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God's Playground A History of Poland Vol 1 kindle ¿ Paperback read ↠ norman davies Ñ ➺ [Reading] ➼ God's Playground A History of Poland Vol 1 By Norman Davies ➯ – Dcmdirect.co.uk This edition of Norman Davies' study of the history of Poland has been revisedTance towards all existing interpretations and attempts to bring a strong dose of common sense to his theme He conseuently presents a comprehensive survey of this freuently maligned and usually misunderstood countr There's No Land Like PolandWhen you think about Europe you have seen or read numerous histories of Britain France Russia Germany Italy Spain and even Portugal There are lots of books that deal with Eastern Europe in the modern age with Ottoman Turkey the USA and many other parts of the world but comprehensive histories of Poland are rare I realized this when I found the present volume in a Melbourne book store back in 1984 Its 546 pages looked a daunting task needing a considerable space of time to wade through That's why I didn't get around to it till 2013 I had never really absorbed even the basic outline of Polish history I came to the right place but because I only bought volume 1 back then my learning curve came to a screeching halt in 1795 Starting with an excellent chapter on Polish historiography Davies proceeds to puncture all the balloons of nationalist imperialist and Communist histories It seems that his book translated has been used in the Polish educational system post 1989 That's a signal honor I can't claim to be expert enough to comment on whether his perspective is worthy or not but it is thorough and interestingly written There are vast amounts of place and personal names rulers landlords soldiers poets priests offset by a great series of maps and charts Nobody but a serious student of Polish history would be able to retain such copious information Davies lacks pomposity; he's down to earth and somehow you feel you can believe him A good sense of humor lights up the text with occasional flashes even if Polish history is anything but humorous most of the time Anyone who writes In the last resort all our ancestors were alien mongrel immigrants gets my vote as a realistic historian If you tackle this immense and impressive work you will start out with the early amalgamations of peoples to become the Poles You will then move on to the late medieval period when the Catholic Polish state first organized and in a defining moment merged with up to then pagan Lithuania to form a large joint kingdom which later turned into an elective monarchy one of the few in history Kings were elected by a body known as the Sejm with judicious helpings of bribes and blows Far from being religiously exclusive they tolerated all faiths almost all the time The enormous kingdom of Poland Lithuania had its bright moments its golden age in the 16th and 17th centuries and due to consistently lax loose organization nobles with too much power and paying too little tax a century of nearly non stop warfare and constant internal suabbling disappeared from the map in the 18th century gobbled up by tightly organized totalitarian Russia Austria and Prussia Davies takes you through immense amounts of data concerning religion the urban scene especially in Danzig the grain trade law and justice the nobility the peasants the Jews the practice of diplomacy and the straight out history of the many foreign born kings that ruled the unfortunate country before its erasure for 120 years If Poles were brave and talented their disorganization and relative freedom proved fatal in the face of aggressive neighbors The title of the book is ironic The uality is very high If you want to know about Polish history in detail this is your book

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The writing of Playground A History ePUB #180 Polish history like Poland itself has freuently fallen prey to interested parties Professor Norman Davies adopts a sceptical Playground A History of Poland MOBI #181 s I wanted to rate this higher Davies produced a masterful study of Poland's pre partition history but it may be the densest tome I've ever picked up Imagine a book with a full chapter devoted to the Vistula grain tradeYet I stuck with it and read every last page even thought the going was slow Davies is a serious scholar who has dug into primary source material to produce a thorough masterful study of Poland and reading it gives one a sense of the polish national mindset

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God's Playground A History of Poland Vol 1This edition of Norman Davies' A History PDF #10003 study of the history of Poland has been revised and fully updated God's Playground MOBI #181 with two new chapters to bring the story to the end of the th century An incredible book even if I can't remember ever taking so long to finish one Extremely dense with information; there's than a person could ever hope to retain to memory here fact after fact What really makes this book stand out in my mind though is that Davies makes it all come together I may not remember many of the dates and details but I feel like I have a general understanding of Polish history that I never obtained from any other text on the subject Davies also doesn't shy away from argument he takes conventional myths on head on with historical fact Zbit dobra