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Ebook ñ The Hazel Wood å 336 pages Download ´ Dcmdirect ¿ ❮Download❯ ➼ The Hazel Wood ➾ Author Melissa Albert – Dcmdirect.co.uk De zeventienjarige Alice heeft het grootste deel van haar leven samen met haar moeder reizend doorgebracht om het ongeluk voor te blijven WanneKomt zit er maar één ding op ze moet hulp vragen aan super Hinterland fan Ellery Finch en afreizen naar Het Hazelwoud Zal ze er daar achter komen hoe háár verhaal bego Everything was beautiful and nothing hurtYou know those Disney princess fairytales the ones where the damsel in distress is saved by Prince Charming and they get married and live happily ever after Yeah this isn't that story Think of the old school Brother's Grimm fairytales and then imagine something even darker and you'll have a clear picture of what this book holds for you That's not a criticism; one of the surest ways to get me to commit to reading a book is to tell me it's an old school fairytale I am a hardcore sucker for these wicked little snippets into an alternate world and this debut felt like it was written by a seasoned pro with all the bells and whistles you could ask for When Alice was born her eyes were black from end to end and the midwife didn't stay long enough to wash herWe're dropped into the story about midway; the first few chapters are meant to give us some background on Alice her mother Ella and her grandmother Althea Prosperine who became famous by writing a book of fairytales This book was titled Tales From The Hinterland and it contained a total of twelve brief stories The cool part about The Hazel Wood is that we get to read a couple of these first hand within the story Three Times Alice and The Door That Wasn't There while also getting brief snippets from most of the rest of them toward the end This aspect was so uniue and compelling that I felt a little breathless at the end I wanted every story verbatim I feel like if the author so chose she could write Tales From The Hinterland binding and fully fleshing out all twelve stories in a volume to sell as a companion novel and we the people would EAT IT UP Seriously please please pretty pleaseSo Alice remembers being kidnapped at the age of six by a strange man with red hair claiming to take her to visit her recluse of a grandmother but she was never harmed and never laid eyes on Althea Strange things begin to happen such as Alice spotting the mysterious redheaded man a decade after her last sighting of him her mother and herself receiving a letter stating Althea has passed away and finally Ella disappearing under very strange circumstances Alice has no one to turn to other than a recently made acuaintance named Ellery Finch who is a mega super borderline stalker fan of Althea's work His money and affluent nature allow them to forge a shaky bond and they decide to set off on a journey to do the very thing Alice's mother warned her not to do visit the Hazel Wood Name of Althea Prosperine's vast estate in upstate New York I hated needing something from someone when I had absolutely nothing to offer back You'd think after the upbringing I'd had I'd at least be used to itI wouldn't call Alice a likable character but she was certainly a compelling lead I felt just as befuddled as she did along this journey; I honestly had no clue where this story would take us and was just as shocked as Alice at every twist and turn While there was no sexual content whatsoever in this book at least that I remember it still made me give pause to what age range this book would be most appropriate for Certainly the older side of the spectrum as this was disturbing unsettling and contained a good bit of graphic violencehorror within the stories I was warned many times over about how truly dark this book is but I didn't think it was something I'd blink an eye at not with all the graphic murder mysterythrillers I read but this was different I can't uite put my finger on what exactly provoked this sense of unease I felt; perhaps it was the not so light way the story was wrapped up There isn't much levity to be found here; if you're the type of reader looking for a happy ending you most certainly have come to the wrong place Originally I gave this book 4 stars but I've decided to bump it up to a full 5 seeing as it's been almost a full week since I finished it and I cannot stop thinking about it This uirky little novel has been jostling other stories I am currently reading vying for attention in my head and further pondering so for that reason I think I need to give credit where credit is due This book certainly won't be for everyone but I think the fans of dark fairytales and things that go bump in the night will wholly appreciate the author's ability to conjure up such a complex tale that was detailed and uite frankly brilliant Highly recommendedMany thanks to the publisher for providing my copy Book #4 in my Nebulous November challenge

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Ister sprookjesboek op haar landgoed Het Hazelwoud overlijdt en haar moeder wordt ontvoerd door een figuur die zegt dat hij uit Hinterland de wereld van haar oma's verhalen UPDATE 299 Kindle US 122918UP DAMN DATEHere is the Fairyloot Box I told y'all I would have both of my subscription boxes with the same book As usual look for the link under the picture BOOKISH STUFF FROM FAIRYLOOTThis OWLCRATE picture is crap y'all Don't ask but as usual click on the link below picture to see the unboxing some other surprises ♥ BOOKISH STUFFWell there are not that many great reviews for this on my friends list So let's see how it goes I think I jinxed it I just wasn't feeling it and that makes me sad But we can't love them all I did enjoy the character of Finch he was my favorite Hi I said flustered I was on my way home from work My shirt was covered in scone crumbs and my hair was spiked with sweat You smell like a coffee bean he said when we reached the corner It's awesome He glanced back at the restaurant his face so full of regret I almost laughed Okay I better get backBack to stabbing your dessertHis smile reached his eyes then just for a moment A flicker of light on dark water Then he swung around and walked back up the sidewalk I'm sure people will love the book There seems to be a ton of people on that love it already so there is that Anyway on to the next Happy Reading Mel ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List REVIEW

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The Hazel WoodDe zeventienjarige Alice heeft het grootste deel van haar leven samen met haar moeder reizend doorgebracht om het ongeluk voor te blijven Wanneer haar oma auteur van een du Did her insides match her outsides Was the way my life dripped off me like water barely leaving a mark normal Okay so this was not a book for me I really wish I hadn’t received an arc of The Hazel Wood and had instead waited for reviews to roll in first The blurb makes it sound exactly like the kind of dark fairy tale goodness I love but if someone had accurately explained that this is a book about a girl called Alice who gets sent to Wonderland the Hinterland where she meets tweedle dee and tweedle dum many colourful characters who talk in riddles and she finds herself doing bizarre and random things like attending an unbirthday party singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Landslide” in a Tudor style pub well I’d have passed I’ve already read Alice in Wonderland Once was enoughI know this will be much suited to a specific type of reader who likes dreamy nonsensical prose heavy on the metaphors Perhaps those who enjoyed books like Caraval Those who are forgiving of no one saying what they actually mean and talking all mysterious for no other reason than “shh this is the rule of fairytales” because we all know it's magical if nothing makes sense For me it was honestly irritating to have characters withhold important information just ‘causeThe book opens with a bit of background about Alice her mother Ella and her reclusive grandmother Althea Proserpine an author of a dark fairy tale collection Tales from the Hinterland that gained a cult following some years back Alice has never met her grandmother but Ella has constantly insisted on the two of them packing up and moving again and again running away from bad luck that clearly has something to do with her grandmother and the book she wroteWhen Ella disappears seemingly kidnapped Alice teams up with long time Althea fan Ellery Finch and uses his knowledge of the stories to find her grandmother's secret estate The Hazel WoodThis first halfish seemed very slow and longer than necessary It is mostly a road trip where the characters rely on fairy tale logic along the lines of if it wants you to find it you will instead of smarts and deduction to keep the story moving A romance develops but to the author's credit she never allows this to become a romantic book overallI found a lot of the story really hard to get through Maybe because I struggled to form a connection with any character Alice herself is cold and bitchy without the depth and complexity needed to make these traits interesting Ellery Finch is super hipster and must gaze at the moon and uote Shakespeare every few pages in order to keep functioning He has a tattoo of a Vonnegut uote of course And the problem is these two are the only really valuable or memorable characters in the bookThe second half basically is Alice in Wonderland Which may or may not sound appealing but my tolerance level for random weirdness isn't that highMy favourite parts were the Tales from the Hinterland fairy tales within the story which were deliciously dark and creepy but I disliked it every time we came back to reality with Alice and Finch I kinda wish the author had written a book of short stories instead and let me skip out on everything else I could definitely see myself enjoying a creepy short story collection from AlbertSo yeah definitely not for me but I would recommend this for those who like Wonderland retellings and those who enjoy really lyrical prose over characters andor plotBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube