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Epub É Clean Sweep · Ilona Andrews Guest is a retired Galactic aristocrat who can’t leave the grounds because she’s responsible for the deaths of millions and someone might shoot her on sight Under the circumstances normal is a bit of a stretch for DinaAnd now something with wicked claws and deepwater teeth has begun to hunt at nightFeeling responsible for her neighbors Dina decides to get involved Before long she has to juggl 4255 ⭐Uhm why did I wait so long to read this thing Because er it was damn goodGiven the fact that it was so short I mean not even 300 pages goddamn it this book was packed with so many heart pounding moments that I didn't think possible I felt like drinking three Espressos in 10 minutesI really loved the characters Dina is a sassy innkeeper with a wicked broom and a smart mouth Sean is a sexy werewolf that doesn't back down when he wants to piss Dina off Arland still did not impress me with his vampiric nature but boy got fire so I guess we'll have to see what he does in the future books Also how cool is Caldenia Just love her highnessThe action itself is galactic It kind of reminded me a tiny bit of SJM's House of Earth and Blood with the mixture of magic vampires werewolves traders of forbidden magical objects and the whole other world Houses system It really gave me an interesting vibeAnd even another cool thing about this book There are actual portraits of the characters in there so you don't have to wreck your brains thinking how the fuck does X look like I simply can't imagine them like thatThis was a really nice book and given the fact that it was supposed to be romance too the reduced amount of romance in it was actually what it needed to add to its awesomeness It was just the perfect amount of lovey dovey and I really liked thatBook styled

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Clean Sweep Book Ì 225 pages Download ¿ Dcmdirect ì [PDF / Epub] ☉ Clean Sweep By Ilona Andrews – On the outside Dina Demille is the epitome of normal She runs a uaint Victorian Bed and Breakfast in a small Texas town owns a Shih Tzu named Beast and is a perfect neighbor whose biggest problem E dealing with the annoyingly attractive ex military new neighbor Sean Evans an alpha strain werewolf and the eually arresting cosmic vampire soldier Arland while trying to keep her inn and its guests safe But the enemy she’s facing is unlike anything she’s ever encountered It’s smart vicious and lethal and putting herself between this creature and her neighbors might just cost her everythin 99c Kindle sale Dec 20 2019 This is the start of a SFfantasy series by Ilona Andrews that I've really enjoyed A fun light read and easier and uicker to get into than the Kate Daniels series if you're a newbie to Ilona Andrews Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureDina Demille a young woman runs a uiet bed and breakfast in a small Texas town Her inn is a uirky old Victorian home that looks like “a medieval castle and a Southern belle antebellum mansion had a baby and it had been delivered into the world by a gothic wedding cake decorator” Dina’s only companion is a small black and white not uite ordinary Shih Tzu named Beast aside from her single permanent guest in the inn but Dina is hoping her inn will become popular ― with space aliens The Gertrude Hunt Bed and Breakfast is in fact a house with mysterious powers and a symbiotic relationship to Dina and it secretly caters to otherworldly visitors from all over the galaxy It’s one of many on the planet Earth which is a popular way station for alien travelers The inn’s sole guest is a bloodthirsty former Galactic aristocrat who caused millions of deaths in her former life and who is now using Dina’s inn as a permanent sanctuaryAs an innkeeper Dina is supposed to keep a low profile and stay neutral and safe but when something starts killing the local dog population and threatening humans what’s a conscientious girl with magical powers to do Dina tries suggesting to the local werewolf a buff ex military guy named Sean Evans that he step in and take care of the dog killing alien but when he blows her off she decides she has to get involved to protect her communityAnd somehow it all gets very complicated from there but it involves a semi sentient house a Shih Tzu with unexpected talents and some sexy guys wrapped up in a blend of science fiction and fantasy and liberally spiced with Ilona Andrews’ trademark sarcastic humor Who knew that werewolves and vampires are actually space aliens Clean Sweep the first novel in the INNKEEPER CHRONICLES series is slightly reminiscent of Clifford Simak’s classic work Way Station with its galactic inn setting but takes a urban fantasy approach Ostensibly this a science fiction work but for all practical purposes Dina’s and the inn’s powers are magical No effort is made to explain scientifically the basis for these abilities other than Dina’s citing of Arthur C Clarke’s famous Third Law of Prediction “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”The Ilona Andrews husband and wife team has a certain formula that almost invariably appears in their novels a kickass heroine with extraordinary abilities and a sarcastic attitude a tough and sexy love interest with whom the heroine has an intense but often antagonistic relationship and supernatural life threatening challenges that serve to bring the two together That same formula is used in Clean Sweep but the Andrews team creates such an engaging humorous read that it’s difficult to begrudge their repeated use of the same basic literary recipe And within that familiar framework there is a lot of imagination at play Elements like the magical shape shifting inn Dina’s similarly shape shifting broom which functions at need as a weapon and Beast the talented Shih Tzu are delightful creations And while the story pulls in the standard urban fantasy werewolf and vampire characters both of these races are given a rich back story and history that both fits the science fictional setting and explains some of the legendary traits of those races There’s even a wink to the love triangle trope as Sean the werewolf and Arland the vampire discuss their intentions toward Dina “My intentions are my business” Sean said“Mhm” Arland said “I have spent my spare time studying literature popular with young women of this planet One should always study the battlefield”Sean glanced at him “And”“I suggest you give up now According to my research in a vampire werewolf love triangle the vampire always gets the girl” Clean Sweep isn’t deep but it is a lot of fun I’m anxious to continue Dina’s story in the second volume Sweep in PeaceInitial thoughtsHow does this even happenI've got a backlog of books to read and reviews to write but Jessica linked a chapter from the latest book in this series that's posted on Ilona Andrews' website and then I found the first three chapters of this first book on the series on their website as well and read them and the next thing I knew I had bought the ebook and was deep into it disregarding not only other books to read and reviews to write but also whispers work And after I dragged my reluctant self back to work I finished it up in one day

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Clean SweepOn the outside Dina Demille is the epitome of normal She runs a uaint Victorian Bed and Breakfast in a small Texas town owns a Shih Tzu named Beast and is a perfect neighbor whose biggest problem should be what to serve her guests for breakfast But Dina isdifferent Her broom is a deadly weapon her Inn is magic and thinks for itself Meant to be a lodging for otherworldly visitors the only permanent Reread MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading ListI fell right in love with this book This is also my first Ilona Andrews book but it won't be my last I love them Dina Demille runs an Inn called Gertrude Hunt She has a little Shih Tzu named Beast There is a permanent guest living with Dina as well her name is Caldenia and she cracks me up talking about eating people from time to time There is something killing the dogs in the neighborhood which ticks me off to no end Dina asks her new neighbor Sean the werewolf to take care of it Dina ends up taking care of the FIRST one herself There seems to be a pack of these stalkers and they have someone ruling over them to reek havoc At some point some vampires show up and some stuff goes down and they end up with one in the Inn trying to heal from a stalker attack one of the family memebers Arland shows up to help him heal There are some beautiful black and white pictures in the book done by Doris Mantair Here are some below in color of Dina Beast Sean and Arland I love the Inn It's magical and Dina is only strong with magic when she is near the Inn or inside of course It does so many wonderful things for Dina I want one It's a beautiful looking home too The Inn is also a neutral place for different paranormal beings guests to seek refuge Dina is the Innkeeper and she can take you right out of the Inn if your being a jerk Anyhoo they all find out what is going on and Dina Sean Arland and the house work together to defeat the monstrosity There are some other things involved but you have to read the book I am so thrilled with this book I love stuff like this and I look forward to getting the next one I leave you with EXCERPTS DinaHa He remembered my name I waved my fingers in the direction of the door Shoo Leave and don't slam the door on your way outHe planted himself arms crossed muscles bulging Make meHe didn't deserve a warning but I gave him one anywayI've had about enough I'm serious Sean Leave or there will be conseuencesGive it your best shotFine Your welcome is withdrawnMagic smashed into Sean He went airborne The side door swung open just in time and he flew through it and into the orchard The orchard was a safer bet The bulk of the house shielded it from the passersby and traffic which would hopefully let us avoid pain in the butt uestions I heard a solid thud then got up and looked out through the open door Beast joined me Sean lay unmoving on the grass OuchesI glanced at Beast I did warn him •••••••••• Beast barked again Yeah whatever Sean took a step toward the houseBeast growled The undertone of her growl changed gaining a vicious edge Sean suinted at her Beast's long fur stood up like hackles on a cat Claws slid from her feet Her mouth gaped wider and wider as if her entire head had split in half Four rows of fangs gleamed inside What the hell Sean backed away Beast jumped covering ten feet in a single leap Sean grabbed a young oak branch and jerked it off the tree Beast launched herself and he swung the branch like a bat trying to knock her aside With a sound somewhere between an upset wolverine and a pissed off bobcat Beast clamped down on the branch Sean jerked it back and forth trying to get her loose Beast hung on and went airborne Four rows of teeth crushed the wood chomp chomp chomp and Sean stumbled back a stump of a branch in his hand Needless to say little Beast ran him up a tree after that Once again I loved this book and I'm so glad I took the time to buy it and read it