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read The Enchanted Castle epub æ Paperback » [Download] ➸ The Enchanted Castle By E. Nesbit – Jerry Jimmy and Cathy stumble upon a mysterious castle with a beautiful princess asleep in the garden The princess is really Mabel the housekeeper's niece who is only pretending to be royalty But when Jerry Jimmy anJerry Jimmy and Cathy stumble upon a mysterious castle with a beautiful princess asleep in the garden The This story is wonderful I have memories of this reading this as a child and of watching a BBC serial of the book when I was 6 yrs old Reliving the part of the story that stuck with me the part where the children put on a play and short of audience members they make some out of hats coats and hockey sticks and paint paper masks for faces which then under the magic of the ring view spoiler come alive and are described in the most sinister way and have to be entombed in an underground vault until the magic wears off and they become a pile of clothes again hide spoiler

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Princess is really Mabel the housekeeper's niece who is only pretending to be royalty But when she shows There are two types of enchantment in this book One is the everyday sort evidenced by how enthralled the reader might be as they proceed through the book and especially by the young charmer Gerald who sweet talks his way through pretty much every situation This is enchantment that lives up to the term's origins where chanting speaking singing and silent perusal of words creates the magic that keeps us literally in its spellThen there is the sort of enchantment that manifests itself most strikingly in this book the kind described elouently by Nesbit herself in Chapter Nine There is a curtain thin as gossamer clear as glass strong as iron that hangs forever between the world of magic and the world that seems to us to be real And when once people have found one of the little weak spots in that curtain which are marked by magic rings and amulets and the like almost anything may happen And in The Enchanted Castle it inevitably doesThe theme of the book can be described as Be careful what you wish for Siblings Gerald Kathleen and James find themselves absolutely free to enjoy their affluent middle class summer holiday in a West of England private school near the fictional village of Liddlesby A youthful expedition takes them into the grounds of Yalding Castle where they meet with housekeeper's daughter Mabel and find that magic of the everyday sort gets rapidly superceded by enchantment that makes their holidays unforgettableNesbit wrote for a middle class audience of than a century ago and sensibilities in manners and language have shifted over that time but not so much that we can't have sympathy for the children that Nesbit has conjured up for this tale Witty resourceful Gerald steals the show but Mabel impresses too and Mademoiselle's literal translations into English of French vocabulary and idioms are well and humorously observed no doubt informed by Edith's own childhood education in France The joyous culmination of the enchantments has much in common with 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn' chapter of the nearly contemporary Wind in the Willows; both works perhaps were a kind of final golden vision of Edwardian England before the horrors of the Great War were visited on all and sundry

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The Enchanted CastleThem a secret room filled with treasure where they discover a magical ring enchantment becomes a reality This is a book very close to my heart and in my top ten of my all time favourite classic children's books I first read this when I was 8 or 9 and have re read it many times since In fact my copy is looking decidedly battered and worse for wear you always know you're on to a good book when the cover threatens to fall off In many ways this is an underrated novel of E Nesbit and I will readily admit it is not one of her best Nonetheless I still love it than 'The Railway Children' 'The Treasure Seekers' etc with perhaps the exception of 'The Story of the Amulet' the seuel to 'Five Children and It' which comes a very close secondThe story concerns three children two brothers Gerald and Jimmy and their sister Cathy They are on holiday away from their parents don't all the best adventures happen on these types of occasions? and staying in Cathy's boarding school under the supervision of the French schoolmistress who sits around looking wistful To break the monotony of the boarding house they decide to explore the local countryside and get hopelessly lost They come across a hole in a hedge which leads to an underground passage which itself leads them into a beautiful garden with an ornate castle at its centre The garden is seemingly deserted and the feeling of magic grows as they come to the entrance of a maze Following a scarlet thread which brings them to the maze's epicentre they discover a sleeping princess who Jimmy wakens with a smacker on her cheek Gerald ought to have done this as he was the eldest but he chickened out After providing a feast for them in the castle bread and cheese the princess turns out not to be a princess after all but a girl named Mabel Nonetheless she does possess a magic ring'The Enchanted Castle' is a very episodic with the children having different adventures in each chapter What joins the chapters together to a unified whole is the enchanted ring Through its powers they can become invisible and make wishes They help the local policeman catch a burglar make the statues in the garden come alive and help the French schoolteacher find her long lost love The wishes they make also uite naturally get them into all sorts of scrapes including getting the ring stuck on their finger growing too tall in 'Alice in Wonderland' style and making inanimate objects come alive into 'Uglie Wuglies' terrifying than it sounds Throughout all this Nesbit writes in her typically relaxed natural style and her characters while not well rounded talk and act like real children albeit from 1907 It is this inherent realism that makes the magical elements seem so real Special mention should also go to H R Millar who illustrated the original book with evocative line drawings effectively capturing the main elements of the story In short I can't praise this book highly enough As the tattered state of my personal copy can testify I love it to bits