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Pdf · Doctors Beyond Borders ¼ Georgie Tyler Ive for his own good and a thoroughly nice guy Ford slowly seeps under Ariadne's skin But Sudan is not a stable place to form a relationship and as political tension escalates in the region Ariadne has no choice but Doctors Beyond ePUB #220 to focus on her job and her safety Dr Ariadne Tate is running from her life back in Australia The betrayal she faced has urged her to travel to Sudan with a medical organization Romance is not on her menu She doesn’t believe romance belongs in the workplace let alone in her life right now Unfortunately when Dr Ford Gosden steps into her life things get flipped upside down Ariadne tries to fight her feelings for Ford but when they are alone in the desert for weeks things come to a boiling point and their feelings can’t be hidden any But when Ariadne finds out that Ford is leaving sooner than she thought she tries to escape her feelings by taking her mid post break in Greece Ford surprises Ariadne in Greece and they finally physically share their feelings in heated nights of passion But all good things must come to an end and Ford my return home and Ariadne to the Sudan to finish her post Before Ford leaves her though he vows to return to Sudan and then go with her back to Australia The love that Ariadne has denied is given to her in abundance Floating on a cloud she returns to Sudan But one wrong move and Ariadne finds herself in an unthinkable situation that threatens her love and her lifeGeorgie Tyler did a great job bringing the civil wars of Sudan to the forefront of this story She also does a great job with the romance I enjoyed that the doctors didn’t just fall into each other beds There was some realism to the love story along with the feel of the actual threat of being in a third world country under the threat of militants It wasn’t just the setting that made this story but the characters Ariadne was wonderful and so was Ford but I have to say I really enjoyed the dynamic of the other doctors in the house was fantastic The story really became well rounded with those wonderful characters Overall this was a great story If you like a romance with a little bit of danger and one really hot McDreamy then this is definitely a book you should pick up

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Mobi ç Doctors Beyond Borders ´ 168 pages Download ¸ Georgie tyler Ê [Read] ➵ Doctors Beyond Borders ➼ Georgie Tyler – She's about to find out that nothing is fair when it comes to war except the healing power of love When Ariadne Tate takes a deployment t Under the protection of a UN convoy she heads out into the war torn countryside and the unthinkable happens Captured and held hostage by a renegade with no chance of escape Ariadne's hope for a new life with the man she loves begins to fade and the fight for her life begins Doctors Beyond Borders by Georgie Tyler In Doctors Beyond Borders by Georgie Tyler Ariadne Tate has deployed to Sudan with a medical aid organization to help those in need and to escape her failed relationship She vows to herself to find a way to make a difference in a country devastated by war famine and disease as well as to forget the relationship and betrayal she left behind Ford Gosden was not in Ariadne’s plans He is too attractive for his own good and a really nice guy Ariadne has been called cold before and she is not ready for the feelings that Ford is awakening in her They work and live together and any relationship would only complicate their working relationship Then there is also the fact that once their deployment is over he will return to America and she to Sydney Even if they tried nothing would come from a relationship between them but heartbreak Read More

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Doctors Beyond BordersShe's about to find out that nothing is fair when it comes to war except the healing power of love When Ariadne Tate takes a deployment to Sudan with a medical aid organisation romance is the last thing on her mindbut Dr Ford Gosden puts a glitch in her plans Too damn attract I was given this book by the author for an honest review I would highly recommend this book as a beach read or a book to have on vacation It is pretty simple and straightforward I liked that the characters were doctors who were part of Medicine Sans Fronteres However each of the doctors who volunteered to go abroad especially to war torn Sudan were there because of a life altering events in their personal lives The love story between Ariadne and Ford is hot to say the least Their scenes are rated R for sure However before getting to that eventual outcome both characters must learn to deal with their emotions and personal afflictions while at the same time providing adeuate health care to the villagers This being a romance novel they do end up somewhat in the same page Yet while on duty Ariadne falls prey to renegades leaving their happily ever after on hold There were a few surprises that were important to the overall content of the story Without giving anything away I liked who her eventual savior ended up being While the overall focus of the story is on the relationship of Ford and Ariadne it also provides a glimpse of what the lives of these doctors are put through You are given a first hand account of the personal conflict and emotional turn moil while working in harsh conditions that the doctors and nurses go through However there were some things that I did not like about this story The first being that as a reader you can obviously tell when a character is making a stupid decision So when it eventually happens you just feel disappointed in said character Secondly in the end I felt there was not any closure in the parts of two tertiary characters that were pivotal to how the ending of the story came to be If you like to read spicy romance this is the book for you It is straightforward and an easy read Not bad for entertainment purposes