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FREE READ ✓ Season of Mists Ü ➹ [Read] ➵ Season of Mists By Neil Gaiman ➼ – Ten thousand years ago Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell Now the other members of his immortal family The Endless have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice To make it rig Ten thousand years ago MorpheusEss have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice To make it right Morpheus must return to Hell Season of PDFEPUB. Re Read 4420Oh honestly I shivered throughout the re read This is SUCH an important volume for the rest of the tale And I really can't top my original review either What a great twist this volume is Original ReviewNow the good stuff really gets startedIntroducing most of the Endless we discover intrigue with Destiny some deep sadness in Delirium friendship in Death capriciousness in Desire and maybe a bit of reasonableness in Despair Dream is there of course and he's rightly annoyed with his siblingsHe is after all the one who had perpetrated a great crime Who are they to taunt himAh Nada Such a tragic figureAnd she's only a plot hookOh Hell I'm not going to spoil Hell but Dream goes back to right his great wrongI was so surprised with the outcome Delighted Flabbergasted The implications were enormous and made me giddy with anticipation If the Eternals weren't enough to make things interesting we also get the Aesir Angels Chaos Chinese Gods Devils Fae and Order knocking on Dream's door to threaten bribe plead So totally deliciousI read American Gods before Sandman so I was grooving to this tune and this twist in a big way Hell this Volume epitomizes everything I love about the Sandman Series When it thinks big it thinks BIG Let's not piddle around the the little crap shall we Let's move Heaven and EarthWoo Woo If only all comics could get this grandiose Of course I later learned that some could get pretty close but this is my first taste of something really good

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Or to rescue his banished love and Hell's ruler the fallen angel Lucifer has already sworn to destroy himCollects THE SANDMAN. “So I'm back to the velvet undergroundBack to the floor that I loveTo a room with some lace and paper flowersBack to the gypsy that I wasTo the gypsy that I wasAnd it all comes down to youWell you know that it doesWell lightning strikes maybe once maybe twiceAh and it lights up the night” Nicks Welsh Witch MusicWhen I think about Neil Gaiman’s work it all comes back to American Gods This is the book by him that to me is the most identifiable of his canon and the work upon so much other writers have accessed influence Certainly there have been trans pantheistic works prior to the 2001 publication of AG but I think Gaiman put it all together bestSeason of Mists the fourth collection in the Sandman graphic novel series was published in 1992 and this must have been on Gaiman’s mind when a few years later he began his seminal work Sandman readers once again visit Dream in his world and we also see Hell and much chaos and confusion Odin All father appears as do Thor and Loki but his illustration is very similar to how he would later appear in Gaiman’s 2001 masterpiece

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Season of MistsTen thousand years ago Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell Now the other members of his immortal family The Endl. Neil Gaiman is at his best when his imagination is peopled with gods and demons—magnificent outsize personalities ranging from the eerily transcendent to the surprisingly human—and the tale he chooses to tell in “Season of Mists” gives him ample room to create a godly and superior fantasyThe plot is simple Lucifer abdicates the throne of Hell sending the damned back to earth and turns the keys over to Dream Dream doesn’t really want the property—too vast too hard to keep up—but a lot of other beings do including demons angels fairies and yes of course gods Odin Thor Loki Anubis Bes Bast the Shinto storm god Susano o no Mikoto and the personifications of Order a cardboard box carried by a genie and Chaos a little girl dressed like a clown The delightful center of the tale is a grand banuet in the house of Dream where these beings offer their bids and bribes for the prize of an empty Hell One of these offers interests Dream greatly a chance to rescue his lover ueen Nada from the conseuences of his youthful angerThe central story is handled expertly and the major digression—about dead schoolboys and masters returning to their boarding school during vacation—is very good too Gaiman's inspiration for Season of Mists was a remark of Jesuit theologian and anthropologist Teilhard de Chardin “You have told me O God to believe in hell But you have forbidden me to thinkof any man as damned” An easily resolved paradox Gaiman thought to himself provided you empty Hell The title is derived from Keat’s “Autumn” “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” Although the association of “mellow fruitfulness” with Hell may seem ironic I believe its message is straightforward In Season of Mists Dream does become mellow' dying to unwelcome burdens and ancient rages and gaining the fruits—a small portion at least—of peace reconciliation and love Finally I would like to share with you my favorite part of Season of Mists Isn’t it funny how often a minor character may fascinate you so much he almost blots out the rest For me that character is Breschau of Livonia This imaginary Eastern European noble I know he’s imaginary having looked him up in vain proudly insists he remain in Hell because of the enormity of his deeds which he relates in detail proclaiming “I am Breschau of Livonia” Lucifer dismisses him with these words “But no one today remembers Breschau No one I doubt one living mortal in a hundred thousand could even point to where Livonia used to be on a map The world has forgotten you” Not I Lord Breschau not I