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READER ☆ DOC Viking Unchained ´ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Viking Unchained Author Sandra Hill – ONCE A VIKINGHe swore he'd travel the earth to find his little boy But Viking warrior Thorfinn Haraldsson never counted on traveling through time and he's than a little surprised to find himself in mo ONCE A VIKINGHe swore he'd traveONCE A VIKINGHe swore he'd travel the earth to find his little boy But Viking warrior Thorfinn Haraldsson never counted on traveling through time and he's than a little surprised to find himself in modern day Baghdad in the midst of a Navy SEAL operation Luckily the SEALs include hi I've read all of Sandra Hill's 'viking' series and enjoyed every one of them I have to say that her latest Viking Unchained isn't the best of them but it was still an entertaining read for me as it gives uick glimpses into the lives of most all of the other time traveling Vikings from her earlier booksThorfinn has sworn off love Sex is fine but love is just asking to be crushed His first wife ran off and he didn't necessarily miss her BUT she took his beloved son with her and that broke his heart On the trail of yet another rumor regarding his errant wife and child he ends up in Baghdad Returning from another fruitless search he's attacked by a band of natives Imagine his surprise when he is 'saved' by a group of modern Navy SEALs Lydia is still in mourning after 5 years Her Navy SEAL husband was killed on an op leaving her with only memories and a bun in the oven At the insistence of her friends she goes out and meets a man who could be her dead husband's twin right down to the same eyes Only after she takes him home and sexes him up does she finally admit he's not her ex But now Finn has seen a picture of her sonand he's positive that her son Mike is somehow his lost childand he's not leaving the child's side But Lydia is adamant that she cannot love another military man with the attendant risks Who will break first?I enjoyed the WAY hot sex the constant bickering between the VikingsSEALs the glimpses into the current lives of couples from past viking books What I didn't like he reminds her of her 5 years dead hubby so she immediately takes him home? Uh no He treats her like an ancient Viking would she is a woman interchangeable unimportant etc and she puts up with it? Umm I don't think so When he tells her about his true past she pretty much just accepts it? Uh huh sure When he states they will live together and raise her son she doesn't take out a restraining order? OoooookaySo I would really give the book 35 stars but rounded it up as I've enjoyed her others so much I didn't like Finn so much til the last couple of chapters I guess he was just toooooo Viking for me

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S cousin who takes him Stateside And there at a bar he stumbles on a woman with an eerie resemblance to his cheating wife ALWAYS A HEROFor almost five years single mom Lydia Denton has mourned the loss of her Navy SEAL husband Then she meets a man who looks a lot like her lost love 15 stars 1 star didn't like it doesn't seem completely fair but saying it was okay? Also not uite right So this was my second romance novel and it wasbetter in some ways way way worse in other ways I think I can say I'm done with this genre though because I mainly find things to be disturbing The writing the characters sometimes the sex scenes disturbing This one didn't feature a virgin so that's a win but did center around a pole dancing aerobics teaching widow with a child that was conveniently shipped off to grandma and grandpa's farm at the beginning of the book and a time traveling overly macho Viking And no the time traveling is not explained but maybe that's because it isn't the first book in this Viking series? Still some explanation could have been offered especially since many members of this same Viking family have time traveled half of them involved in the wine industry the other half joining the Navy SEALs wtf? Also a win for this one actual sex scenes Almosttoo many scenes And then they all stopped to focus onthe terrorist wanting to blow up the main character and her son at a dedication ceremony for her dead Navy Seal husband yeah her husband was in the Navy SEALs too Umwhat? This isn't sexy any And for some reason a romance novelist dabbling in a serious subject like terrorism rubbed me the wrong way I kept cringing and wrinkling my nose in distaste

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Viking Unchained Despite Thorfinn's ridiculous accusations that she's taken his son Lydia finds it impossible to ignore the steamy chemistry between them And as she gets to know this handsome Viking she can't help but wonder whether two souls separated by time have found their way back to each other I could do a big long reviewbut I won't Short sweet tonightI liked it Started reading it not knowing it was part of a series however that didn't take away from this story Yes many other characters from previous stories are mentioned but you do not have to read the others to enjoy this one Me I've only read Jorund's story in Truly Madly Viking so I didn't even know all the character that showed up Okay enought about me onto the bookLydia Denton lost her husband five years ago in a SEAL mission Soon after she finds out she pregnant and a piece of Dave gives her the strength to live after such a lossThrofinn Haraldsson also suffered a loss His wife left him taking his only son with her reports come back their ship sunk Still he searched for five years for any clues if his son was still alive This search sends him on a distance he never imaginedthe furture Suddenly Thorfinn is the present not the eleventh century Throfinn and Lydia run into each other and surprise Lydia reminds him of his ex wife Luta and Throfinn bears a strong resemblence to Dave her dead husband Thus starting one wild funny sexy roller coaster ride of this so called relationship Throfinn thinks Lydia's son Mike is his lost son Mikolof and wants to see him plus Lydia is slowly drawing him inAhh sorry I said it was going to be short and then I start ranting Sorry Um Wonderful story Throfinn and Lydia are awesome together and he really does make a great fathereven if he is still trying to 'get with the times'