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Преступление и наказание Prestupleniye i nakazaniyeRaskolnikov an impoverished наказание Prestupleniye eBook #8608 student living in the St Petersburg of the tsars is determined to overreach his humanity and assert his untrammeled individual will When Преступление и ePUB #220 he commits an act of murder and theft h There was a time in my life when I couldn’t get enough of reading Dostoevsky Maybe because his books made me think so deeply about being human and how we choose to live our lives I began with Crime and Punishment probably the work he is best known for What I remember is being fascinated by Dostoevsky’s brilliant understanding of human nature I remember thinking what a deep study this book was; an incredible examination of a man who commits murder and how he is “punished” for it I remember thinking that here was a master storyteller Not only able to create complex characters but able to take the reader deeply inside a character’s mind Best of all I remember that I would stop reading periodically and think; not a mindless read but an absorbing one

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Punishment can bear any amount of rereading without losing a drop of its power over our imaginationsDostoevsky’s drama of sin guilt and redemption transforms the sordid story of an old woman’s murder into the nineteenth century’s profoundest and most compelling philosophical nove Well what’s a global pandemic for if you don’t read the stuff you think you really ought to have read by now Although I hope this strange circumstance will not result in me referring to Fyodor Dostoyevsky as The Corona GuyThose yet to read this towering inferno of literature may wish to know what’s in the nearly 700 pages so here is a scientific analysis WHAT HAPPENS IN CRIME AND PUNISHMENTLong conversations between people who could talk the hind legs off a donkey 53%People going mad and running about wildly or uietly chewing the wallpaper in their tiny room 11%People being in debt 417%People being unsteady on their legs due to vast consumption of vodka 51%People being ill physical 34%People being ill mental 37%People contemplating suicide 19%People enjoying a pleasant stroll in the countryside 0%People having a friendly chat over a cup of coffee 003%Men figuring they can force a poor woman to marry them 36%Women being terrified 39%Horses being beaten 2%Nothing exciting happening 0%This all adds up to than 100% That is because CP is a very excessive novel It has than 100% inside itINTERVIEW WITH F DOSTOYEVSKY 18 March 1867FD You see in my booksthe numbers all go to eleven Lookright across the board V M Vorshynsky Ahhoh I see FD All other novelists they only go up to 10 But I go up to 11V M Vorshynsky Does that mean you have emotion in your books FD Well it's one whole notch isn't it It's not ten You see mostmost novelists you know they don’t know eleven exists I get my characters all the way to ten with their emotional situations and thenpush over the cliff See V M Vorshynsky Put it up to eleven FD Eleven Exactly One louderAnd it’s really true If they are not about to jump into a river they are going to fall in love with a prostitute or they are going to get roaring drunk because they have fallen in love with a prostitute and will later jump into a riverCAN WE GET SLIGHTLY MORE SERIOUS PLEASECP surprised me It was like a Dardenne Brothers movie with the camera tight up to Raskolnikov nearly the whole time and the action shown in detail almost hour by hour over a couple of weeks Yes it’s a whole lot about th psychological disintegration of this arrogant twerp who thinks he might be some kind of extraordinary person destined to improve the human race by sheer power of his brainwaves so therefore is justified in bashing in the head of some horrible old woman pawnbroker to steal her money and kickstart his wonderful career And bash in the brains of her sister who unfortunately comes in the door at the wrong moment Bad timingBut it seemed to me that at least half of CP was all about the horrible powerlessness of women and how they are forced into marriages which are no than licenced prostitution An antidote to Jane Austen indeed And it was about how the arrogant twerp murderer can also be a guy who perceives this injustice and wants to revolutionise society And to do that he starts by bashing in the brains of two women So you see this is a psychological minefield we are in Like Macbeth and An American Tragedy by Dreiser the murder is contemplated beforehand then committed then acts like acid on the mind of its perpetrator and the reader is along for the excruciating rideThre are hundreds of connections that trigger like flashing synapses as you go through this big ass book Freud Leopold and Loeb the philosophy of the Nazi Party Camus Beckett I do admit that there are probably three windbags too many in CP and I could think of snipping a chapter here and a chapter there to get the whole thing down to a tight 500 pages of ranting and caterwauling But all in all this novel rides all over you like an out of control ox cart will leave you gasping and discombobulatedConclusion excellent pandemic reading

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Преступление и наказание Book æ Prestupleniye i nakazaniye ↠ Dcmdirect ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✍ Преступление и наказание [Prestupleniye i nakazaniye] ☁ Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Dcmdirect.co.uk Raskolnikov an impoverished studE sets into motion a story that for its excruciating suspense its atmospheric vividness and its depth of и наказание Prestupleniye ePUB #10003 characterization and vision is almost uneualed in the literatures of the world The best known of Dostoevsky’s masterpieces Crime and “Trying to untie the string and going to the window to the light all her windows were closed despite the stuffiness she left him completely for a few seconds and turned her back to him He unbuttoned his coat and freed the axe from the loop but did not uite take it out yet; he just held it in his right hand under the coat His hands were terribly weak; he felt them growing and numb and stiff every moment He was afraid he would let go and drop the axesuddenly his head seemed to spin” Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment My raging Raskolnikov like conscious could not rest without warning you of potential spoilers aheadThe problem with being a high school student with average intelligence is that you can get fairly good grades with fairly minimal effort It is an invitation to cut corners and utilize only one half your ass This happened to me in English class I'd sit back take good notes and bluff my way through various tests this was back in the day before Google when my family only had an AOL dial up connection and all the answers right and wrong were on the internet For these sins I am now fated to read the classics long after I was supposed to read them On the plus side coming to the classics on my own volition has given me a better appreciation than having to read them with a figurative gun to the head This has allowed me to enjoy certain works to a higher degreeHowever I don't think any number of years will allow me to appreciate or enjoy or even suffer Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment First published in 1866 Crime and Punishment is the excruciatingly detailed psycho epic about the murder of a pawn shop owner and her sister The murderer is named Raskolnikov He is a former student living in a wretched little closet apartment He is utterly unlikable smug arrogant temperamental condescending and self delusional Today we would recognize this person as having a serious mental illness and the book would be called Inability To Form Criminal Intent and Involuntary Commitment instead of Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky though presents Raskolnikov's malady as spiritual rather than mental In a way he is just like every grad student you've ever met shiftless; over educated and under employed; haughty yet prone to bouts of self loathing I imagine if this book was written in the next century Raskolnikov would have shaggy sideburns wear a t shirt emblazoned with Che's image and have a well hidden addiction to prescription pain pills Raskolnikov has some interesting theories He's a Nietzsche inspired proto Nazi who believes that the world can be divided into two classes an elite Napoleonic class free to do what they wish; and a second class comprised of everyone else This former class because of their elevated standing don't have to follow the rules Armed with this self serving worldview Raskolnikov in need of money determines that the pawn broker Alyona Ivanovna is a louse who deserves to die So he takes his axe and a fake pledge to her apartment and bashes her head in The crime is suitably graphic He took the axe all the way out swung it with both hands scarcely aware of himself and almost without effortbrought the butt end down on her headBecause she was short the blow happened to land right on the crown of her head She cried out but very faintly and her whole body suddenly sank to the floor though she still managed to raise both hands to her headThen he struck her again and yet again with all his strengthBlood poured out as from an overturned glassOnce the murder is complete very early in the novel the long slow excruciating psychological unraveling begins Some of Raskolnikov's madness is displayed through seemingly endless internal monologues Is this what it's like to be a crazy person Maybe maybe not But it's effective in its way because it drove me insane reading it Raskolnikov's deterioration is also presented via his relationships Despite being an utter jackass he has a lot of friends and family who care for him Among them is the doting Natasha a housekeeper at Raskolnikov's apartment; a doctor named Zossimov; and Raskolnikov's “best friend” Razumikhin who is a bit like Milhouse from The Simpsons though a bit refined He looks after Raskolnikov tries to get him a job and suffers all Raskolnikov's verbal abuse with unflagging patience I couldn't decide what annoyed me Raskolnikov's monomania or Razumikhin's spinelessness Complicating this picture are several uninteresting plot threads that eventually finally after hundreds of pages merge One thread deals with Marmeladov a wrecked old drunk whose daughter Sonia is a prostitute with a heart of gold Raskolnikov is eventually redeemed by Sonia and Sonia's faith A second thread has to do with Raskolnikov's mother and sister His sister Dunya has come to St Petersburg under a cloud though things are looking brighter for her and the family as she is engaged to Luzhin Luzhin has money and a keen eye for beautiful vulnerable women Raskolnikov rightly senses Luzhin's ill intent and the animosity between the two men does not help Raskolnikov's troubled mind On top of all this there is a clever Dickensian police inspector named Porfiry Petrovich He knows immediately that Raskolnikov is the murderer yet insists on playing a lame game of cat and mouse One of the few enjoyments I got from this novel was the cold irony of a Russian police officer patiently waiting for his suspect to confess In Dostoevsky's Russia the law is clever intelligent and implacable Of course just a few decades later the NKVD and KGB would be breaking down doors in the middle of the night and hustling people off to Siberia for no reason at all To Dostoevsky's credit all these characters intertwine and all the stories pay off such as it is In order to do so however there are plot contrivances piled atop plot contrivances Dostoevsky relies heavily on characters overhearing important bits of information The only Russian novels I've read have been by Tolstoy so I don't have much to compare this to I'm not fit to analyze Crime and Punishment against other works of Russian literature or even against Dostoevsky's other books All I know was that this was a drag to read There are paragraphs that go on for pages and the density – unleavened by any action – is numbing One of the most common complaints when reading Russian literature is the names It's almost become a cliché Well in this case it's true At least – for the benefit of English speakers – Tolstoy gave his characters American nicknames Here you have to deal with both the patronymics and identical sounding or near identically named characters The easiest task you have is not mixing up Raskolnikov with Razumikhin It gets a little harder trying to keep Alyona Ivanovna the pawnbroker Katerina Ivanovna Sonia's mother and Amalia Ivanovna Sonia's mother's landlord straight Also remember that Dunya goes by the name Dunechka or Avdotya Romanovna but that Porfiry Petrovich is not the same as Ilya Petrovich These complaints are childish I know and I have no excuse Yet I feel the need to unburden myself now as I missed my chance in high school many many many many years ago More confusing than the names is the culture shock When I first tried to read Crime and Punishment as a teenager I chalked my confusion up to a poor translation Well this time around the translation is in the incredibly capable hands of Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky They managed in Anna Karenina and War and Peace to be both faithful and readable They are recognized by people far smarter than me as the best Russian to English translators around Here again I have no complaints with the translation; but I also had a revelation I don't get Russians I don't fully grasp their social hierarchy; I don't get why they like mustaches on women; and I certainly don't understand their interactions They get mad for reasons I can't comprehend; they are insulted for reasons I do not fathom In Dostoevsky's hands Russians are hopelessly operatic incapable of having a subtle or nuanced reaction to anything Every emotion has an exclamation mark You get Dunya trying to shoot Svidrigailov one second and then tearfully embracing him the next Characters fall on their knees before each other and laugh at inappropriate times and have opaue motivations I am not trying to be culturally insensitive when I say I a