he was rude and manipulative and he put his duty above everything else But yet Yelena found a place in his black heart and held it with a strong grip Their chemistry was palpable and their love was building slowly and steadily One of the finest OTPs ladies and gentlemenYou haven't read Poison Study yet? Santa will get you no present this year