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mobi ¶ The Walking Dead Book One ✓ 304 pages ✓ ❮Download❯ ➵ The Walking Dead Book One Author Robert Kirkman – This hardcover features the first 12 issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans new reaErs and anyone needing a slightly heavy object with which to fend off the walking de After trudging through pages and pages of one dimensional character sludge and one too many seuences of dialogue about canned food I just couldn't do it any I enjoy post apocalyptic survival stories as much as anyone but I expected so much ; especially considering all the hype surrounding this title from the rave reviews on and GoodReads to the upcoming TV show From panel to panel you get humans trying desperately to fulfill the first level of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs breathing food water sex sleep homeostasis excretion That is to say that Mr Kirkman with a stunning mastery reduces his characters and story to blank human slates both dead and alive that express only their most primal instincts and btw his view of manly instincts vs womanly instincts may often be considered sexist I guess that's the point If you're into human psychology and the like maybe you'll enjoy this as a sort of post apocalyptic case study of human nature But not at all will you walk away attached to any one character I didn't Except for maybe Rick but even he lacked the spark of a memorable personalityWant an interesting post apocalyptic YoRick read Y The Last Man

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For the issues in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans new read When I began to travel the path of the Walking Dead in comics This is the first volume of the hardcover editions of The Walking Dead collecting the comic book issues from #1 to #12 My general rating is an average result of the sum of the ratings of each chapter in this harcover editionCreative TeamWriter Robert KirkmanIllustrators Tony Moore Chapter One Charlie Adlard Chapter TwoAdditional gray tones to inking Tony Moore Chapter One Cliff Rathburn Chapter Two Chapter One DAYS GONE BYE Rating 5 stars Rick Officer Rick Grimes at your service This chapter is the epic beginning of the mega popular franchise of The Walking Dead that first was comic books then expanded to a TV series and now there are even prose novelsThis first chapter has the great artwork by Tony Moore that certainly made it iconic The work of Charlie Adlard in the rest of chapters is really good too specially on the details of things and backgrounds but definitely if I’d be able to choose my pick would be on Tony Moore it was sad that he won’t keep doing the illustrations on the rest of the comic book series As additional info Tony Moore remained in the creative team for a while doing the covers of the first twenty four issues and the covers of the first four regular TPBsA good thing about The Walking Dead if you want to enjoy it in comic books along with TV series is that both storylines are different sure there will be connecting points here and there and you will meet the same names of characters in some cases but they aren’t the same persons and trust me while this is my first compendium in the comic book’s storyline I have been watching the TV series since its own beginning and both stories are different both truly great but different so don’t afraid of spoilers in any of both formats since the events are developed uite different You may think of the “other storyline” of any format comic books or TV series as “the road not taken” But truly loyal to the spirit of the franchiseOfficer Rick Grimes from the Sheriff Deparment in Cynthiana Kentucky suffers a shot injury on duty and he falls into a coma When he wakes up in a hospital bed after several weeks he finds himself alone in the building or at least he thinks that he is alone Soon enough he meets several “things” walking “things” that only a word not matter how nonsensical it sounds is able to describe those walking “things”ZOMBIESAnd if things aren’t bad enough Rick doesn’t know the whereabouts of his wife and sonRick’s first stop on his own home leads him to meet Morgan and his son Duane Morgan explains him how the world gone to hell while Rick was in comaThe US Government was asking population to go to big cities to be defended there by the army and since Lori Rick’s wife has family in Atlanta Rick decides to go there to search for his wife and son CarlOn Atlanta he finds Glenn an Asian American young man who explains him how the world works nowRick Grimes’ world would never been the same any Chapter Two MILES BEHIND US Rating 4 stars Okay What the hell are we going to do now? The body count started on the first chapter making them to realize that ANYBODY may be the next one to fallAmmo is scarce so that’s why that being able to shoot and doing it with precision becomes a vital skill where Andrea a young blonde woman is showing to be the best shooter of the groupRick’s group is on the road trying to find some safe place to survive in this nightmare that it’s their reality nowHowever that seems to be an impossible goal since there are zombies everywhereAny potential paradise reveals a hidden biting snake

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The Walking Dead Book OneThis hardcover features the first 12 issues of the hit series along with the covers I'm 99% percent certain I've never said this before but I prefer the layered story of the television showMy first official graphic novel if one does not count the adventures of the Archie gang or Mad magazine at my cousin's house thirty years ago and I find that like McDonald's graphic novels work better for me as rare treat instead of steady diet Still its worth a try I came to the comic via the television series curious to see Kirkman's original vision While it is interesting to see the concept for the show I realized that I prefer details whether visual or written It's clear there is a well conceived vision behind the comics The drawings are interesting employing a multitude of perspectives that make it visually engaging The occasional large panel landscape panning does a nice job of showing desolation of an empty street or burning city Despite lack of color the drawings still manage to capture zombie horror particularly when chomping down on man or beast Sometimes the pictures are graphic and sometimes they are a stylized mess which I rather appreciated as a sueamish sort of person A funeral scene is done especially well conveying the wordless desolation of a survivor Overall the drawing stands out above the writing which is limited largely to dialogue with the occasional exclamatory word 60s Batman style BANG SPLAT POW Dialogue confines the amount of expression that can be conveyed with bolded words for emphasis and bubble standing in for uncomfortable pauses Incidentally zombies sound kind of silly when you write out their noises as nuh gruh I can't help thinking of a conversation with a sullen teenager The show sounds so much frightening precisely because we don't have the word or construction that adeuately conveys the growled or moaned sounds these zombies makeWhen it comes to plot there are a fair number of areas where the show chose to go in different directions One clear difference especially to fans that lasted through tv season two is how fast the comics move Whether logical or not these people are on the move and that's part of what makes the comic entertaining as movement usually results in some random zombie interactions Contrast that with the excruciatingly long plot thread of the show's farm set and the result is a comic that stands above tv in actionComic characters are a little flat haha compared to the show although there are several interesting ones that seems to have been dropped by the show writers As generally slap worthy as women are on the show I'm talking to you Lori they are even stereotypical in the comic They clearly and uickly become the secondary and inferior sex and the one woman who calls it out is drawn as dumpy and fat with dialogue showing her being judgemental unhappy and hypocritical On the other hand there are black characters in the graphic novel with greater presense and variety of roles The show also does with the tension of group leadership; Shane view spoiler gets killed off relatively uickly in the graphic version while his character provides a foil for most of the second season on tv I think keeping him provided dynamic tension and made sense in the creating challenging group dynamics In the comic he just seemed to go postal while the show had a slower build that better demonstrated a mental unraveling hide spoiler