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mobi Ó Alive for Now The Infected Dead # 1 285 pages Download á dcmdirect è ➹ [Read] ➵ Alive for Now The Infected Dead # 1 By Bob Howard ➼ – This is an alternate cover edition for B01A4YRRTI Set on the coast of South Carolina an unknown infection has caIve through the onslaught of the infected dead Beginning with the initial days of the apocalypse Ed Jackson watches the world die from the safety of his shelter but there are others who are also trying to stay alive as they seek refuge He must decide who he will take into his shelter and who he will rej Pretty good readThis was a pretty good read but really not much different from any other zombie book I like my characters fleshed out so I can imagine what they look likeThese guys were pretty lucky to have a safe place prepared There doesn't seem to be any worries or any adversity that they have to face Guess I like to see them struggle Anyway I appreciate any author who has the imagination ability to write a book I will search for the next one

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Ect and those decisions will help him to form the bonds he did not have even before the end of the world He and his new friends are faced with the dangers of the dead world as they are forced to leave the safest shelter anyone could possibly have in order to do than simply exist in a zombie infested wor My wife has grown tired of me joking about how we will create a compound for our family and select friends I guess I have seen too many television specials and series about Doomsday Preppers building bunkers and about survivalist Granted I am living vicariously through those that are actually taking steps to prepare for the horrors to come whether they be a supervolcano an asteroid an EMP infectious diseases etcMost television series and books speak of those that are continuously on the run trying to stay alive from these types of horrors Alive for Now talks of someone who has taken the time and money to prepare but has not lived to reap the rewards of their foresightedness Instead it is a nephew and those he handpicksThe beginning of a series of those that begin to learn to live with the horrors of the undead

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Alive for Now The Infected Dead # 1This is an alternate cover edition for B01A4YRRTI Set on the coast of South Carolina an unknown infection has caused people to die and come back to life as reanimated corpses attacking any living person This is the story of the survival of one man who was the benefactor of a shelter that helped him to l Right off the top let me say that Bob Howard's 'Alive for Now' is a well written book that I enjoyed and would recommend It also hit a couple of my pet peeves but overall my reaction is a positive oneAlive for Now is what I call a 'cozy' zombie apocalypse novel The protagonists are never really in peril they devise the perfect plan for every situation and every plan works to perfection every time The few times one of them risks getting bit one of the others always swoops in to save them in the nick of time Which is all fine but unusual for the genreThe main character is Edward Jackson Eddy for short He's an average guy living an average life in his words he's thirty two single working on a career that was developing too slowly and being constantly reminded by relatives that they had done better by his age He's also a lucky sonuvagun Just before the zombie apocalypse kicks off Eddy finds out his rich and crazy Uncle Titus has died and left him an island off the coast of South Carolina Mud Island to be exact Even luckier it turns out Uncle Titus was a prepper and Mud Island isn't your ordinary island On it Uncle Titus has constructed the finest underground shelter money can buy It has multiple levels multiple entrances and room enough to sleep nine comfortably The shelter is euipped with every modern convenience It holds a life time's worth of food and a chef's kitchen to prepare it in The shelter boasts an armory euipped with dozens of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition and a medical center complete with a surgical suite it even has a modern gymUncle Titus left a houseboat and a seaplane on the island for emergencies and wired it with surveillance cameras that relay a view of the entire island back to the master security system back in the shelter He stocked the coastal area with alligators and the ocean around the island with sharks to handle intrudersWith all that at his fingertips and a landscape filled with monsters that live only to eat the living of course Eddy stays inside his shelter right? Nope It's during one of his excursions top side that Eddy meets up with Chief Barnes Kathy and Jean The trio are the only survivors of a cruise ship that held 5000 people They barely escape the ship when the infected rampage and are rowing a lifeboat to shore when they hear the gunfire from Eddy's target practice It only takes about three minutes of conversing with the three of them before Eddy decides it would be safe to invite them into the shelter That sets the stage for the rest of the book Chief Barnes he was a chief seaman on the cruise ship is the idea man and the one to turn to in times of trouble Kathy was a police officer and is in charge of interacting with the other survivors the encounter Jean was second in command of the ship's medical staff She's the group's doctor And Eddy owns all the toysHijinks prevail Like Eddy The Chief is unable to stay put in the shelter He's also a pilot what cruise ship Chief isn't? and convinces the team to take the plane out and get the lay of the land The plane is shot down by a rifle from the ground and has to emergency land They have to make their way back by hook or by crook encountering all manner of survivors and infected along the way This is how good The Chief is At one point on the way back they are traveling by car and approach a bridge The Chief pulls over before the bridge certain there are armed men laying in wait on the other side There's no sign of the men nothing to indicate that they are there but The Chief had a feeling And by God he was right SpookyThey take a second excursion to rescue the plane Once again they are prepared for every obstacle and sniff out every danger and everyone makes it back safe and soundThe trips out are the best parts of the book They are incredibly detailed; many times a book bogs down in exposition like that But Howard handles it deftly; the plot flows and the narrative races and the reading is highly entertaining Another of Howard's strengths is his description of the area and that small part of the ocean If he doesn't live in coastal South Carolina he wore Google Earth out while learning about it The effects the different tides currents and shorelines have on the infected is fascinating Whether getting stuck in mud flats during low tide getting pulled into the sea by the currents or stepping off a bridge and disappearing into the water below the ocean surroundings were a major scourge on the infectedAbove I referred to two pet peeves The first is kind of minor At one point Eddy and Jean fall in love and begin sleeping together Howard can't mention their relations without turning the group into a bunch of thirteen year olds Double entendres bad puns eye rolling blushing exaggerated winks; not the way adults act about a sexual relationship and it was annoyingThe second pet peeve and it's a big one is how Howard writes his dialogue If he were to write about Bob and Joe meeting in the kitchen in the morning it would go like thisGood Morning BobGood morning JoeBob how'd you sleep?Just fine Joe Thanks for asking Would you like some coffee?Yes I would Bob Thank youDon't mention it Joe Would you pass the sugar?Here you are BobThanks JoeBob you're welcomeOkay maybe I'm exaggerating but not much Nearly every time someone speaks they mention the name of the person they are talking to People don't talk like that and when you read it it grates and pulls you from the story Oftentimes this kind of dialogue is reflective of a beginning author who doesn't have confidence in his reader's ability to stay aware of who's speaking without the writer's help I can only hope that's the case here and the constant name tagging will be reduced in books two and threeOverall I judge Alive for Now a success and recommend it Normally I shy away from this sort of zombie fiction you can tell early on that nobody important is going to get bitten and everything will always work out perfectly But Howard's skill with narrative and his careful attention to detail overcame the patness of the plot for me I think he could have really blown his reader's doors off if he'd written it just as it is and then out of the blue have The Chief or Jean get bitten three uarters of the way through Nobody would have seen that coming