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read Crystal Flame kindle á Paperback À ❰Download❯ ➹ Crystal Flame Author Jayne Ann Krentz – The last survivor of a proud heritage coolly sensual Kalena embarks on a daring mission to avenge her family A soldier called the Fire Whip is commanded to tame her but instead he becomes the only lov The laMily A soldier called the Fire Whip is commanded to tame her but instead he becomes the only lover to me Kalena will be an independent freewoman after she poisons uintel the greedy trade baron who wiped out their noble House of the Ice Harvest Her aunt contracted a trade marriage with his trusted Fire Whip orphan Ridge on a mission for Healer Sand that burns like incense for diagnostic visions In the depths of a Far Seeing trance Olara sees the assassination succeed during a large wedding party p18 not whose where or when so how accurate? The couple's flirtations entertain me ; stimulating sheet scorching heats up the steamy romance to a boil view spoilerLegitimized by official marriage ceremony their fruitful and permanent union forms a new House of the Crystal Flame where the fires of their passion would warm them the rest of their lives p576 hide spoiler

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Lt her frozen heart Their love born of fire and ice must shatter the darkness that threatens their world That is definitely my favourite of the Lost Colony series And I loved the whole series far better than the one with ghost hunters I think the malefemale principle yinyang thing is done marvelously and the chemistry between the hero and the heroine is just perfect The fantasy elements are subtle and well written no matter what name Jayne Ann Krentz writes under she will always be one my favourite authors

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Crystal FlameThe last survivor of a proud heritage coolly sensual Kalena embarks on a daring mission to avenge her fa This story had its good and bad points I liked the alien world with a touch of magic and the idea of there being ancient keys and stones of power that represented the different ends of the spectrum However some other aspects of the story were less satisfyingview spoilerThe hero Ridge had extremely chauvinistic opinions about women especially wives and their role in the world And the heroine Kalena or less fell in line and played the dutiful woman She occasionally tried to assert her independence but those moments are short lived and she freuently let Ridge just have his way because deep down she actually liked the role of subservient womanThese issues are pretty typical for a romance novel written in 1987 but what made it harder to take in this book was that neither character started out behaving that way When we first meet Kalena she's on an assassination mission and looking forward to having freedom for the first time in her life She makes use of the brief period of freedom she has prior to marrying Ridge to go to a tavern get into a brawl and ultimately get arrested She's having reckless fun for the first time in her life and is completely unapologetic about it Ridge is feeling protective and possessive toward her but appreciates her good ualities and passionate nature He can't resist sleeping with her the night before their wedding because he's so drawn to her Kalena is a willing participant in the passion and even though it's her first time it's a great experience because Ridge is sweet and attentive to her needsUnfortunately everything goes downhill after that They get married but the time has come for Kalena to perform the assassination she was sent there to do It's been hammered into her brain constantly since she was a child that her sole purpose in life is to kill the man who had her family murdered who happens to be Ridge's boss Ridge catches her going to the boss's chamber on their wedding night and he assumes she was going to sleep with the man Kalena had already come to the realization that she couldn't kill her intended target and she feels like an abject failure because of it so she confesses her true plan to Ridge assuming that he'll kill her and be done with itFrom that point on Ridge turns into a jerk He belittles Kalena all the time usually using the fact that she's a woman as the sole justification for his contempt How could she possibly have thought that she'd succeed as an assassin? She's just a woman Why does she believe his boss killed her family? Just because some other woman told her so? Women don't know anything And didn't she ever stop to think how her assassination attempt would reflect on HIM her husband of all of 2 hours?? Sure her family is dead and she just met Ridge but honestly how self centered is she to not realize it would damage his honor to have his wife kill his boss Now that she's his wife by an all business trade contract her loyalty should lie 100% with him not with her debt of honor to her familyIt was irritating to read Ridge's constant comments on how women were inferior to men and how wives should be completely obedient to their clearly much smarter husbands Basically he felt that the husband should always be lord and master over the wife and the only duty the husband had was to physically protect his woman Beyond that he could do whatever he wanted including forcing himself on her in bed Yes that happened After the failed assassination attempt Ridge and Kalena leave on their arranged trade journey Ridge is extremely pissed at Kalena for her supposed crimes against HIM and sets a ridiculously difficult pace just to punish her After three days of this followed by nights of not touching her he decides the time has come to re assert his rights as her husband and demand she do her duty to him in bed He drinks a large amount of ale and then stumbles upstairs to attack the exhausted and sleeping Kalena She tells him to go to sleep that he'd clearly been drinking and stank of boozeand he rapes her Because this is a JAK book naturally our heroine unwillingly feels pleasure during the rape so that for the rest of the book it's never referred to AS rape even though it was Kalena didn't put up much of a fight after the initial refusal and isn't even that upset about the whole thing because she understands that Ridge has the right to demand sex from her and she in turn has the duty to service himThe next morning Ridge is extremely pleased with himself for having reestablished the physical part of their relationship It's only after patting himself on the back for a while that he starts to have second thoughts about his tactics Not because he realizes that rape is wrong but because it's occurred to him that it must have been galling for Kalena to submit to him when she has so much feminine pride He decides that he doesn't want her to just submit in bed because she has to he wants her to be a willing participant so therefore he won't rape her again Gee what a guy Kalena then spends the next few days wondering why Ridge isn't asserting his rights on her every night and becomes increasingly disappointed that he won't touch her SighWhen they reach their destination a healer's commune entirely inhabited by strong learned women Ridge's chauvinistic side shines bright He constantly makes comments about how the commune's magic and belief system are all a bunch of feminine nonsense and is disgruntled that Kalena doesn't serve him at the dinner table the way she does out in the male run world It seriously irritates him when he discovers his glass is empty and he'll have to refill it himself Oh the horror He's also rude to the commune women and wants to leave as soon as possible because he hates the feeling of powerlessness he has at not being a member of the ruling class there It never ever occurs to him to examine his feelings and recognize that this is exactly how women feel in the rest of the world In point of fact he's getting off easy at the commune All he has to do is take care of himself If the roles were truly reversed in this place he'd be the one expected to serve Kalena at the dinner table Then he'd really get a taste of what it's like to be treated as subservient to half the population simply by virtue of one's genderBut no Ridge isn't deep enough to consider all that All he can think about is getting Kalena out of there as fast as he can because she belongs to him and he's worried she might be enticed to stay and become a healer Obviously her feelings on the subject are completely irrelevant She's his and he's not willing to let her go so that's that It never crosses his mind that Kalena has a right to decide for herself what she wants to do with her life Or that forcibly binding her to him is wrong and it would ultimately poison their relationship if she didn't stay with him willingly At one point one of the commune women makes a full fledged pitch for Kalena to stay with them citing how she'll be free to do whatever she wants in the commune instead of constantly forced into subservience by her husband and Ridge overhears the conversation In a modern romance this would have been the point where the hero realized he was desperately in love with the heroine but that he'd been treating her poorly all this time so she might not want to stay with him That she had dreams of her own and a right to pursue them and he might be forced to let her go But not Ridge He interrupts the conversation and drags Kalena straight off to bed to reassert his position of power over her He seriously doesn't grow at all throughout the whole bookAside from the romance there's a mystery going on involving some ancient keys and an all male cult bent on destroying all that's light in the world so they can reign supreme For being such an alpha male Ridge is surprisingly stupid about picking up on the signs of danger involving this cult At one point two members break into Ridge and Kalena's hotel room and after defeating them the one who is still alive swallows some poison to kill himself before Ridge could uestion him After that Ridge keeps suggesting that the men were just two random thieves Seriously? Thieves don't commit suicide rather than talk The men also have strange black glass necklaces on them and Kalena insists that the necklaces are bad and Ridge shouldn't touch them but he scoffs at her In fact there are multiple times throughout the story where Kalena tries to warn Ridge that something all black and sinister looking is bad and he completely ignores her every single time because she's just a woman and is clearly letting her womanly imagination get the better of her His lack of respect for her as a thinking feeling adult really permeates every aspect of the storyKalena was an okay heroine It was irritating how she constantly caved to Ridge's will an