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You can’t stop the future You can’t rewind the pastThe only way to learn the secret is to press playClay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his porch Inside he discovers several cass THIRTEEN REASONS WHY I HATE THIS BOOKNote 61017 Tape #11 has been updatedhttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoAlright I really thought I wasn't going to review this book But a status sharing certain anti anti 13 Reasons Why sentiments did that make sense? just came up onto my timeline and I to put it cordially fucking snappedLet me preface this by saying If this book or television show helped you in any way this review is not for you We all have our coping mechanisms we all have our favorite books I am absolutely not here to shit on anyone's fave If you liked this book that's good Please don't read this I reserve the right not to be nice to you if you comment on this saying I'm being unfairSo There are two sides to this debate One side thinks this book and the son of Satan television show it spawned is inspiring important other positive i words The other side the side of my brethren which is unsurprisingly to anyone who follows me on here staggeringly outnumbered DISAGREES I'm going to try to outline for you why I feel that way Disclaimer If this at any point seems like I'm telling you you're not allowed to be a fan of this shit I'm not But I passionately hate it so don't expect objectivity Also this contains spoilers for both the book and the show of courseLet's get started I'll organize this by my very own thirteen reasonsTAPE #1 The book and the show DON’T bring attention to mental illnessThat’s one of the biggest defenses I’ve seen of this story That yes it’s triggering and yes it’s intense and yes it’s hard to talk about But it’s importantHere’s the thing Hannah Baker is not a mentally ill characterMy friend who I will talk about later informed me that the show never says the word “depression”Hannah doesn’t get help The show doesn’t depict the benefits of getting help More on that in a later tape I don’t think she gets diagnosed with anything or is medicated or shows symptoms of depression that are identifiableSo how the fucking fuck is this an improved discussion of mental illness if it’s never goddamn talked about?TAPE #2 Suicide glorificationEveryone’s thought about suicide Especially in those tender self centered years in middle and high school If I died then they would know The mean girls would regret their choices the guy who never noticed you would wish he had your friends would worship your memory your school would make you a martyrBut that’s not how it worksAs you mature you recognize that When you die it’s over for you You don’t get to grow up But everyone you ever knew does And here’s the bitter truth They’re not going to analyze their choices and regret them They might not even remember you They after all like you are only teenagersBut not in the world of Thirteen Reasons Why No if you’re Hannah Baker it’s uite the oppositeYou are talked about beyond life You act as a hero distributing punishments and harsh words as you see fit with no repercussions for your actions You’re a perfect saint your death preventing anyone from speaking negatively about you Your old friends will miss you the bullies will be humiliated and that humiliation wills them into realizations the boy you liked desperately wishes that he had just told you he liked you tooAnd for some reason it’s okay for you to blame your fellow high schoolers just as vulnerable and worried and uncertain as you ever were for your death No one will criticize you for placing that unfair burden on them For telling the friend you grew apart from that it’s her fault For telling the people you wronged it’s on themGod you guys This isn’t what happens if a teenager commits suicide This isn’t what we should be portraying as a realistic image of what could ever ever happenTAPE #3 Think about who is WATCHING thisRemember earlier how I posited that most everybody has thought about suicide at least in the abstract? And how that most often happens in middle and high school?Well guess who this show’s target demographic is That’s right The same vulnerable depressed self hating group that already has the tendency to think of suicide as an appropriate optionI have three younger siblings My sisters are seventeen and fifteen; my brother is twelve My sisters and each and every one of their friends have watched this fucking show I begged my brother not to watch it even though all of his friends have seen itDo you understand that? My twelve year old brother is being left out of conversations jokes references group chats and budding friendships because he hasn’t watched a show that centers on suicide and sexual assault Do you see what the stakes of this are? I’m not just some melodramatic reviewer without a life trying to ruin a show that people likeEvery student in every middle and high school in America will be told to watch this show And the author the producers the directors and adapters couldn’t even be bothered to consider the repercussions of their actionsTAPE #4 Having problems? Just kill yourselfThis show doesn’t depict the benefits of therapy of antidepressive medication hard when your protagonist doesn’t have a diagnosis of confiding in your loved ones The only potential solution offered within the narrative is suicide And as I talked about earlier it works out pretty fucking well for Hannah BakerTAPE #5 Why is this being treated like fucking Bring It On?I swear to God I’m going to open Facebook tonight and someone will have shared a Buzzfeed uiz called “How Would You Kill Yourself If You Were On Thirteen Reasons Why?” Y’all can’t fucking have this both ways Pick a lane is this show intense and important bringing attention to under discussed issues in a serious and mature way or do you want to know which character you are based on your cupcake preferences? This either is or isn’t a joke It’s up to youTAPE #6 There’s a difference between triggering content and thisThe show gives trigger warnings Cool That’s not even sarcastic I think that’s greatBut if you’ve seen the show you know some of the graphic imagery goes so fucking beyond what any viewer would expectMy friend who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts and is triggered by sexual assault had a series of panic attacks due to this show But she finished it against my urging because she thought it would give some important message or theme to the audience watching it But it doesn't And she put herself through that for nothingTAPE #7 This isn’t how suicidal thoughts workHannah has reasons for committing suicide It’s like there was a straw that broke the camel’s back Suicidal thoughts aren’t like thatIf you’re thinking seriously about committing suicide it’s not because of a baker’s dozen carefully delineated causes It’s because everything feels impenetrably incurably never endingly awful It feels like there are no bright spots and no way out The difference? Everybody feels like Hannah Baker does Everybody has the humiliating moments and regrets that like haunt them before they sleep every night But not everybody has severe depression Trying to euate the two is HORRIFIC It both reduces the trauma of having depression and indicates suicide as an option for people who may have never considered it otherwiseTAPE #8 Don’t tell teenagers not to go to authority figuresMaking the guidance counselor a villain is maybe one of the most irresponsible attempts at drama in this stupid fucking narrative The absolute last thing you should be doing is giving any indication to a vulnerable group that going to a trusted adult won’t work out wellTeenagers everywhere This book and show are total fucking bullshit Your guidance counselors know exactly what to do If you’re feeling like something is wrong or experiencing suicidal thoughts tell someone If you feel safe to confide in a guidance counselor do it If you don’t find another trusted a

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Thirteen Reasons WhyEtte tapes recorded by Hannah Baker–his classmate and crush–who committed suicide two weeks earlier Hannah’s voice tells him that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life Clay is one of them If he listens he’ll f WARNING I did not like this book If you did and would hate it if someone me ranted and bitched about it then DO NOT READ THIS REVIEWREVIEW I don't know why this book is so popular And I honestly don't know what all the rave is about I heard so many great things about this novel that's why I read it While this was a good book well written and allthe plot was just not good enough—no the reasons leading to Hannah Baker killing herself were not believable enough for me I mean sure they did some horrible things to her in high school that doesn't mean you should just go off and commit suicide As far as I'm concerned those kinds of situations happen to everyone And I don't believe for one second that no one noticed that she wanted to commit suicide What about her haircut? Didn't the author mention that the teacher passed out a flyer called The Warning Signs of a Suicidal Individual? And wasn't there A sudden change in appearance on top of the list? What about Giving away possessions? Didn't they discuss suicide in the same class? Didn't Hannah leave an anonymous note telling the teacher that? After she told Mr Porter? And he didn't stop her? Come on they couldn't have been that dumb Hannah above all just sounded whiny And I just couldn't sympathize with her character And committing suicide and then blaming people for it is just a stupid excuse for killing herself She was the one that decided to kill herself not them—not anyone She just needed someone to blame And poor Clay If Clay wasn't one of the reasons Hannah killed herself then why put him through the agony? Why give him the tapes? She could've just written him a letter And Tony Hannah put even the ones that had nothing to do with her in pain For example what did Tony do to her? Because I know he was hurting too He felt helpless because he couldn't have saved her It was also very difficult and confusing to keep up with what Clay and Hannah saidthought One second I'm reading in Clay's point of view the next Hannah's And sometimes I had to reread a whole paragraph because I got the POV wrong in my headAlso I think suicide is a very serious issue so I didn't really buy Jay Asher's portrayal of Hannah's feelings If someone wanted to commit suicide their emotion had to be deeper stronger than just hatred and petty resentment for having a bad reputation in High School Therefore I thought Hannah's emotions weren't very serious even childish and overly dramatic at times And after finishing the books I was like seriously? That's why she killed herself? I honestly felt like Asher was making fun of the teens who have been through terrible things in their life and are still trying to stay strong after everything they've been through This was like telling them what the heck end your life if you're so miserableUPDATE Just found out this is going to be a movie Starring Selena GomezAlso if you want to know about Hannah's reasons read message 6

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Download Book ´ Thirteen Reasons Why 352 pages Ê [PDF] ✅ Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher – You can’t stop the future You can’t rewind the pastThe only way to learn the secret is to press playClay Jensen returns home from school to find a strange package with his name on it lying on his You can’tInd out why Clay spends the night crisscrossing his town with Hannah as his guide He becomes a firsthand witness to Hannah’s pain and as he follows Hannah’s recorded words throughout his town what he discovers changes his life forever I figured this deserved a real reviewI'm a bipolar chick I'm a girl who has struggled with suicidal thoughts since she was nine years old at the very latest And I just do not buy 13RW's representation of a suicidal girl The very premise of the book is flawed to me; you don't kill yourself for REASONS you kill yourself because there is a bug in your brain gnawing at you and sucking out any valuable thought you've ever had and I never saw that kind of bug in Hannah I saw a girl who killed herself because boys were mean to her and I think that if you reversed the sexes and made it a boy who killed himself for Hannah's reasons no one would have bought itIt's a symptom of a larger epidemic you see all the times in discussions of girls with mental illness Boys are legitimately fucked up and have genuine struggles with mental health but girls are hysterical Hannah's depression is entirely circumstantial as is her suicide and I just do not buy itNot to mention I think it's a complete cop out to have Clay be the only guy on the list who didn't fuck her up Of COURSE the narrator didn't screw up right?It was compelling I'll give it that I read it in one night about five years ago