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PDF ô BOOK Go Ask Alice ô ➾ [Download] ➻ Go Ask Alice By Beatrice Sparks ➷ – Dcmdirect.co.uk It started when she was served a soft drink laced with LSD in a dangerous party game Within months she was hooked trapped in a downward spiral that took her from her comfortable home and loving family It started when she was served a softEy that would rob her of her innocence her youth and ultimately her life Read her diary Enter her world You will never forget her 35 StarsFirst published in 1971 Go Ask Alice is a controversial book involving teenage addiction It's written in first person in traditional diary form We don't know the troubled teenage girls name but we follow her rapid descent into her life as an addict Anonymous is a lonely teenager who feels like she will never live up to the expectations of her parents She struggles with self esteen issues loneliness etc On top of that her family has now moved and she's having trouble making new friends But things go from bad to worse beginning the night she's at a party and someone spikes her drink with LSD She likes the feeling the drugs give her and feels like they take the edge off She doesn't feel so insecure and lonely when she's high It's not long before she's experimenting with and drugs and it starts affecting all areas of her life Her life uickly spins out of control I've read uite a few really good books about addiction and this is one book that I will never forget I'm not sure if it was my age at the time or some of the things happening around me or both but it really had an impact on me As it was written in the 70's there will of course be some dated refrences I didn't know until recently that the title of the book was taken from the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit It was also made into a movie in 1973 When I read it years ago I thought it was a true story However there has been a lot of debate over how much of it if any is actually true It's been under criticism for many reasons Some say it was written by a psychologist about one of her patients but greatly exaggerated Even if it's entirely fictional I still took something away from it We are all entitled to our opinions and I understand some may not like it In my opinion if someone learns something from it then I'm happy they read it Yes times have changed and drugs themselves have changed But the one thing that hasn't changed is that addiction can still ruin lives the way it always has

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It started when she was served a soft drink laced with LSD in a dangerous party game Within months she was hooked trapped in a do i read this in high school and went oh my godi'm never doing acid and then went how can anyone pretend this is a real diary? and then ate lsd laced peanuts locked myself in a closet pulled out all of my hair and woke up three weeks later in a hospital bedwhat happened? crap crap crapthis book is crap plotline1 i'm a good girl2 i'm going to a partywith boyshaha3 i'll have a beer4 i might as well try a joint5 cocaine is awesome what a fun fun double fun night6 lsd san francisco rape lsd i'm hungry7 mom dad take me back8 relapse9i'm never doing drugs again10 the subject of this book died three weeks after her decision not to keep another diaryso yeah fake people don't turn into junkies an hour after their first beer american youth don't fall for this hoo haits funny how uptight people have gotten about this review its the only book that's managed multiple its for the betterment of our youth comments a i didn't miss the anti drug sentiments b is fearmongering the best way we can come up with to keep kids from becoming drug addicts? that makes me sad inside

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Go Ask AliceWnward spiral that took her from her comfortable home and loving family to the mean streets of an unforgiving city It was a journ This infuriating book is the most repugnant piece of reactionary propaganda that I've ever had the misfortune to read Go Ask Alice is unnecessary proof that sex and drug stories are the best money makers; it helps when they also support a staunchly conservative traditionalist agenda The whole book is a fetid lie and a poorly executed one at thatOK now that I've calmed down a little bit let's actually discuss this real diary If there ever was a real diary which seems hardly likely it was probably very mild compared to this oversexed and overwritten garbage What seems most likely is that Beatrice Sparks set out to write a book that would prove that smoking a joint or two having sex without marriage and gasp not praying all the time would lead to a tragic decline and fall eventually leading to a premature death Now to be fair to Sparks I'm sure that this literary hoax was on some level a serious effort to help kids avoid the pitfalls of drugs etc but the author goes about it a way that is misguided at best and ethically indefensible If this is on some level a real diary once again extremely unlikely the advertisement and sale of it as a lurid trashy cautionary tale is a disturbing thought But the fact that it is a lie disguised as the truth is simply disgusting It is a blatant slap in the face to all families who have suffered real drug related losses It's the commercialization of tragedyNext there is the writing style and storyline remember this is fiction to consider The book does tug at the heartstrings but only in a way most abusive to the reader If there is one thing that always upsets me in fiction it is any tragedy involving the elderly; this has always bothered me Naturally Sparks kills off both of the narrator's grandparents in the most tragic ways the story allows She exploits the reader's archetypal love of grandparents for cheap heartache is it any wonder that this was made into a TV movie of the week? If there was any clue to this book's lack of authenticity it's the glaringly obvious fact that the grandparents will die before book's end something a child could see coming The reader is supposed to accept that a girl who can't figure out how a doctor can tell if a girl is a virgin would a relatively short time later be using language out of a Henry Miller novel The attempts to sound like an innocent girl and a jaded junkie are hackneyed and incompetent The progression is totally unrealistic but is still clearly the progression of a novel not a real diary I have to hand it to Sparks she really throws in everything including some outrageous barely concealed homophobia of course the drug dealers are gay and drugs make the narrator want to be a lesbian and similar such things And unsurprisingly it must be pointed out at the end that the publication of this real diary is a commemoration of the thousands of drug deaths that year I think that if parents chose to sit down with their kids and talked about drugs without stigmatization instead of letting them read this crap it would be a small but much intelligent and certainly tasteful tribute to the dead and a step towards a educated futureGo Ask Alice was an important book for me; I can honestly say I've never run to the computer so fast to type out a review good or bad before I do understand truly why books like Alice exist Parents fear for the welfare of their children and want to have preventative measures while kids love stories packed with drugs and sex I just wish there was a way to educate young and old without having to read a ridiculous exploitative forgery like Go Ask Alice