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FREE PDF Þ BOOK Damselfly µ DCMDIRECT ✓ ❮Read❯ ➶ Damselfly ➺ Author Chandra Prasad – In the wake of crash landing on a deserted tropical island a group of private school teens must rely on their wits and one another to survive Having just survived a plane crash Samantha Mishra findsIn the wake of crash landing on a deserted tropical island a group of private school teens must rely on their wits and one another to survive Having just survived a plane crash Samantha Mishra finds herself isolated and injured in the thick of the jungle She has no idea where she is or where anybody else 35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum described as a modern Lord of the Flies Chandra Prasad’s Damselfly follows a group of prep school teens as they try to survive after the private jet carrying their fencing team crashes onto a deserted tropical island The story is told through the eyes of Samantha Mishra an unassuming and unassertive girl who often finds herself overshadowed by her confident and socially extroverted classmates Sam doesn’t always feel accepted by the others and in fact she only has one real friend the eccentric but extraordinarily gifted Mel Sharpe who is in many ways as much of an outcast as our protagonistAfter surviving the crash Sam manages to locate Mel in the jungle and the two of them uickly set out to gather up as many of the others who made it out alive The group then decides to establish a base camp near a fresh source of water and Mel applying her vast knowledge and experience begins directing everyone on how to gather food construct a shelter and provide protection while waiting for help But then days go by with no sign of rescue Worse strange and unexplainable things start happening around the island leading our survivors to think they might not be as alone as they first thought As fears and pressures continue to mount bitter rivalries and disagreements begin tearing the group apart Before long Sam finds herself caught in the middle of a dangerous power struggle torn between loyalty to her best friend and a desire to fit inNot unlike William Golding’s classic that no doubt provided a bulk of the inspiration Damselfly takes a look at survival and the effects of it on the basic state of human nature Namely when Sam and her classmates find themselves marooned on deserted island with no adults and no rules a new form of tribalism eventually emerges to fill that void Over time the cutthroat dynamics at their elite high school also becomes adopted as the status uo on the island with rich beautiful and popular Rithika heading up her own little circle of supporters while Mel winds up being the de facto leader to a second group of outcasts consisting of Sam and all the others In a way this makes the novel’s perspective all the cynical and disturbing because it speaks to the inevitability of how people acting from fear will always end up creating the very reality they fear the most Ultimately this group of modern teens—privileged well educated diverse and made up of both boys and girls—still failed to prevent themselves from devolving into society of cruelty and savageryIn fact the modern setting somehow makes this situation even worse Teens today face a myriad of issues including body image peer and family pressure relationships and social acceptance Damselfly explores many of these themes further speculating on how they might play out in this deserted island scenario Another factor that adds a layer to this situation is racism I really appreciated how the author tackled this subject candidly and doesn’t gloss over the fact that it is a universal problem Racial division is one of the first methods Rithika uses in an attempt to sway Sam to her side using their shared Indian heritage to try and convince her that non whites the “Golds” are superior to whites the “Pales” Our protagonist is obviously appalled by this though later on she also reflects upon how society has a way of fetishizing race and minorities thinking back to her school admissions interview and how the administrators reacted with glee to her mixed race heritage seeing her only as a way to increase their diversity uotas Rarely do you see topics like these addressed in such an open and unflinching manner and I loved that about this bookThere’s also something deliciously creepy about the story While it contains no overt fantasy element plenty of bizarre occurrences take place to make you think there might be some weird shenanigans afoot such as the large prints left in the sand by some unidentifiable bipedal creature or the presence of birds on the island that are thought to be extinct In fact what bothered me the most about this book was the lack of answers and I was also extremely unhappy with the ending which left things hanging on a pretty big and annoying cliffhangerThat said though I wouldn’t hesitate to read the seuel if given the opportunity I like all the groundwork that has been established here and I’m enjoying the characters a lot There’s so much room for Sam to grow and I’m curious to see how she and Mel will fare on the next stage of their journey and what that would mean for their war with Rithika Despite the frustrating ending I also can’t deny that I really really desperately want to find out what happens next I’m crossing my fingers that the next book will bring some clarity and resolutions to all the mystery

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Is she doesn't even know if anybody else is alive Once Sam connects with her best friend Mel and they locate the others they set up camp and hope for rescue But as the days pass the survivors all teammates on the Drake Rosemont fencing team realize that they're on their own with the exception of a myste I gave this book a 5 star rating because right when I started reading this book I was already carried in and just kept on wanting to read Personally I enjoy when books start off with the main conflict and slowly progress background information as you read on and this book definitly had done that Highly recommend if you enjoy suspenseful books

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DamselflyRious presence who taunts and threatens them When their initial attempts to escape the island fail the teens find they need to survive than the jungle they need to survive each otherThis taut novel with a setting evocative of Lord of the Flies is by turns cinematic and intimate and always thought provoki this book was enjoyable to read sort of creepy but in a slow and sneaky way it was a really good reading experience actually because i didn’t put this book down i just wish it fleshed out its characters and themes there’s nothing annoying than things that are half assed and a majority of this book felt half assedlet me use one example so i don’t spoil the book the title Damselfly About 80% into the book we’re told by Mel and Sam that damselflies are like dragonflies but dangerous and predators that are always looking for their next prey and you get that metaphor that the author was trying to push there that Sam too was becoming dangerous except she really isn’t she doesn’t stand up for the people she loves just as much as she didn’t in the entire first half of the book she doesn’t take things into her own hands be fierce or even do anything resembling a dangerous situation she follows mel even till the end See what I mean? She changed yes but she didn’t grow And it’s frustrating because we could see that natural growth in other characters yet our mc is still as placid and felt like a supportive character instead of a main one It was still good though The cover is beautiful Also random side note but I loved the font in the book it was so easy to read and also fit the book really well The writing was entertaining like I said but nothing really mind blowing I’m down to read books by this author but I think she can do way better than Sam If we didn’t get those flashbacks I really think her voice would’ve been flat and unremarkableALSO IM ANNOYED SHE AND MEL DIDNT DATE ?? their bond is so close and Sam would literally do anything for her ?? ahem they’re gay TW for mentions of self harm domestic abuse drug abuse and suicidal attempts And also teenagers being really stupid but that’s to be expected lmao