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Rain Reign mobi ´ Å ann m. martin Å [Reading] ➺ Rain Reign Author Ann M. Martin – Dcmdirect.co.uk Rose Howard has Asperger’s syndrome and an obsession with homonyms even her name is a homonym She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms Reign Rein which according to Rose’s rules of homonyms Rose Howard has AspergerStorm hits town Rain goes missing Rose’s father shouldn’t have let Rain out Now Rose has to find her dog even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search Rose will find Rain but so will Rain’s original owner Before I read this book I showed it to my 10yo and asked if he wanted to read it first since it had just been given one of the ALA awards Now I'm glad that he declined because he's halfway through another book I stayed up until the wee hours finishing this book tense and sick to my stomach the whole timeThat's not to say the book isn't good It's wonderful It's a very real portrait of a girl on the autism spectrum her struggles at school and the solace she finds in caring for her dog But if you grew up in the 1980's like I did you know that books with dogs on the cover can end very badly Old Yeller Where the Red Fern Grows literally ever other book with a dog written before 1995 So I was initially tense because I knew that if anything bad happened to her dog Rose would be devastated Then I got even tense because of her dad since he is mean to her doesn't understand her condition is bitterly and barely employed and likes to leave her home alone while he goes drinking I really super duper hated the dad I also barely liked her teacher and the aide who sits with her in class and only liked one of her classmates This book was just a triple whammy in that you have a main character with a disability a terrible family situation and a beloved dog who goes missing I mean it's just all kinds of tension But it did turn out all right in the end though the ending was very different from what I'd been expecting And I do think this is an important book and not in a preachy way This is an excellent book to have a child read and then discuss with them They may have classmates or relatives on the autism spectrum and this will give them insights into why they might do some of the things they do It's also a very suspenseful story but in a way that kids can handle and with a good ending I just don't think my 10yo is ready for it because since our dog passed away he's very hypersensitive about dogs in books I will say that the dog lives but I think the tension around the dog would be too much for him

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Rose Howard has Asperger’s syndrome and an obsession with homonyms even her name is a homonym She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms Reign Rein which according to Rose’s rules of homonyms is very special Rain was a lo I find myself sucked in to novels often with first person narration of the travails of a high functioning autistic kid hoping the author will get it right only to be ultimately underwhelmed by gimmickry or gooey feel good ery Rain Reign a presumably YA novel featuring 10 year old fifth grader Rose Howard from rural New York with a obsessive fascination for homonyms not homophones there is a difference a penchant for over strict adherence to the rules and a dog named Rain yep another homonym is another one of those gooey fluffy books that will probably delight YA readers and parents particularly those interested in autism and Asperger's Syndrome and books about dogs alike I didn't dislike this like I did the similarly themed Counting By 7's but the story itself was just a little too flimsy and pat to fully embrace Ms Martin though does have her heart in the right place and it's hard not to like a book that brings awareness to fascinating brilliant kids like Rose I think my daughter who's 7 now and high functioning autistic and very close to possessing the patience for novel length books will probably see a lot of herself in Rose If it'll stave off even a few people kids or parents including one parent who screamed at my daughter on a playground this past summer for accidentally knocking down her toddler then laughing from calling her a retard then Ms Martin has done her job

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Rain ReignSt dog Rose’s father brought home Rose and Rain are practically inseparable And they are often home alone as Rose’s father spends most evenings at a bar and doesn’t have much patience for his special needs daughterJust as a I started and finished this book in one sitting Before the rest of the house was awake I couldn't imagine putting it down Rose is a girl I might have met but this novel gave me a deeper peek into how she ticks and for this I am very grateful to Ann M Martin Any title that helps a teacher think bigger better carefully about students that may come our way is a true gift Rose may do a lot of things very differently She also does a lot much bravely Such a read