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FREE PDF ´ BOOK A Curious Beginning ✓ DEANNA RAYBOURN ✓ [KINDLE] ❄ A Curious Beginning By Deanna Raybourn – London 1887 After burying her spinster aunt orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inuiry—and the occasional romantic dalliaLondon After burying her spinster aunt orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inuiry and the occasional romantic dalliance As familiar with hunting butterflies as with fending off admirers Veronica It is a rare day that I pick up historical fiction of any kind; I have nothing against the genre but I feel as though all the flashy contemporary books shove my good intentions out of the way and I never get around to reading those golden oldies I claim I'll dive into Lucky for me Berkley offered the opportunity to review all three books that currently make up the Veronica Speedwell series and am I glad they did These books are amazing I cannot believe it's taken me so long to read them as they have come highly recommended time and again but better late than never I suppose If you like me shy away from books labeled as historical fiction please don't overlook this exuisite book Give me a chance to win you over please I am uite determined to be mistress of my own fate Mrs Clutterthorpe but I do sympathize with how strange it must sound to you It is not your fault that you are entirely devoid of imagination I blame your educationSo our heroine Veronica Speedwell is a little firecracker; if people were to be related to animals then she would be the love child of a butterfly and a pit viper She is a lady almost completely to the core yet she is incredibly feisty and will strike out physically or intellectually if provoked The first few chapters may seem a bit confusing and may cause you to wonder just what all these seemingly unrelated tangents could possibly have to do with each other but I assure you that in time it all becomes clear The fact that we are reading a mystery novel set in Victorian England with a protagonist who is a progressive female with the determination to live her life on her terms gives this series a feel that bridges the gap of time Here we have a nice blend of escaping to and learning about another time while also envisioning a world not so different from our own one where women have to fight tooth and nail just to be considered of eual value to the opposite gender He sat back in his chair his mouth now slack with disbelief I could smother you with that tea cozy and no one would blame me he said in a voice thick with emotionWhy ever should you want toBecause you daft impossible woman you have been concealing a possible motive from me for the whole of the time we have been togetherThe witty banter between Mr Stoker and Veronica isn't the only reason to love this series but it sure does shoot to the very top of the list Yes these books have uite a few little shocking twists and exciting action scenes but the developing relationship between these two characters are what makes this book a standout in a sea of other similar books I adore that we aren't given all the answers to Stoker's backstory in this installment as well as seemingly not all the answers in Veronica's life as well Just enough was provided to give us closure but enough was left hanging to make me crave the next book I was able to buddy read this alongside my sister Irina and we both were blown away by how taken we were with this book so much so that she's grabbed the seuel from the library so that we can read it together as well I mean we have to know what happens next Highly HIGHLY recommended to those looking for a true Victorian mystery full of class humor and intrigueInitial Thoughts This was an absolute blast Never have I enjoyed historical fiction so greatly or been so lost in something set in the 1880's A rip roaring good time with a spunky progressive Veronica and a few twists I truly didn't see coming Highly recommended Full review to comeThanks Berkley Publishing for providing my copy Buddy read with my sister Irina 3

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Intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetimeBut fate has other plans when Veronica thwarts her own attempted abduction with the help of an enigmatic German baron who offers her sanctuary in the care of his friend Stoker a reclusive and bad te A Curious Beginning is the launch of Raybourn’s newest series featuring amateur sleuth adventuress lepidopterist and lover of foreign men Miss Veronica Speedwell Veronica has just buried her spinster aunt her last living guardian and she’s ready for another adventure However this adventure is much closer to home than she could have anticipated Arriving home from her aunt’s funeral she surprises a burglar and hitches a ride to London with a German baron that claims to have known her mother and father both of whom Veronica has no remembrance ofOnce in London her self appointed guardian stashes Veronica with a trusted ally Stoker Stoker is none to happy to have Veronica as a guest; he is not impressed with her opinions on his collection but he nonetheless complies When the baron is murdered Veronica and Stoker are suddenly on the run Stoker is the prime suspect and doesn’t uite trust the fact that Veronica wasn’t complicit in the murder of his friend And well Veronica she's not one to turn down an adventureWhat should have been an amazing read ended up being a bit lackluster for me Veronica should have been an intriguing heroine; however her uirkiness ended up coming across as a caricature rather than something authentic While Veronica's originally was intriguing and refreshing for a Victorian mystery I have to confess to finding somewhat over the top by the end of the bookI had been an obstinate child and a willful one too and it did not escape me that it had cost these two spinster ladies a great deal of adjustment to make a place for me in their lives It was for this reason as I grew older that I made every effort to curb my obstinacy and be cheerful and placid with them And it was for this reason that I eventually made my escape fleeing England whenever possible for tropical climes where I could indulge my passion for lepidoptery It was not until my first butterflying expedition at the age of eighteen – a monthlong sojourn in Switzerland – that I discovered men could be just as interesting as mothsInitially Veronica is a wholly uniue and adventurous young woman However Veronica’s individuality uickly ventured into pure artifice Veronica’s character was so uniue that it became unrealistic and less entertaining The idea behind Veronica was great but for me the execution of such a character was lacking I didn't need to be told over and over again that Veronica was a different kind of womanAs for readers of the mystery genre I have to say I think you’ll likely be disappointed by A Curious Beginning This one is all snappy dialogue and not much substance The dialogue between Stoker and Veronica is fantasticI had just returned to the caravan and resumed adventuring with Arcadia Brown when Mr Stoker burst in soaking wet and covered in a soapy lather His hair was dripping rivulets onto the floor and he had wrapped a bath sheet about himself like a toga He loomed over me drenched and panting having obviously run all the way from the bath tent “You look like one of the less capable Roman emperors” I observed “Go back and finish the job properly” “I have a crow to pluck with you It just occurred to me – “ “It just occurred to you that I was at liberty and might make my escape Yes I know You are a wretched abductor Mr Stoker I suggest you do not take up felonious activity as a career” His expression was sullen “You will have to make allowances It is after all my first abduction” However snappy one liners and witty repartee does not compensate for the lackluster mystery Stoker and Veronica never really do any investigating Instead they run off to the circus and say witty things to one another A small part of A Curious Beginning was actually devoted to who killed the German baron who helped Veronica And the discovery of Veronica’s parentage just didn’t seem as impactful as it should have been As mysteries go this one was very lightSo A Curious Beginning didn’t particularly impress me That said the back and forth between Veronica and Stoker was entertaining and that alone would make me consider reading the next book in the series although I will be hoping for a stronger mystery and not side adventures where our hero and heroine seem to forget all about the murder they just might be imprisoned forOriginally reviewed at The Book Adventures Review copy provided by the publisher via Edelweiss

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A Curious BeginningMpered natural historian But A Curious PDF or before the baron can reveal what he knows of the plot against her he is found murdered leaving Veronica and Stoker on the run from an elusive assailant as wary partners in search of the villainous trut I did enjoy the book very much for the most parts It was entertaining funny to read sometimes and I really wanted to know what was so special about Veronica One thing I thought about when I read the book was that even though I liked Veronica she just didn't seem to suit the century I mean this is the year 1887 not 1987 She is freely talking about sex she had several dallies she even asks Stoker when the last time he had sex and she seems so liberated in a period when women absolutely weren't that liberated well not without losing their reputations I still like her she is a marvelous character sure sometimes she was borderline annoying and a bit know it all But still she is great loves her freethinking way even though it goes against everything I know about the periodThe one part of the story that I found dragged down the story a bit was the circus part Stoker and Veronica have run away after the barons murder and is hiding in a circus and I just felt that it took far to much of the story and that it just didn't feel that relevant This was a get to know Stoker's background And the whole thing with them pretending to be married was kind of amusing but mostly I just wanted the story to get moving towards about veronica and why there seem to be people after herBut after that the story took off again and I loved the part where we got to know about her family That was a very gutsy twist to the story I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series when it is released I received this copy from NAL through Edelweiss in return for an honest review Thank you