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FREE PDF ò BOOK Selected Poems Ú T.S. ELIOT Ö ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Selected Poems ✪ Author T.S. Eliot – Chosen by Eliot himself the poems in this volume represent the poet’s most important work before Four uartets Included here is some of the most celebrated verse in modern literaturRe is some of the most celebrated verse in modern literature ”The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” “Gerontion” “Th Best read out loud for yourself and remember misogyny and antisemitism does not mean poetry void of beauty and truth The grimy beauty of Eliot's masterful versification compresses and plants dense metaphysical ideas next to one another which find their expression in a pure and controlled diction I'm afraid I was often left writhing in some kind of paroxysm of pleasure This is difficult poetry with an encyclopedic sprawl of references but very rewarding if you're invested My favourites comprise the first half of this particular collection I am moved by fancies that are curledAround these images and cling;The notion of some infinitely gentleInfinitely suffering thing

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Chosen by Eliot himself the poems in this volume represent the poet’s most important work before Four uartets Included he That a poet who rejected modernity because it separated men from God wrote in a contemporary ground breaking style that defied classic understanding is not only ironic but also a prodigy Eliot’s creative output is a case of study on its own because the words that compose his verses transcend literal sense through structural frame and allocation It’s not until one feels the irresistible pull to recite Eliot’s poems out loud that the perplexing repetition the echo of recurrent expressions placed and misplaced lost and recovered in stillness and movement form a whole unit of sound that possesses an incantatory almost karmic effect that Seamus Heaney describes as “soundscape that Eliot's verses acuire indomitable meaningTake these stanzas in Ash Wednesday as examples “Because I know that time is always timeAnd place is always and only placeAnd what is actual is actual only for one timeAnd only for one place”Or “If the lost word is lost if the spent word is spentIf the unheard unspokenWord is unspoken unheard;Still is the unspoken word the Word unheardThe Word without a word the Word within” The wordplay goes deeper than presenting an ambiguous fragmentary aspect that obscures its possible interpretation it speaks of an extraordinary feverish state that moves from spiritual barrenness towards resignation passing through loss and angst that converge in the last section of the poem with a flicker of hope achieved through exhaustionThe protagonists of the early poems Mr Alfred Prufrock with his unfulfilled yearning and carnal desire and Mr Sweeney the opposite of the former with his directness in addressing basic and lascivious appetites; get easily entangled with the voice of the poet creating a dramatic pulse that blends with the confessional tone of an inner monologue delivered in rhyme Still the numerous literary references to Dante Shakespeare the French symbolists and of course the Bible enable endless connotations to the poems; satire parody paean or ode; all coexist in the polysemic verses that are united by the common musicality of Eliot’s deliveryEven though I admired the architectural device of the philosophical meditation on death and self denial confronted through the prism of Eastern vs Western aestheticism that permeates “The Waste Land” or the hypnotic moralizing of the Choruses from “The Rock” my heart leapt my soul soared with “Marina” and the most comforting bleakness tinted my spirit with black emptiness of “The Hollow Men” The first is an allegoric tribute to The Bard and his tendency to present truth as craziness using the most vivid imagery related to the sea; and the second is a fugue to the inherent isolation that consumes man’s soul when confronted with its artificial superficial needs In the end like the yews that offer ominous shade to Eliot’s poetic landscape words represent the secret depths of the human ethos but they will always elude stationary definitions Their worth is merely symbolical ethereal straddling reality and appearance eternal life and mortality Them words linger and become solid when they reverberate in the dark cavities of our consciousness “I made this I have forgottenAnd rememberThe rigging weak and the canvas rottenBetween one June and another SeptemberMade this unknowing half conscious unknown my own” Included in this selection• Prufrock and other observations• Poems 1920 a selection• The Waste Land• The Hollow Men• Ash Wednesday• Choruses from “The Rock”

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Selected PoemsE Waste Land” “The Hollow Men” and “Ash Wednesday” as well as many other fine selections from Eliot’s early wor I’ll admit that I found this a challenging read I’m a good 25 years out of practice in critical poetry reading To be honest I’ll probably give this a higher rating after further reading and mulling over the contents I found that I experienced brief periods of illumination when I felt I was getting to grips with the material for example the echoes of the modern digital age in the “Choruses from the Rock” but then found myself plunged back into the mire of confusion Throughout I had the sense that I was missing something extraordinary While I consider myself to have had a reasonably good “liberal education” I have a working knowledge of Greek myth the old and New Testament and the works of Shakespeare I think I’d be lucky if I picked up than 10% of Eliot’s references Nevertheless a uality read and I do intend to attempt some of these works again in due course