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Download Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften eBook Ê 1774 pages é Robert Musil ↠ [BOOKS] ✬ Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften By Robert Musil – Set in Vienna on the eve of World War I this great novel of ideas tells the story of Ulrich ex soldier and scientist seducer and skeptic who Set in Vienna on the eve of World War I this great novel of ideas tells the story of Ulrich ex soldier and scientist seducer and skep This book is widely regarded as a classic The author spent twenty years writing it There are three volumes of which this review is of volume one the only one that is widely read There are a variety of characters but little plot The main character is 32 year old mathematician who is actually unemployed Like the author Ulrich was previously a military officer and an engineer and then an unpaid professor Wiki says his indifference to life has brought him to the state of being a man without ualities Ulrich’s father thinks he should find some usefulness to his life so the father uses his political influence to get his son a position on a national committee that is looking to celebrate shortly in 1918 seventy years of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph's reign “What is true patriotism true progress the true Austria?” There’s much talk of blending “Austrian culture with Prussian intellectual discipline” It’s also an opportunity for the Vienna intellectual crowd to flag its superiority over Germany “for the European spirit to recognize Austria as its true home” The meetings and the give and take on this large committee 20 or people give the author a chance to lampoon what he saw as the decay of moral values and the silliness of nationalism There are a few odd characters who provide interest in the story One is a female distant cousin of Ulrich who opens her home to host the committee meetings and in effect creates a salon There’s a Prussian “a crazy rich Jew” who is clearly the dominant intellectual mover on the committee This character is also accompanied by a young African man whom he brings with him almost as a ‘curiosity’ And then there is Moosbrugger a murderer and rapist in the news who has been convicted and condemned for the murder of a prostitute Ulrich constantly wonders if Moosbrugger can be held responsible for his actions Ulrich brings this topic up for discussion at the most inopportune times sometimes making people wonder about Ulrich’s sanity The real value of a book like this is its philosophical insight and intellectual nuggets on essentially every page A few examples “It is a fundamental characteristic of civilization that a man most profoundly mistrusts those living outside his own milieu so that not only does the Teuton regard the Jew as an incomprehensible and inferior being but the football player likewise so regards the man who pays the piano”With science “We have gained in terms of reality and lost in terms of the dream”“But in science it happens every few years that something up to then was held to be error suddenly revolutionizes all views or that an unobtrusive despised idea becomes the ruler over a new realm of ideas; and such occurrences are not mere upheavals but lead up into the heights like Jacob’s ladder” “At times he felt just as though he had been born with a gift to which at present there was no function”“Philosophers are violent and aggressive persons who having no army at their disposal bring the world into subjection to themselves by locking it up into a system” “a man who does great things usually does not know why As Cromwell said ‘A man never rises so high as when he does not know where he is going’”“fame such as is acuired by intellectual achievements melts away with remarkable rapidity as soon as one associates with those to whom it attaches” “Accordingly civilization meant for her everything that her mind could not cope with And hence too it had for a long time meant first and foremost her husband”“A great scientist when he was once asked how he managed to hit upon so much that was new replied ‘By keeping on thinking about it’ And indeed it may safely be said that unexpected inspirations are produced by no other means than the expectation of them” “He recollected Voltaire’s dictum that people use words only in order to conceal their thoughts and make use of thoughts only in order to justify their acts of injustice”This is not a light read so it’s something you might read over a week or longer As for a rating It’s kind of a 4 but I’ll round up to 5 for its obvious intellectual ‘meat’ Painting of a Vienna coffeehouse The Café Griensteidl in Vienna watercolor by Reinhold Voelkel 1896 Photo by Getty nuaeoncoimagesAustrian stamp honoring the author from previews123rfcomimages

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Tic who finds himself drafted into the grandiose plans for the 70th jubilee of the Emperor Franz Josef This new translation published This is the greatest demonstration of human thought I have ever encountered It demonstrates that the novel can be the best method for deciphering and analysing the human condition and the nature of existence that we have over and above philosophy history politics psychology sociology or any other ology you care to mention His range is breathtaking encompassing the intellect the erotic and the spiritual he is funny and at times sublime and his prose is perfection If you are the kind of person who feels an urge to take on the big beasts of the novel such as Moby Dick Ulysses War and Peace or Don uixote for god's sake read this Anyone who finishes this book will know that they have had one of the most rewarding and important experiences of their cultural life

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Der Mann ohne EigenschaftenIn two elegant volumes is the first to present Musil's complete text including material that remained unpublished during his lifetim “It’s all decadence A bottomless pit of intelligence” First and foremost I’d like to make it clear that my rating is a reflection of my personal enjoyment of this novel than of its literary merit Musil had a brilliant mind and a startlingly innovative writing style; I worship his Confusions of Young Törless Also the philosophical psychological and political analyses contained in this book were nothing if not rigorous intricate and formidably incisive That said although I knew going in that this would be a tremendously long “novel of ideas” I seem to have overestimated my attention span for and ability to appreciate such a work 1774 pages of a book that tapered off excruciatingly slowly into a loose bundle of dry esoteric philosophical discourses just wasn’t for me In fact to be brutally honest slogging through the latter portion of this book was one of the most interminably tedious reading experiences I’ve had in a long time I wouldn’t necessarily go so far as to label it pretentious intellectual bullshit but that’s mainly because I’m a gutless wonderAt any rate I suggest you make damn sure you’re okay with a progressively plot less philosophical novel before you commit to it because if it isn’t really your jam you’ll freuently be seized by an overpowering urge to run toward the nearest living thing and kill it For “everything split into hundreds of layers and became opaue and blurred” and often than not I found myself sympathizing with Cameron’s bewilderment and despair over that Seurat painting in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off