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Burn For Me kindle ✓ ebook ¸ ➪ Burn For Me Read ➲ Author Ilona Andrews – Dcmdirect.co.uk #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand new Hidden Legacy series in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive dangerous man who sets off an even dangerous desireN New York Times bestselling author Ilo#1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews launches a brand new Hidden Legacy series in which one woman must place her trust in a seductive dangerous man who sets off an even dangerous desireNevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career a suicide mission to bring in ➽ And the moral of this rerererererererererereread is I don't understand why everyone is so desperately looking for a covid 19 vaccine right now when they could just call The Butcher of Merida for help I mean I'm pretty sure Rogan would make the pesky virus go splat Peaches style in less time than it takes to say unleash the murderous crustaceans and stuff I have the best ideas I know👋 Until next time and stuff· Book 2 White Hot ★★★★★· Book 3 Wildfire ★★★★★· Book 35 Diamond Fire ★★★· Book 4 Sapphire Flames ★★★· Book 5 Emerald Blaze to be read· Book 6 Ruby Fever to be releasedMarch 13 2019➽ And the moral of this rererererererererereread is it is a truth universally acknowledged that the Scourge of Mexico this book is the ultimate cure for all book slumps everything👋 Until next time and stuffMay 2 2018💉 Some Clueless People Use Illegal Drugs to Get High But That's Just Because They're Um Clueless and Stuff and Have Never Read a Tactile IA Book Before Ha Buddy Rerererererererereread SCPUIDtGHBTJBTUCaSaHNRaTIABBHBR™ with the IA Addicts 💉➽ And the moral of this rerererererereread is can I beat the crap out of Adam Pierce? Please? Pretty please? I promise to be nice and behave and not skewer puny humans for at least a day and stuff PS I really don't understand why antidepressants are still being prescribed when this series is readily available Doctors are really weird if you ask meMay 28 2017➽ And the moral of this rerererererereread is Sorry what? I only just rerererererereread this a month ago you say? And your point is?PS I want to be Nevada Baylor when I grow up And not only because the Scourge of Mexico wants to go all tactile on me her and stuff Not that I mind the Scourge of Mexico wanting to go all tactile on me her and stuff But you know there's other you know cool stuff about being her that makes me want to you know be her and stuffApril 22 2017➽ And the moral of this rererererereread is Weeeeeeeeeee❣ Real Life Sucks Too Much We Gotta Get Ourselves Some Tactile Now Poof All Problems Gone Impromptu Buddy Rerererererererereread RLSTMWGGOSTNPAPGIBR™ with the IA Addicts ❣➽ And the moralsssss of this rerererererereread are① Mad Rogan② I want to be Nevada Baylor when I grow up Because Mad Rogan reasons③ Mad Rogan④ The cow didn't do it⑤ Mad Rogan No idea what DNA helicase is? Me neither Who the shrimp cares anyway? You get the idea right? Right So?⑥ Best IA banter and dialogues in the history of IA banter and dialogues⑦ Mad Rogan⑧ Best car wrecking extravaganza in the history of car wrecking extravaganzas⑨ Mad Rogan⑩ Exposure therapy is all about snake handling⑪ Mad Rogan⑫ TACTILE TACTILE TACTILE TACTILE Obviously» And the moral of the moralsssss of this crappy non review is I might be slightly obsessed with Mad Rogan Not sure The jury's still out on that oneBye now Until next time You're welcome And stuffview spoilerMad Rogan No I am not obsessed Absolutely not hide spoiler

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Ir overwhelming attraction Nevada must join forces with Rogan to stay aliveRogan's after the same target so he needs Nevada But she's getting under his skin making him care about someone other than himself for a change And as Rogan has learned love can be as perilous as death especially in the magic world WowI never had to leave two books incompletely read within a week before New record I guess? I was SURE having loved Magic Bites that this was going to be a kickass UF new series with a strong main character and a splendidly developed magic world But it was underwhelmingso so underwhelmingAnd THAT COVER Why did they reject this one? Please don't tell me that it wasn't sexy enough

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Burn For MeA suspect in a volatile case Nevada isn't sure she has the chops Her uarry is a Prime the highest rank of magic user who can set anyone and anything on fireThen she's kidnapped by Connor Mad Rogan a darkly tempting billionaire with eually devastating powers Torn between wanting to run or surrender to the I'm not one of those readers who swears a favorite author can do no wrong I feel I have to say this because it seems like every time I pick up an Ilona Andrews book I find myself fawning all over it like a teenage girl with her first crush BUT IT'S REAL LOVE I SWEARThis book rocked my socks off as much as any Kate Daniels book ever has And while the Andrews team has a uniue voice that is unmistakable this book is not Kate Part 2 The world building is fantastic and utterly different from the some of the tired UF PNR templates I find in so many books of these genres I loved the heroine I loved the hero I loved the unpredictable progression of the plot And I loved the foundation of a romance that promises to be spectacular I'm going to stop gushing for a moment and tell you a little about the storyIt takes place in world where the wealthy and powerful wield magic and create influential dynasties surrounding their skills One of the strongest members of one of the most powerful families has gone rogue and now small time PI Nevada Baylor is tasked to bring him in unharmed She doesn't want the job It's way out of her league but circumstances force her hand and before she knows it she is tackling a job too big for even the police to take onMad Rogan is a force just as powerful as Nevada's target Maybe even so Which is why she wants nothing to do with him But he has his own reasons to want to capture Adam Pierce and he knows Nevada may actually be savvy enough to do it He pushes his way into her investigation and into her life sparking a mutual attraction she can't control and he doesn't want to Their mission is dangerous exciting and completely captivating from beginning to endNevada is impossible not to like She's devoted to her family She loves them and she's kind of taken over the mantle as the person responsible for them all I love how Andrews paints these characters They feel so real They have uirks and color that make you feel like you know them; you can see why they mean so much to Nev I love how smart the heroine is How she tries to be practical instead of reckless How she is so vastly powerful but has absolutely no ideaRogan is totally badass He can level cities with a thought He is every bit the dragon of Nev's musings But he is also than that I feel like she can teach him so much about what it means to be human what it means to feel The sexual tension between these two is off the charts Her reactions to him are so hot and every time they touch I am glued to the pageSo I mentioned the great characters the phenomenal world building and the scorching sexual tension But I also have to give a shout out to the awesome pacing and funny funny one liners Right in the middle of a serious conversation or observation we're treated to inside jokes on tortured heroes and snake penis metaphors I laughed out loud than onceIt's smart It's engaging And I wouldn't change a thingDisclosure I beta read for this book But I already considered it an A read on the first pass And I swear if I didn't like it I would tell you ARC provided by author for review