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Free Peter Pan kindle ↠ eBook 9780805072457 Þ dcmdirect Ç ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Peter Pan Author J.M. Barrie – Peter Pan by J M Barrie Peter Pan the mischievous boy who refuses to grow up lands in the Darling's proper middle class home to look for his shadow He befriends Wendy JohnOok for his shadow He befriends Wendy John and Michael and teaches them to fly with a little help from fairy dust He and Tinker B Oh boy I'm not sure what to say other than I cannot think of one aspect I enjoyed about this book I tend to gravitate toward dark disturbing and twisted stories what does that say about me??? but this was just sad with no pay off Each page felt like a chore to get through and I didn't even find the illustrations redeeming I'm clearly in the minority but I may have possibly been bit by the old heard the story so many times that the original feels like a rip off bug Definitely not my cup of tea and I shall choose to bury my head in the sand and pretend this version does not exist ; The only reason I didn't DNF this was A I'm trying my hardest to finish all my popsugar books if possible and B I try not to DNF books under 200 pages if possible Rant is over and now I'll move on to the next read

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Ell whisk them off to Never land where they encounter the Red Indians the Little Lost Boys pirates and the dastardly Captain Hook Not gonna lie I had to push myself to get through thisI just didn’t find it enjoyable in the slightest which makes me feel like a loser since it’s such a beloved children’s classicBut at least I’m an honest loser?I didn’t really like PeterWendy annoyed meAnd the humor and tone just fell flat for meBut on the plus side at least I can count this as my first completed classic for the year This was supposed to be my January read and it’s now Februarybut who’s countingMe that’s who One out of 12 complete

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Peter PanPeter Pan by J M Barrie Peter Pan the mischievous boy who refuses to grow up lands in the Darling's proper middle class home to l A story of a dead child and a mother who is missing himSir James Matthew Barrie 1860 1937 a Scottish wrote this book in 1902 for an older brother David his mother's favorite who died in an ice skating accident the day before he turned 14 Thus in his mother's mind David always stayed as a young boy who would not grow up J M Barrie a middle child and then only 6 years old tried to assume David's place in his mother's heart by wearing the latter's clothes and speaking and sounding like him Barrie was 42 when Peter Pan the character first appeared in his other novel The Little White Bird but the emotion of longing the child missing his mother and the mother missing his son can be felt by the readers as if the death only happened recently For me this attests to Barrie's brilliance as a novelistThey say that losing one's child is the most painful grief that a parent can have A parent burying his child is in contradiction to the natural cycle of life Thus it is a lifelong journey of grief for the parents The very young Barrie saw this pain in his mother's heart and so he tried his best to act speak and sound like his brother A mother missing her child In the story this is symbolized by the open bedroom window waiting for Wendy John and Michael to return When they finally do Peter tries closing it but when he sees the tears in Mrs Darling's eyes he says we don't want any silly mothers'; and he flew away making it a triumph of a mother's unconditional heart A child longing for his mother's love This is symbolized by Peter asking for Wendy to be his mother and probably Tink and probably even Mrs Darling This is the moral of the story we all need mothers especially those whose windows are and will always be open for usA beautiful book Mesmerizing prose A fantasy adventure children's book on the surface But a sad emotion filled story of a mother and her son somewhere inside It has the ethereal beauty of Antoine de Saint Exupery's Le Petite Prince and the subtle meaningful cycle of life lesson in E B White's Charlotte's Web two of favorite children's books My only regret is that fathers like me are sidelined We fathers have hearts too and we would like to be part of that love Why did Barrie depict Mr Darling as crazy feeding Nana his medicine and has to sleep in the kernel?You see my windows are also open