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Dawn of Rebellion Epub ã 321 pages Download » [PDF] ✎ Dawn of Rebellion ⚡ Michelle Lynn – Dcmdirect.co.uk My name is Dawn Nolan and I've grown up on the streets of military controlled London The one person in my life I could always count on has been taken from meGabby is combative pushy a real pain but sh My name is T it's a savage place; not a place from a teenage girl from the wrong side of LondonI might die tryingI'll probably never see London againBut they've taken my sister and I'm going to get her bac What a story Set in the future you start the book following along with two sisters Gabby and Dawn The story is told in alternating POV’s which I loved because the two girls get separated right from the beginning The transition flows easily and I never once uestioned whose head I was in While reading I could visualize the terrifying world the author created Each trial and tribulation the characters underwent was disheartening and I felt their pain The story drew me in from the beginning and I had a hard time putting the book down I just had to know what was going to happen nextAlthough I enjoyed reading this book I would've liked to have seen smoother interactions between a certain couple At times the main characters’ emotions ran too hot and cold which is why I rated this a four star But those minor details certainly didn't pull you away from enjoying this bookThe ending was totally unexpected and left me wanting to read the next book The author did a wonderful job in creating such an imaginative story I’ve already downloaded the next book

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But she's the reason I've survived this long She's my sister And now she's goneCriminals are sent to the colonies to work as slaves for the rest of their lives There is no escape I only know tha This book is an action packed young adult adventure in a dystopian world of the future Environmental changes have caused North America to warm and dry out while Britain has got colder Short of food the populations dwindled through hunger civil war and disease We learn about this through the experiences of two girls Gabby and Dawn sisters in poverty stricken London Drew one of the well off people is a kid in their school who fancies one of the girls Gabby but his influential father has her deportedThe adventure ramps up as the other sister Dawn determinedly finds a way to the colony that used to be America with Drew The lad only wants to find his half brother similarly deported but as their missions coincide they work together I won't ruin the story by telling too much because I read it in one sitting to find out what happened The slave colony growing food like oranges for England is just part of the experience but it is described very vividly and you really really want the girls to get free Even then what would they do? Where would they go in this wilderness?This tale is novella length and is suitable for reading by young adults with some violence and challenging situations You can learn a lot by reading Dawn of Rebellion and you will probably want to read the next book right away

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Dawn of RebellionMy name is Dawn Nolan and I've grown up on the streets of military controlled London The one person in my life I could always count on has been taken from meGabby is combative pushy a real pain Up until about half way through this book was 4 stars but that ending Wow It had to be a 5 For the first time in a long time when reading a book my heart was racing towards the end It was like I was running alongside Gabby and Dawn In that moment I was being chased too The writing was incredibleI liked the essence of the story being about families trying to find each other The only criticism I would have is that Drew's motives to go to the colonies seemed to get a bit lost in the story I'd love to find out about him and really hope that it's in book 2I did get a little confused sometimes about who was narrating at certain times even though each chapter clearly says who it is I think it may be because it was written in first person My brain just couldn't figure it out uick enough It's no fault of Michelle Lynn's just my brainI loved all of the characters though I did share Dawn's view of Drew at the beginning cocky arse However my mind was uickly changed Oh Drew How I love you I find Gabby a little harder to relate to but I think that might be because I'm like Dawn in real life It's no wonder my love life is so abysmal when I have all these fictional boyfriends Well Drew is now added to that list If anyone knows a man like Drew living in England send him my way ;In all seriousness this book was amazing It kept me wanting to read from the beginning I can't wait to see what Day of Reckoning has in store for me