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Tuesday Tucks Me In Book ↠ 40 pages Download ´ Luis carlos montalván ¿ [Reading] ➾ Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog Author Luis Carlos Montalván – Dcmdirect.co.uk From former US Army Captain and New York Times bestselling author of Until TueN  is a day in the life of this service dog extraordinaire and tail wagging ambassador for all things positive and uplifting in the world The book takes us through a typical day of adventures starting with Tue Tuesday Tucks Me In is pure love right from the start with the gorgeous photo of Tuesday on the front cover I read about Tuesday and Luis in Until Tuesday and now as a children's book their amazing story is brought to life through the eyes of Tuesday In it children will be invited into a day in their life together Tuesday has such an expressive and enthusiastic way of telling his story that kids will no doubt be captivated And for big kids like myself too What's especially great to me about this book is the education that it will provide about the importance of service dogs to those who really need assistance Kids and adults alike will learn how much a person like Luis benefits from having an amazing service dog such as Tuesday

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From former US Me In Kindle #215 Army Captain and New York Times bestselling author of Until Tuesday comes what com has declared the Best Nonfiction Children's Book of As narrated by Tuesday  Tuesday Tucks Me I This is the true story of Luis Carlos Montalván and his service dog Tuesday Luis Carlos has PTSD traumatic brain injury and chronic pain This book is great because 1 it's funny 2 it's cute and 3 it teaches children about service dogsThe book walks the child through Luis Carlos's day with Tuesday First Tuesday wakes Luis Carlos up He brings him the dog bowl the shoes the socks and reminds Luis Carlos to take his medicine Luis is a disabled veteran He went to war and he came back home in so much pain that he couldn't live a normal life So I do tasks for him I even sleep with him which helps control his nightmaresThe book discusses flashbacks and how Tuesday can sense Luis Carlos's heartbeatThe book is great mainly due to the highly expressive face on the dog Tuesday The funniest picture is Tuesday getting his teeth brushed He has very human expressions which will delight children and adults He is a golden retriever and very beautiful Another good thing children will like is a picture of Tuesday sleeping under a bathroom stall door the book mentions that Tuesday accompanies Luis Carlos even there Later in the book we also see Tuesday lifting his leg to a fire hydrant These little realistic touches add I think and might get a giggle from the children You can see how intensely Luis Carlos loves his dog and what an essential part of his life the dog has become in every single pageI don't think the book talks enough about how important it is not to pet service dogs when they are working There should be a page stressing that and there is NOT You might want to go over this rule with the children in your life ALSO this book would be a great opportunity to talk about the men and women who serve in the military What are veterans Are all veterans disabled like Luis Carlos You can also talk about war and it's effects Varies child by child use your own judgmentTl;dr Overall I was delighted and enchanted by this informative yet fun book The photographs are really stellar Props to Dan Dion because his pictures are amazing Great job Dan You should also use this book as an opportunity to cover important topics with children Highly recommended Ages 0 6

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Tuesday Tucks Me In The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service DogSday waking Luis in the morning and greeting him with dog breath in the Tuesday Tucks MOBI #181 face and then ending with Tuesday cuddling up to Luis on their bed the last moment they spend together before sleep This book is a beautifully done and badly needed children'sbook about the day of a disabled vet and his golden retriever service dog from the viewpoint of the dog Tuesday goes everywhere with Luis even the bathroom stall which has a picture of Tuesday under the stall door that children will love Some of the words and concepts will need explanation for the very young but nothing is said in a scary way This simply describes how soldiers can still hurt have nightmares and flashbacks and need the support of a trained dog The love and caring between the two are so very clear thru words and photos This book is wonderful For those who aren't already personally involved can't think of a better introduction to the notions that military service often extends beyond discharge and the wonderful interaction between a person in need and his canine therapy