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Download What Happens in London Ebook ¾ 372 pages à Julia quinn ↠ [BOOKS] ✭ What Happens in London Author Julia Quinn – RUMORS AND GOSSIP THE LIFEBLOOD OF LONDONWhen Olivia Bevelstoke is told that her new neighbor may have killed his fiancee she doesn't believe it for a secondRUMORS AND GOSSIP THE LIFEBLOOD OF LONDONWhen Olivia Bevelstoke is told that her new neighbor may have killed his fiancee she doesn't believe it for a second but still how can she help spying on him just to be sure? So she stakes out a spot near her bedroom window cleverly concealed by curtains watche 35 StarsWarning this a is a non reviewI am in such a reading slump lately it's not even funny Not a single book on my TBR shelf currently 514 books feels like something I am really excited to read So instead of endlessly waffling on which book to pick up I decided to just go for a sillylight historical romance hoping it would get me out of my blah book reading mood That really didn't work but I did find this book cute and mildly amusing enough to round it up to 4 stars But I don't really feel like reviewing books either so here you go This is my non review review

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S and waits and discovers a most intriguing man who is definitely up to somethingSir Harry Valentine works for the boring branch of the War Office translating documents vital to national security He's not a spy but he's had all the training and when a gorgeous blonde begins to watch him from her windo This was a lovely book Different than the previous one in the series but eually wonderful nevertheless Harry is a great hero A bit uiet than usual the beta type which I've really come to love during the past few years He's also bookish which is always a plus for me and a translator How perfect? Olivia is strong and uirky and beautiful What I mostly loved about her is that she knew that she was very pretty and she realised how lucky she was for her good looks but at the same time she felt a strong desire to be seen as something than a pretty faceThis series as well as the Smythe Smith uartet are not very popular among J fans I really can't understand why Yes they are heavily focused on dialogue and are slow burn but they are so clever and funny and simply delightful I can't see what's not to likeThe previous book was probably the sexiest J book I've read so far This one wasn't It rather focused on building a strong and believable relationship between the Hh who strongly disliked each other at first then became friends and eventually fell in love The point is that however J chooses to handle her story she always does a spectacular job She is one of the few writers I completely appreciate and respect Plus I'm not in the habit of giving away 5 star ratings lately but she totally deserves itI'm typing this on my phone so I apologise if this review is rather messy This book comes highly recommended from me and I think most J fans will enjoy it Bravo

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What Happens in LondonW he is instantly suspicious But just when he decides that she's nothing than an annoyingly nosy debutante he discovers that she might be engaged to a foreign prince who might be plotting against England And when Harry is roped into spying on Olivia he discovers that he might be falling for her himsel I'm not a blindly adoring J fangirl who automatically thinks that everything she churns out is literary gold or um even literary stainless steel but when J is at her best or even close to best there are very few writers of any genre or era who can charm and delight me I absolutely unreservedly loved this book There are technically flawless smoothly paced books I've read over the past year but very very few which elicited this degree of personal attachment and that awww see THIS is why reading is my favorite thing to do on this planet adoration I always struggle to discuss writing style since it's so wholly subjective and difficult to define an author's style either works for you or doesn't and J's just happens to work for me so very very perfectly that I can merrily excuse imperfections in her plotting and pacing It's eminently witty sharp and brimming over with clever insights and unexpected jolts of poignancy And suffice it to say that within the first 20 pages I found her characters far vividly defined and root worthy than many authors manage after 420 pages Harry emerged immediately as one of my very favorite uinn heroes which means he's one of my very favorite heroes period Because in addition to the writing style gushed about above the thing I've always appreciated most about uinn's books is that she usually creates heroes who are genuinely kind decent and well meaning men Imperfect of course but in amusing colorful and relatable ways In a genre that seems to increasingly define the 'ideal' hero as someone who's vicious until the final ten pages creepily controlling and in desperate need of both rehab and anger management uinn's heroes are remarkable for the mere fact that I'd genuinely like and respect most of these men in real life They are with a few very disappointing exceptions men I'd actually love to be with men who you could adore and admire and unlike far too many of today's extreme alphas never worry about having to obtain a restraining order against Olivia meanwhile was one of my very favorite uinn heroines a woman who's smart endearingly but not excessively uirky and passionate about things other than just husband hunting Like her wonderful hero she's very relatably flawed but never to the point where she becomes maddening than root worthy As you've no doubt figured out I absolutely adored Harry adored Olivia and adored them as a couple Adored them so deeply in fact that I'd be using a stronger verb than adored if my fatigued brain could think of one If you like your H and h to have to endure tons of angst internal conflicts and turmoil this may not be the ideal pick for you Harry and Olivia have a few obstacles en route to the sweetly inevitable HEA but theirs is mostly a witty warm and for me refreshingly low anxiety journey I ended up really liking the mild to moderate thriller elements in this one though I'm admittedly partial to romances that are about something other than just the romance But even if the 'uinn tries to incorporate a splash of Hitchcock' idea makes you cringe rest assured that there's still so much to love here namely some truly phenomenal dialogue two of the lovable and amusing H and hs I've come across and ample amounts of the spirit boosting warmth cleverness and charm for which J is justifiably known I read and love many many books but of the two hundred or so that I've devoured this year why no I DON'T have a life this was among my top five favorites I totally get and respect arguments that it wasn't among J's very 'best' but it happened to be among my most personally beloved Enjoy