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reader Õ Братья Карамазовы ✓ Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Brothers Karamazov is a murder mystery a courtroom drama and an exploration of erotic rivalry in a series of triangular love affairs involving the “wicked and sentimental” Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov and his three sons―the impulsive and sensual Dmitri; the coldly rat I'm writing this review as I read Frankly I'm astounded by how good this is and how compelling I'm finding it Astounded? Why should that be? This is a classic after all True but it breaks just about every rule of fiction The plot so far is virtually nonexistent three brothers get together with their wastrel father and all sorts of dysfunction including an odd love triangle involving the father and the eldest son are revealed The brothers aren't particular close to each other and really not much happens except that they meet at a monastery where the youngest son lives for an audience with a holy man who's dying and then they go their separate ways except that they have kind of random meetings with each other and with the woman involved in the love triangle and there's a vague sense of foreboding that something will happen to the father And the characters? Not really the kinds of characters we're used to in contemporary fiction These are characters who struggle with all kinds of philosophical issues and enjoy nothing than debating them at length with each other Sounds boring? Well it's not Not at all By the way I'm reading the Ignet Avsey translation based on Kris's recommendation and it's wonderful so farOne of the things I find so fascinating about this book is how it can be both one of the most dark and cynical works I've read and one of the most overtly spiritual and soulful This is a true testament to Dostoyevsky's range to how effortlessly he contains multitudes in this masterful workAlert Some Spoilers to FollowOne of the most cynical passages I've read so far is about how following the holy man's death his fellow monks are all shocked when his corpse begins to smell Because of course if he'd been a true holy man they figured his corpse wouldn't have smelled at all so the fact that it started smelling makes them all begin to uestion whether he'd really been what they'd imagined Soon several of them begin to remember times when he'd been shockingly and suspiciously less than holy and then the pile on really begins as the monks begin competing to disavow him the most with only a couple of his friends holding onto his good memory but even they are cowed into silence by the general gleeful animosity Oh this Dostoyevsky really knows how to plumb all that's dark and pathetic about human natureAfter about page 500 the plot really picks up We have murder a mad dash to a woman heavy drinking protestations of love and the police moving in After the languid plotting of the opening sections I'm almost breathlessThe use of the narrator here is so interesting We have a nameless figure who lives in the place where the events take place recounting the story almost as if recounting a legend At the same time we get the characters' most intimate thoughts and long speeches that the narrator could not possibly have known first hand It all adds to the notion that this may be the narrator's own tall tale than any faithful recitation of history which of course is true because it's a novel but the way the artificial nature of the story gets highlighted makes me think it's another example of Dostroyevsky's cynicism at workAll signs point to Dmitry as the perpetrator but the way he protests his innocence just makes you want to believe him He's having a hard time of it though The prosecutor and magistrate conduct a long interview of him and the evidence is damningInterestingly after Dmitry is taken away the scene shifts radically revisiting the young boys we'd briefly met earlier What is Dostroyevsky doing here? In the figure of Kolya a 13 year old prankster wunderkind he seems to be pointi

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read Братья Карамазовы doc × Paperback ¾ ✮ [PDF] ✩ Братья Карамазовы By Fyodor Dostoyevsky ✻ – The Brothers Karamazov is a murder mystery a courtroom drama and an exploration of erotic rivalry in a series of triangular love affairs involving the “wi Ional Ivan; and the healthy red cheeked young novice Alyosha Through the gripping events of their story Dostoevsky portrays the whole of Russian life is social and spiritual striving in what was both the golden age and a tragic turning point in Russian cultureThis award winni “Hurrah for Karamazov” Those are the concluding words of this bombastic brick of a book I am than willing to chime in to cheer for the brothers Karamazov who finally finally made me give in to the genius of Dostoevsky fully without anger without resentment and fight after a year of grappling with his earlier novelsThis is doubtless his magnum opus the shining lead star in a brilliant cosmos There are many similarities to his earlier novels and his characters fight with the same inner demons as the predecessors And yet there is something milder soothing in the Brothers Karamazov there is mature perfection in this novel Yes Smerdyakov is an underprivileged hateful sufferer but he is not lost to compassion and care in the same way as the nihilistic man writing his Notes from Underground And Dimitri is rash and bold and full of contradictions but he is not as confused as Raskolnikov he does not impose the dogma of suffering in the sense of Crime and Punishment on his family and community He has a plan for living not for suffering Ivan is a brooding intellectual but he is not stone cold like Stavrogin in Devils His conflicted heart and intellect are connected to the worldAlyosha thank goodness is a sweet and innocent character but nothing like the awful Christlike idiot Myshkin from The Idiot He knows how to live and interact and he is willing to step away from rigid prejudices and principles to comfort the ones he loves What about the women? Grushenka is not destroyed by the love of several men like Nastasya and even Katerina Ivanovna is given a complex divided soul not just a shallow platform for men to use at their convenience and throw away when they have made their point She has her own points to makeWhy do the Brothers Karamazov work so well? I believe Dostoyevsky made the decision to paint a family just like it is with all the contradictory emotions and actions and all the mood swings and difficult situations He had already established his religious and political ideas in earlier works and he could afford to let the characters be what they naturally were without judging them from the standpoint of history and society Thus he could be the storyteller he naturally was without any agenda but love for the story he toldThe plot is both simple and complex Be careful what you wish for it might come true As the three or four brothers and the women they love in different ways and fashions face the murder of the old patriarchal buffoon all of them have to come to terms with the painful reality of loving and hating at the same time A bad parent is still a parent and a dead parent still has power over the lives of his offspring The “Karamazov character” much cited throughout the novel becomes a synonym for any human being in his or her dealings with that complicated microcosm called family“And why? Because he was of the broad Karamazov character that’s just what I am leading up to capable of combining the most incongruous contradictions and capable of the greatest heights and of the greatest depths”Because Dostoyevsky dares to let go of his mission to prove that Russian nationalism and Christian orthodoxie are at the centre of the meaning of life he actually makes a case for both in a much convincing way than he ever could with his concept and idea driven earlier works The humour in the unforgettable scenes with the “unspeakable conduct” of the stinking Father Zossima are so much better than the pseudo Christian rants of Myshkin and the intellectual understanding of the dangers of community worship in the story of the Grand Inuisitor is as true now as it was

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Братья КарамазовыNg translation by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky remains true to the verbalinventiveness of Dostoevsky’s prose preserving the multiple voices the humor and the surprising modernity of the original It is an achievement worthy of Dostoevsky’s last and greatest novel I finished reading this book at precisely 0205 hours today The night still lay majestically over the impending dawn and in its blackened stillness swayed the echoes of this imperious book The walls of my room at once turned into a fortress for Dostoevsky’s army of thoughts and I right in the middle of it found myself besieged with its diverse haphazard but mighty blizzard I am no stranger to this rambling Russian’s precocious visions and forbearance and yet and yet this work swells much beyond even his own creator and spills over well almost everything A maniacal land owner is murdered and one of his three sons is the prime suspect Thus ensues a murder trial and in its fold fall hopelessly and completely the lives of all the three brothers – the brothers Karamazov A life when spans a trajectory both long and substantial ends up writing a will that is both personal and universal A notebook of reflections a source of knowledge an oasis of love and a mirror of perpetuity And may I dare say that for D this might well be a biography which he in his uintessential mercurial satire chose to write himself under the garb of fictionDmitri Ivan and Alyosha present the very tenets on which life gets lived or even passed on The impulsive and emotional Dmitri the calculative and intelligent Ivan and the naïve and spiritual Alyosha represent the microcosm of a society which wagers war on the name of religion status power values and ideals And D takes each of these causes and drills and drills and drills even their various interpretations Religion and church take centre stage for a good 350 pages of this work Amid homilies and confessions monasteries and surrender is pushed disturbing ideals that can rock one’s faith If you are surrounded by spiteful and callous people who do not want to listen to you fall down before them and ask for their forgiveness for the guilt is yours too that they do not want to listen to you And if you cannot speak with the embittered serve them silently and in humility never losing hope And if everyone abandons you and drives you out by force then when you are left alone fall down on the earth and kiss it and water it with your tears and the earth will bring forth fruit from your tears even though no one has seen or heard you in your solitude Aye aye I hear you D and while some of it makes so much sense to my theist heart some of it look outright suicidal But why again am I tempted to always measure the righteousness even lesser the likeability of my action from the perspective of my audience? Why make an ideal on a bed that doesn’t smell of my skin? I go to the board and think Philosophising as he does with such ease and amiability isn’t without unleashing a thundering dose of dichotomies He steals the mirror from my room and turns it towards me 'Oh so you believe in the good? How nice But well then how come the devil lurks in the dark corners of your room? No? You don’t agree with me? Oh where does all the cursing and ill will spring from that you aim with such precise ferocity towards the people you don’t uite find to your liking? From where does all the impiety and malice that you secretly drink with panache emerge from leaving you intoxicated for hours if not days?' Sheepishly I dig the chalk a little deeper into the board and thinkAnd while I grope to find answers to his uestions I cheat and fall back on his treatise for hints and insights You know Lise it’s terribly difficult for an offended man when everyone suddenly starts looking like his benefactor Why might a fallen man a beggar still keep a flame of dignity burning in his he