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kindle ß Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out A Seuel to Little Men Û 268 pages Ê [EPUB] ✰ Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out A Seuel to Little Men By Louisa May Alcott – Beginning ten years after Little Men Jo’s Boys revisits Plumfield the New England school still pL and promising musician Nat as they experience shipwreck and storm disappointment and even murder Bantam Classics Synopsi There's a certain sense of emptiness that only booklovers will know Upon closing a dear book and saying goodbye to its variety of language and characters it can often feel like some precious part of one's soul is left behind and lost forever And here I am; with a bittersweet lump in my throat and a melancholic longing for something Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott is different from the other books in this series It is far dramatic even violent at times in its plot and is generally a far cry from the idyllic ending one would have expectedMost of the time I agreed with Alcott's decisions in her characters' fate but I will not and cannot accept the broken road Dan had to take I wanted to see him succeed so badly that his dismissed dreams almost felt like a true tragedy My heart ached for himHowever I loved the story of Nat who got everything he deserved and dear Nan who turned out to be the perfect feminist that Jo failed to become Emil's experiences added a tone of adventure to the novel and Tom's lesson was an underlined deja vu of Laurie's previous experienceJo's character was also rather interesting and I loved how Alcott used her for a higher purpose and through her explained the triumphs and trials of being an admired author It felt very authenticI started reading Little Men and Jo's Boys in order to catch glimpses of Meg Jo and Amy but I ended up enjoying the new colorful additions to the little group eually Alcott managed to introduce the new generation with such heartfelt emotion that I couldn't help but to give in and adore them just as much as the original charactersAnd now having endeavoured to suit everyone by many weddings few deaths and as much prosperity as the eternal fitness of things will permit let the music stop the lights die out and the curtain fall for ever on the March family

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Er husband Professor Bhaer Jo remains at the center of the tale surrounded by her boys including rebellious Dan sailor Emi Finally I started reading this as soon as I finished Little Men but didn't really get into so put it down for a few months Around page 150 I suddenly got hooked on the stories within the book because every chapter in an Alcott novel has its own individual plot and read a few chapters every day until I finished it It's obvious at the end that it's the last book she'll write about the March family as the last page lists what happens to every character which is a bit sad as Alcott's novels are always such sweet simple reads Luckily I have Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom on my bookcase to read I once read the synopsis of one of Alcott's older less popular novels on and it was described as a collection of wholesome and moralistic stories which I think is a perfect description of Jo's Boys A lot of people these days don't like stories which have meanings and morals but I do I guess I'm kind of old fashioned in that way I would love to live in a family similar to that of Jo March's 910

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Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out A Seuel to Little MenBeginning ten years after Little Men Jo’s Boys revisits Plumfield the New England school still presided over by Jo and h My A Z challenge for the year with the lovely and vivacious Karly and Kristin has officially begun A is for AlcottLet the games beginI always find that reviewing an Alcott book is a bit difficult I kind of have a lovehate relationship with her I read Little Women only a few years ago at the reuest of my mother who loved it but didn't like the other two books in the series And honestly I agree with her Little Women though moralistic and preachy is a very beautiful and tender story about the lives of four sisters and how those lives grow and change every year into adulthood and marriage and motherhood but that sisterly bond that they have remains strong and steadfast despite the change and distance time has placed on it Little Men is basically about the students at the school that Jo and her husband have founded and though there are some sweet and touching moments in that one I found the complete and utter lack of an ongoing plot rather boring and as most of the stories contained in it are about the everyday lives of children I found the whole thing kind of dull Now in Jo's Boys the preaching and moralistic side of Alcott is in full force but I admit I enjoyed this one much better than the second installment I will break it down into Pros and ConsPROsI still love Jo She is such an intelligent and witty character and Alcott has always written her with a lot of depth Her relationship with her much older husband Fritz is absolutely beautifully portrayed here and I think their brief tender moments beat out any Nicholas Sparks insta love romance fest any day The way she cares for the boys and girls at the college she founded is very sweet and her relationships with many of them are actually very endearing She was by a mile my favorite part of this bookDan Dan Dan Dan Dan I absolutely love the character of Dan who was the iconic bad boy of Book 2 We see him as an adult in this one and I completely fell in love with his rugged outdoorsy good looks and his boyish charm He still has the bad boy thing going on but Dan has matured and has a strong will to do something positive with his life one that his adoptive mother Jo can be proud of him for I longed to read his chapters and I only wish he were a bigger presence in this bookThere is much of a ongoing plot in this one unlike Little Men even though stories of each character make up that plot I found it much engaging and a lot less boring that its predecessorI loved Amy and Laurie's daughter Bess and Meg's daughter Josie and thought they were amazing counterparts to younger Amy and Jo from book 1 Bess is a wonderful artist and Josie is a very talented actress and I love that Alcott wrote about two such female characters who pursued and were successful in the arts particularly during a time when women were not as successful in those endeavorsOk now for the CONSI really really really don't like what Alcott did to Meg's character I admit that Meg was always my least favorite of the Little Women but she is so god awful in this one I wanted to punch her in the face She is so moralistic and preachy and wants her children to be and do exactly what she wants them to do and not what they want to do She forbids Daisy to marry Nat even though THEY HAVE LOVED EACH OTHER FOR TEN YEARS simply because Nat isn't rich enough for Daisy Last time I checked didn't Meg marry a poor man when her family didn't want her to? And she keeps insisting on a career for Demi that she wants even though Demi obviously wants other things But Demi always the dutiful son wants to please his mother than he wants to be happy Barf Barf Barf I wanted Meg to dieAdult Amy is SO BORING She makes Lissa from Vampire Academy look like Amy Poehlerview spoilerSeriously? Why is Dan not good enough for Bess? They OBVIOUSLY loved each other I could tell during the first 10% that there was a major love interest for these two And its kind of a beauty and the beast thing which could have been awesome and beautiful and pure But NO Dan is not good enough for perfect Bess who needs someone with wealth and status and power I would have loved sweet Bess to tame Wild Dan a bitbut Dan could have given some zest to her as well taken her out west to paint beautiful landscapes And these two could have been really happy together I saw a whole ending planned out for the two of them I kept believing it would work But no Alcott had to take what was left of my romantic impulses and smash them BOO HISS Instead Bess ends up marrying some nameless schmuck and Dan ends up dying alone and unmarried I almost dropped a star because of this hide spoiler