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PDF ✓ BOOK Ravished Î [Download] ➶ Ravished Author Amanda Quick – Dcmdirect.co.uk The New York Times bestselling author of Rendezvous presents a spellbinding new Regency historical destined to be a hot beach read this summer Moving from the cozy confines of a tiny seaside village n The New York Times bestselling author of Rendezvous presents aThe New York Times bestselling author of Rendezvous presents a spellbinding new Regency historical destined to be a hot beach read this summer Moving from the cozy confines of a tiny seaside village named Upper Biddleton to the glittering crush of a fashionable London soiree uick offers an enthralling tale of a mismatched couple poised to discover the rapture of loveThere was no doubt about it What Miss Harr Ravished is one of my all time favorite Amanda uick novels It's a wonderful story with likable characters and I must have read it at least 3 times already Gideon is a scarred brooding semi outcast whose own parents don't believe in his innocence Despite having reason to be bitter and harsh than the immature heros of many other romances Gideon never behaves like a jerk or takes out his anger on the heroine He can be arrogant and dictatorial but he is tender to and proud of Harriet from practically the beginning Harriet is eccentric geekily obsessed with fossil collecting intelligent a bit bossy a bit plain and on the shelf in her mid 20's She's no shrinking violet and is not afraid to go for it when she and Gideon get stuck in a cave alone overnight Their bond is wonderful she believes in him and defends him verbally and in 1 memorable scene physically to everyone and he sees her as beautiful There are some nice passionate scenes Some good humor too when Harriet's geeky friends try to save her from the Beast Assorted villains including a rival fossil hunter add to the plot But the focus remains on the romance and it's lovely sigh

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Iet Pomeroy needed was a man Someone powerful and clever who could help her rout the unscrupulous thieves who were using her beloved caves to hide their loot But when Harriet summoned Gideon Westbrook Viscount St Justin to her aid she could not know that she was summoning the devil himself Dubbed the Beast of Blackthorne Hall for his scarred face and lecherous past Gideon was strong and fierce and notoriousl This story is a beauty and the beast retelling with two interesting main characters Harriet Pomeroy a fossil enthusiast and the viscount Gideon St Justin Gideon got the name beast because of his large size mean attitude and his scar over his eye Also because it was said that he drove his fiancé to kill herselfIt got boring at times and they had sex so uickly that I was so confused on if they were going to even have a relationshipBut I did have time after that to find out that the heroine is completely annoying Like he had to literally ask did she favor her fossils over him And she said she favored him but shit you can't be too sure Tbh I dont think she told the truth She literally gets herself into so much trouble over these fossils; over 20 times throughout the book and it's completely stupid She was supposed to seem like a headstrong character but she was actually just stupid and rashGideon was a likeable enough He played his beast role except I was hoping true to the character hostility towards the heroine There was close to none here He really never did a wrong to her she always managed to get herself into stupid predicaments that need saving he does the saving and then reprimands her about it But she actually does say he's been nothing but nice to her the entire time One thing I dont like about him is that he never clarifies that the marriage truly wasnt of convience that he had some weird obsessionattraction even though she clearly only holds attraction to old ass rocks He never explained that to her and it's like it would have helped the plot a bitThen there was this whole backwards mystery in this book I'm normally not a fan of mystery in my historical romances so that was new Who was planting stolen property in the caves? Why did this really matter? Well because she decided the cave was hers and that she didnt want any fossil hunters to find what belongs to her Once again BITCH THE CAVE DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU As I type this I'm serious starting to hate the heroine even Whenever she and her club met up to talk I always skippedskimmed those parts utterly BORING And plus she talked about them too much I honestly have no idea how the hero even fell in love with her I literally only know one thing about her; she likes fossils Like you have no idea every other page she talks about fossils It got to the point where he decided to help use it as foreplay It was literally just no just ughThen she says she's not the prettiest her sister is yet so many guys when she goes to London are at her feet I know she couldnt afford a season before this time and she's 25 which means old maid in these times But if all these guys here are at your feet none were at home? I wonder why? Maybe it's your obsession with bones and that you have literally nothing to talk about except themSHE WANTED TO BE INCLUDED IN EVERYTHING HE DID For one it wasnt proper nor did it happen in that time But she sat there and demanded Gideon everything Like if he didn't listen to her she would go around him and force him to do it Let him handle it She NEVER listened to him Not once It was her way or the highway And although Gideon tried to put her in her place she didn't accept that Look I'm all here for GIRLPOWER But not stupid and dangerous power let him do what he needs toI didn't feel a strong connection between the characters I could see Gideon's but hers was almost nonexistent Yes she claimed to like him first and all that but it seemed her fossils were important and she stated a whole bunch about how she would rather be talking about fossils 40 million times through the book Like I dont even want to hear about fossils for the next monthOh And she claimed the place where she dug fossils at to be hers ALL THE TIME Bitch you do not own those those are Gideon's legally and even then anyone could dig on those She was uick to defend her friends when they actually did some wrong shit ALSO THE DAMN TOOTH Once we hear about it its all she fuckin thinks about I loved when we switched to what Gideon was thinking about because she annoyed meI did like one thing though She didn't care about Gideon's face That was a genuine aspect in her She didn't mention it she didnt find him ugly and she generally never thought about it

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RavishedY menacing Yet Harriet could not find it in her heart to fear him For in his tawny gaze she sensed a savage pain she longed to soothe and a searing passion she yearned to answer Now caught up in the Beast’s clutches Harriet must find a way to win his heart–and evade the deadly trap of a scheming villain who would see them parted for all timeRAVISHED is a retelling of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast Unknowingly I've read this earlier in 2008 I had no idea since Amanda uick's covers and titles have a striking resemblance Titles are one word and cover is one colored too but in different shades and featuring an objectThe title and characters were a little forgotten to me however the story and plot are etched in my craniumAs I flip the pages I begin to become immersed in a different world pleasant and achingly familiar however I do not drown for romances as sweet as this could sustain my survivalBones and fossils Imagine creepy skulls teeth toes and femurs stuck on a stone wall and being freed by our odd heroine Harriet Pomoroy Bones and fossils do not scare her She is considered a spinster for she is 25 years of age She has no interest in marriage for only fossils catch her attention And perhaps the Beast of Blackthorne Hall Gideon St Justin is our battered hero Being the second son he was least favorite of his parents Has a terrible scar on his face Has gained reputation of Beast of Blackthorne Hall Is believed to have compromised fiancee the daughter of Reverend Ruston Dierdre who have committed suicide after allegedly being dropped by Gideon after discovering she is with child His reputations is also tarnished to shreds And is feared by all Except HarrietHarriet and Gideon are an odd couple They never fit in normal society However they no doubt belong in each others arms Despite the world being against them they manage to fight all odds since loving each other is as inevitable as the dawn BTW this book is not just a wonderful story that would make you smile It is also educationalOne could learn a lot from Harriet's archeological skills However the best of her lessons that I would keep in mind is a practical lesson being non fossil related is this Rock floor is not conducive to lovemaking