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we pray for it It is the best thing that can happen to us Die They were going to hang me once I wish they had My God I wish they had”For The Term Of His Natural Life is the best known novel by Australian author Marcus Clarke It was first published in 1874 although it began as a serialised novel titled His Natural Life published in the Australian Journal Text Publishing have produced a handsome volume under their Text Classics bannerThere are significant differences in the plot between the original unabridged edition and later editions of this novel; the first book has been reduced to a prologue; the text has been condensed into a much readable form and much of the frankly boring and often unimportant detail has been omitted; and the ending is completely different Thus for example in excess of 150 pages of book 2 of the original edition are reduced to a much manageable 75 pages in this editionClarke managed to pack a lot into his novel perhaps as it began in serialised form each episode needed some drama a parental estrangement a very rich will a secret identity a wrongful conviction transport on a convict ship a mutiny another wrongful conviction flogging suicide attempts multiple escape attempts at least one involving cannibalism another mutiny abandonment on a deserted shore the construction of a coracle yet another wrongful conviction many years of penal servitude the claiming of an inheritance by an imposter uite a few confessions and a shipwreckThis novel has been described as the Australian Count of Monte Cristo and while it is considered an Australian Classic as historical fiction it is not really up to the standard of Dumas’s writing The most exciting chapters by far are those detailing the escape from Port of Arthur of convict John Rex It is filled with improbable coincidences and while he draws on many real occurrences in Tasmania’s history Clarke’s emphasis is on the cruelty of convict life Rufus Dawes is one very unlucky manThis book will appeal to those who enjoy Australian historical fiction written from the closer perspective of fifty years as opposed to almost one hundred and fifty A map of the relevant parts would have been helpful but Wikipedia serves eually these days Text Classics include an introduction by author Rohan Wilson and an evocative cover by the talented WH Chong A beautiful edition of an Aussie Classic

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