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If I Stay Book  201 pages Download Æ Dcmdirect å ❮EPUB❯ ✺ If I Stay Author Gayle Forman – Dcmdirect.co.uk Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found here Just listen Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnelI open my eyes wide nowI sit up as much as I canAnd I listenD Mia is faced with some tough ones Stay true to her first love music even if it means losing her boyfriend and leaving her family and friends behind?Then one February morning Mia goes for a drive with her family and in an ins In a single moment everything changes Seventeen year old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall riding along the snow wet Oregon road with her family Then in a blink she finds herself watching as her own damaged body is taken from the wreck A sophisticated layered and heartachingly beautiful story about the power of family and friends the choices we all make and the ultimate choice Mia commands WHY I DROPPED ITI didn't like the book I just thought it was completely useless Nothing was really sad except times where Mia had to choose between stayinggoing etc And the plot didn't hold my attention mainly because there wasn't much of a plot in first placeI was a little reluctant to admit I didn't like it in first place Mainly because so many people loved it I felt as if I was bursting their bubble But as time moves forward a lot of people didn't like it either So I'm not aloneBut before you completely screech at me for not liking such a brilliant book I have my reasons Mia is too dull for my liking Sure she likes music and it's supposed to set her apart from the rest of the world Nuh ah It doesn't work like that She's as ordinarysimple as possible There isn't much of a plot Just a girl wondering if she'd rather die or stay Maybe for a lot of you it's a wonderful plot Not for me Sorry but recounting isn't my thing Which brings me to the third point This story is the wrong story which is being written As a writer I worship the rule If you have to add a lot of back story to make your book understandable then you're telling the wrong story I agree This book is just memories stringed together Maybe I'm the only one who has a problem with this if so forgive me But I really really didn't like this Oh and as for Adam I didn't like him much either He seemed the usual dark type And one of the things I really hate in romance is when I can't see why the boy and the girl fall for each other I do understand they both have the passion for music but so many other people dorant overComment all you like My mind's not going to change Sorry

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Tant everything changes Suddenly all the choices are gone except one And it's the only one that matters If I Stay is a heartachingly beautiful book about the power of love the true meaning of family and the choices we all make I was actually uite shocked to find that this book did not even make me shed one tear Weird huh?Unless you count tears of boredom Other people THIS BOOK OMG THE FEELS I’M SOBBING UNCONTROLLABLY Me Wait where was the part where I was supposed to cry?Despite what you’re probably thinking I did not base this review on whether or not I would cry I gave it two stars because it did not affect me in any way Rather it bored me Other than the fact that I was bored to tears I had several major issues with If I StayFor one I failed to empathize with a vast majority of the characters The connection just wasn't there slightly contributing to my disliking of this book Identifying with characters is extremely important for me as a reader especially with these types of books I did not appreciate Mia’s emotionless voice which I know was deliberate on the author’s part because it did not fit this sort of story The characters in this book were much too perfect It was palpable from that first view spoiler and only hide spoiler

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If I StayLibrarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found here Just listen Adam says with a voice that sounds like shrapnelI open my eyes wide nowI sit up as much as I canAnd I listenStay he saysChoices Seventeen year ol My impression? It was good Not fantastic but okay Decent Tolerable But I'm a bit irritated with this book right now because it is one of those books that has been ridiculously overrated Yeah it was sad But not 'devastating' Not 'heart wrenching'This book was fine but I honestly think that if I had read the first chapter and then read the last chapter I wouldn't have missed much Yes her parents were both beautiful people who will be missed And I have to admit the whole story of he brother's life and death tugged at my heartstrings But at the end of the book I found myself feeling bored than anything This book wasn't new or original or groundbreaking It was a way for me to kill time while I waited for my Mom to pick me up from school I've seen stuff like this novel a million times before and most of them were a lot sad Sorry Forman but I'm not impressed EDIT Guys I wrote this review in 2010 Do you seriously feel the need to continue commenting on this when I've been messaged by die hard fans and fellow haters alike had to answer every possible argument for or against it and been criticized for daring to write a less than glowing review on a website whose literal purpose is to review critiue gush about and condemn books? Are you honestly that rilled up by a negative opinion?If I Stay just isn't that great My tastes have changed uite a bit since I read it and I stand by my opinion Why do you care? Why are you still whining about it when a simple read through of the comments will show that I've already addressed your specific complaint? Go away Write your own glowing review Watch the movie version coming up which also looks terrible but what do I know Go Leave I don't care I do not care I don't caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare